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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Will this stock RALLY FURTHER?

Moya Asia stock
Moya Asia stock dominated the top volume stocks of SGX yesterday with an equally impressive gain of 9.6% upside today. I have earlier shared about this stock in an earlier post here . I have said that over a longer term, Moya Asia stock should continue to do well. I am still of this view holding a stake on this stock at a previous price.

Friday, March 17, 2017


Moya Asia
I last blogged on Moya Asia sock in February 2017; you can refer to the post here . Since then the stock has been trading in a tight consolidation pattern with a support at $0.067. Yesterday, the stock traded on high volume, closing the day at 7.2% higher with a upward bullish candlestick. The 5-Days Moving Average which has traded below the 20-Days Moving Average seems to be making an attempt to break the 20-Days Moving Average higher. The RSI seems moving to higher overbought regions. On a general trend, Moya Asia stock is still on a long-term uptrend. And if my judgment is correct, Moya Asia stock could become the next Alliance Minerals stock as it moves slowly to the 10 cents per share mark. However before Moya Asia stock reaches that higher level, the stock is bound to undergo a series of “waves movement”.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Moya Asia stock
The Singapore stocks market is currently rife with penny stocks plays. Some investors view penny stocks play, especially those with no good fundamentals as risky. There is definitely truth in the above. However, there is no denying that certain penny stocks in the Singapore stocks markets have become multi-baggers quietly while the Singapore stocks markets benchmark STI respond up and down with the macro environment.
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