Sunday, July 16, 2017


Dear readers, on 13 Jul 2017, I have revealed the name of a stock which may make readers rich (you can read the post here ) and yes indeed, Fu Yu (which means “Rich” in mandarin) started to respond (whether coincidentally or not, I do not know) to my aspirations for this stock on the very same day, closing 0.5% higher. On 14 Jul 2017, the trading volume of Fu Yu stock increased by almost seven times that of the previous day with an impressive rally in price of 2.5%!

Please note that I do not make stocks recommendations and investors have to be responsible for their own investing decision. Hence I have used “hope” for the title of this stock as it is anyone’s guess how a stock may perform to be very frank with you, my valued and dear readers.

But if investors have “holding power” for an investment whose capital the investor does not need to use now. And believe in the business of a company and like the financial numbers and ratios as well as the dividends yields and markets, analysts’ sentiment of the company, then it is a basis to buy and hold the stock. For Fu Yu, I like the business and the financial business and these are the reasons I have shared in the above post. Join the emailing list to receive regular Financial and Singapore stocks newsletters too! Like" me on Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook page to receive all posts on your Facebook as well as read more articles. Follow me on Twitter too.

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