Saturday, July 1, 2017


STI stocksDear readers, how time flies, we are into the second half of year 2017. The Singapore stocks markets has done well for the year-to-date. As of yesterday, the last day of June 2017, the STI, a barometer of the overall performance of Singapore stocks, stood at 3,226.48 versus 2,898.97 on the first trading year of the year. This was a rise of 11.3% in the STI. And from what I understood, Singapore is really one of the better performing stocks markets out there.  Going forward, how will Singapore stocks perform for the second half of 2017? To answer this question, we really have to know that the performance of Singapore stocks markets, a small market, will hinge on the US, Europe, China and the international stocks markets. Notwithstanding the above, we could still determine how Singapore stocks may perform looking at the technical analysis of STI.

The STI while still far above its 200-Days-Moving-Average seems to be showing signs of slowing momentum. I do not like the fact that the spread between 20-Days-Moving-Average and 50-Days-Moving-Average is getting smaller while the 5-Days-Moving-Average is testing around both 20-Days-Moving-Average and 50-Days-Moving-Average. I am not surprised at all if the Singapore stocks would head south or at the very most do just modestly. We need clear bullish factors for investors’ continued investing in global stocks. Right now, I think the investors’ sentiment pretty much resides on the US Federal Reserves’ interest rate hike decision.

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