Thursday, July 13, 2017


Dear readers, yesterday I blogged about a stock which I asked whether it will make investors rich (you can read the post here). I have withheld the name of the stock but have said that the name of this stock has been revealed in the title of the post yesterday already: “WHAT IS THIS STOCK WHICH WILL MAKE YOU RICH?” That was a hint to the name of the stock, the stock which, to recap:
a) is undervalued

b) pays a dividends yields of more than 4%

c) has a debt-to-equity of less than 33%

d) has a Return-on-Equity of more than 5%

e) currently trades at less than 20% from its trading lows

f) prominent stock analyst has a good view on this stock having personally invested in it too?

g) this stock is a potential acquisition target

So what is the name of this stock? Well, if you refer to the title of this post, I mention “RICH”, yes the name of this stock is actually in the Chinese word of “Rich” for this stock :

a) is undervalued, having a Price-to-Book ratio of 0.876;

b) pays a handsome dividends of 7.54%

c) a debt-to-equity of zero (most recent quarter)

d) return on equity of 5.8%

e) currently trades at 12% from its 52-weeks trading low

f) Terence Wong of Azure Capital has some of his portfolio in this stock

g) Yes, this stock is cash-rich and is believed to be an attractive take over target.

You can read some of the links of this stock below:

1) Link 1
2) Link 2
3) Link 3
4) Link 4

Yes, “Rich” in mandarin means “Fu Yu”. I am talking about Fu Yu stock.

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