Tuesday, July 23, 2013


REX INTERNATIONAL is offering its IPO at $0.50 per share for a listing on the Catalist board. So what is the business of REX INTERNATIONAL? Well REX INTERNATIONAL is an oil mining and exploration company and immediately this brings me back to another recent IPO with a similar theme and that is Kris Energy. To be frank, there is such a flurry of IPO on the Singapore Stocks Markets that it can be tricky to name the IPOs that are open for subscription and not to mention the different dates that the different IPOs close. The highlight of REX International is that it has a kind of technology that can help the company to pinpoint with a good degree of precision where oil in an oil well resides for its mining and extraction. If you ask me whether I will buy this IPO stock, I will have to tell you that since every time if I subscribe to the IPO via an ATM and successfully get the IPO stocks allotted, it will just be for a few lots; hence my IPO strategy will be to just buy and if successfully get the stock, sell the IPO stock for a profit provided the IPO stock heads north on the first day of trading. I have to caution you not every IPO stock heads north on its first trading day, hence with the pipeline of other IPOs, which may be equally or more attractive than OUE Reit or SPH Reit, unless you have very deep pockets to buy every IPO stock on the Singapore Stocks Market, then it may be good to be discerning and to be selective on the kind of IPO stocks which you want to buy and invest in or trade.
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