Tuesday, May 28, 2013


SPH REIT - It is announced yesterday that SPH will be going ahead with a REIT that will include its Paragon mall and Clementi Mall. There will be another addition to the property portfolio of SPH and that is, from what I read in the newspapers some weeks ago: Seletar Mall. I believe the news of such a Reit can only enhance the net worth of SPH. SPH has been managing its print business till its foray into retail properties and other forms of business. I can see that SPH can grow to a point where it becomes a conglomerate like F&N so much so that it may attract foreign investors to buy out a part of it businesses. That, to me is the hallmark of success of a local company. I think SPH and F&N are one of the better managed government-linked companies and that is so as they are bold enough to venture into other forms of businesses. SMRT and NOL stock which are lagging now can one day take on a more aggressive business model and reward shareholders.
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