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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Singapore stocks
Every investor seeks to invest in a stock which will become a multi-bagger. A multi-bagger stock is a stock which appreciates in price multi-fold than the price the investor pays for.

There is a stock which will become a ten-times multi-bagger and I said this with absolute certainty. The price of the stock will increase by ten times. However the mechanism to which the stock will appreciate in price by ten times would not be due to investors buying and pushing the stock higher by ten times. It would be via another mechanism.


Singapore stocksThere are currently three Singapore stocks, each with a market capitalization of more than $1 billion which are trading at less than 50% Price-to-Book ratio.

Noble Group stock currently trades at 0.42 Price-to-Book. OUE stock currently trades at 0.46 Price-to-Book while Wing Tai Holding currently also trades at 0.46 Price-to-Book too. Of these three stocks, Wing Tai pays a dividends of 1.58%, OUE pays a dividends of 1.46%. Noble which had in the past paid dividend did not do so last year (year 2016).

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Noble Group stock closed 16.7% down on 24 Feb 2017, closing the day at $0.225 after IceBerg Research issued a report on the same day called “Noble Group: How Many Times Can You Fool the Same People?”. I have read the report and it is once again a report full of questions over Noble Group’s valuation of its assets; this time packaged in another way and issued at a time when Noble Group stock had a rally after report of a stake by Sinochem.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Are these TWO stocks the NEXT MULTI-BAGGERS?

Noble Group stock
Yesterday, the STI went south by 1.26%. I am not surprised since profits taking have to take place once the US and Singapore stocks registered record new highs. What is in vogue now in the Singapore stocks markets, beside earnings announcements are what I called stocks rotation. In December last year, stocks with most interest are blue chip stocks like banks. Since the Ezra episode, bank and blue-chip stocks have faltered replaced with so called growth stocks the likes of Jumbo, Bestworld and MM2 Asia. These have since also been rotated to a new bunch of popular stocks. Watch out for Noble Group, Singapore Edevelopment stock as they transcended new highs each day from a low base.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Could this the next Best World stock?

Noble Group stock rose another 7.3% yesterday to close the trading day at $0.191. Since reaching a low of $0.112 on 2 Sep 2016, the rally in Noble Group stock translated to an impressive 70.5%. And there seems to be no stopping Noble Group since from the technical charts, I noted that even with yesterday high price on an equally impressive volume, Noble Group stock price is still below its 200-days moving average.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Will you Buy these billion-caps Singapore stocks now at minimum 40% discount?

There are undervalued stocks; defined as those having their price-to-book ratio below one and there are highly undervalued stocks; defined as having a lower price-to-book ratio. For the latter, I would like to ascribe a maximum price-to-book ratio of 0.40 so that theoretically, should investors buy these stocks; they are paying for these stocks for less than half of their book value. The minimum price-to-book ratio for the above will be zero so that we can exclude negative earnings or equity.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Will this stock continue to go higher? And another stock to discuss

I posted a blog post on 16 Jul 2016 on Alliance Mineral (you can read the post here) and asked whether Alliance Mineral could be the next multi-bagger stock since the stock had more than doubled its stock price in year 2016 then. Will there be further upsides to this stock? Then, Alliance Mineral stock traded at $0.102 and I shared with readers how I have exited with double digits percentage points and the onus of investors is to continue to do more research into a company before deciding whether a stock could be worth investing in.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Will you subscribe to Noble Group rights?

The embattled Noble Group stock is currently trading at $0.169 (as of the closing price on 8 Jul 2016) while its rights offer are priced at $0.11 per right per share. If you are an investor who could subscribe to these rights, will you do so?

Friday, June 3, 2016

Thank You Noble Group stock!

Noble Group announced today that it is issuing rights at 11 cents. Also, it was announced that the Chairman Richard Elman is stepping down. If investors thought that the short-sellers’ damming reports, the credit firms’ downgrades, the southing of Noble Group’s share price and profits and the resignation of Ali as the CEO are already too much to absorb then I am not sure whether the two announcements are really the last straws for Noble Group.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Is it a good time to buy this stock?

Noble Group CEO has resigned from the company, as was announced today. Along with this announcement was another announcement that the company is selling an US energy stake. Noble Group stock price went south by 8.2% today similar to what we noted for Singpost stock when its CEO resigned from the post and this I believed has to do with investors thinking that while the sale of the subsidary would unlock cash for the cash-strapped company, having a Captain for the ship to steer the company is more important.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Why Noble Group stock went down 13.58% today?

Today, Noble Group stock price went down, south by 13.58% to close at $0.35, which was also the lowest trading price for the day. So what could have caused Noble Group stock closing price today? Well, it could have been due to two factors. First factor would be the sale of 9,177,700 shares in Noble Group for $3.872 million by Franklin Resources, this works out to be around 42.19 cents per share. Second factor would be the underpeformance of China’s stocks today amidst concerns of China’s economy. We know Noble Group’s business has a focus in China too.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Is it time for this stock to rally next?

One of the top volume and actively traded stocks for the Singapore Stocks Markets is Noble Group stock. This is the stock which I have shared with readers that I have taken a little bit of profits on 19 Apr 2016. And indeed on yesterday, 20 Apr 2016, Noble Group stock declined by a little 2.2% price-wise, however today, Noble Group stock closed higher by 3.4%.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Will this stock turn more bullish and uptrend next?

Noble Group stock headed by 3.5% on increased volume today and with a gap up, suggesting more bullishness to come. Noble Group stock may attempt to test $0.49, a level it reached on 23 Mar 2016 and which is the current resistance. At $0.44 today, it suggests a potential upside of 11.36% if this stock continues to be guided by bullish investors.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Will this Singapore stock rally next?

Many investors are looking for some stocks ideas in the current Singapore stocks markets which are behaving differently. Some say the Singapore stocks markets are consolidating, some say the Singapore stocks markets will rally up next, some say that the downgrade of Singapore banks means that Singapore stocks markets will be the next to be “downgrade” next, meaning to say, there may be a stocks markets corrections. Whatever it is, I believe when it comes to investing, we are responsible for our own investing choices hence we must form our own personal outlook of the larger stocks markets ourselves and choose the stocks which we want to invest in with our own personal conviction.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

One Singapore stock Tom K still loves

I read just some time ago that Janet Yellen is like a fairy godmother. Whenever she comes out to say something about the US interest rate hikes, the global stocks markets will rally. This is true as we have seen how her speech hinting at a more scaled down paced of interest rate hikes have prompted Singapore stocks markets to rally. But just as what a fairy tale is all about: it is fiction and today, Singapore stocks STI headed down by 1.11% , just as I believe many retail investors flock into the stocks markets, thinking that all is well, buying into stocks like bank counters which many analysts have given a bullish call.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Will this stock advance another 27.38%?

Noble Group stock reached a high of $0.42 on high volume on 4 Mar 2016, up by another 10.5%, which was a similar percentage point north for the stock on 3 Mar 2016. The rally in Noble Group stock came amidst the company announcing that it has completed the sale of Noble Agriculture and on the back of the announcement that Noble Group would be removed from the list of STI constituents. An analyst mentioned that with Noble Group stock not being part of the STI, there would be more volatility for Noble Group stock as the stock might become less liquid. Well, when it comes to volatility, many people would think of volatility south, but I would think that volatility could only work north too. And also, I believe Noble Group stock should still be a liquid stock, offering investors and traders the opportunity to invest and trade although all these years of my investing and trading in this stock was based on this stock being part of the STI.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Let Tom K tell you about Two Singapore stocks

I am happy that Noble Group continues to rally up by another 10.5% today, after a similar showing yesterday. I have been trading in and out of Noble Group stock for years and so far, I have profited for every trade and I am currently in the profits still with Noble Group stock. You can read from my Noble posts archives, read about how I advocate retail investors to buy Noble Group when the chips are down for the stock. Read about how my first investment was in Noble Group. Read about how I have been buying Noble Group stock despite Muddy Waters, Iceberg Research and two credit analysts giving the stock a “downgrade”, at a good timing of course.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My monkey stock in the Singapore stocks markets

Over the Chinese New Year weekends, I have been reading many articles on investing in the year of the Fire Monkey 2016. And I have personally written a few similar articles on Singapore Stocks Investing (this) blog. While many have touched on how investors should learn to be nimble like monkeys in the year of the monkey when it comes to investing in the current dynamic stocks markets, there is not much consensus of whether there is such a “Monkey stock” for the Singapore stocks exchange. I have been thinking hard on this question.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Six important stock news which investors must know today

Dear readers, here are six stocks which you must know, amidst the current lacklustre Singapore stocks markets according to the release of today’s news

First of all, Noble Group stock. Noble Group stock closed at $0.275 today, still a very low price. Noble Group is having a meeting tomorrow to seek shareholders for approval to dispose of its shares in Noble Agri Limited as part of its liquidity moves. I believe if the above resolution is approved, it will be positive for Noble Group stock. However, Noble Group stock investing is always such an adrenalin rush for investors as at this moment, Iceberg said it will release a fourth report on Noble Group. My humble view is that compared to the first three reports, there may be more interest in Iceberg Research this time round since even credit rating firms have given Noble Group stock a downgrade. I believe Noble Group’s stock price may head even south as the management of Noble engages in reassuring its shareholders once more. Will it be likely that Iceberg Research’s target price of ten cents for Noble Group stock may be reached?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tom K’s commentary on Two Singapore stocks

Noble Group stock rallied 9.1% today to close today’s trading session at $0.30. In my post dated 17 Jan 2016, I have shared with readers that I was accumulating Noble Group stock and yes, I have accumulated quite a fair bit prior to today's trading session. In the same post, I have also shared my reasons why, I believe in Noble Group stock, but note on a long-term basis. While others are skeptical of Noble Group stock, I have been buying and trading Noble Group stock really all these while, during my investing journey and each time, Noble Group stock has been giving me profits. In fact, Noble Group was the first stock in my investing journey which has given me real fantastic profits returns when I first commenced on my investing and trading journey.
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