Sunday, January 1, 2017


Dear readers, wishing All of You a Happy New Year 2017! Today is the first day of another brand New Year! Let us seize the opportunities going forward in this brand New Year! Let us improve ourselves in Health and Wealth and all aspects important to us! Let us list down all our New Year’s resolution with an aim to achieve them so that we will be Better off in this New Year!

On the first day of every year, I will always find it amazing that just yesterday we were on the last Day of December of the previous year. Then amidst all the celebrations of ushering in a brand New Year, we are now 1 January of a New Year again! It’s amazing but it happens and it has to happen simply because of science. You see, a Year is essentially the time taken for our Earth to complete a revolution around the Sun. So every time when we usher in a New Year, in my opinion, I always believe that all of us on Earth are celebrating the complete revolution of Earth around the Sun, celebrating the spirit of Science which is premised on facts and objectivity.

And on the same note, here on Singapore Stocks Investing blog, we celebrate and value facts and objectivity when discussing about the Singapore Stocks Markets. This is essential as stocks markets and investors are often driven by emotions. And emotions cloud investing judgment and hard-earned monies might be diverted to poor investments only to realize non-profits as a result. Hence it is always important to remain objective in our investment decisions, having a factual approach to analyzing an investment in terms of what, when, how to buy and to sell.

Singapore Stocks Investing is an effort to promote more facts and objectiveness on Singapore stocks for Singapore stocks investor. Singapore Stocks Investing does not do any recommendation of Singapore stocks but shares information about them. I would like to Thank You for supporting Singapore Stocks Investing and hope You will continue to Like what I have in offer for you. I always make time to share contents here on Singapore Stocks Investing because of You readers! You readers are an awesome lot! And I would be most appreciative if you could tell your friends about Singapore Stocks Investing if you like my website.

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