Friday, November 10, 2017


Dear readers, NO SIGNBOARD IPO is here! As the holdings limited, famous for its white pepper crab will be launching an IPO on SGX’s Catalist. According to news which I have read, the restaurant chain will aspire to replicate the success of the Jumbo Group, which as we investors known, has seen its stock price done very well indeed. Jumbo Group has some famous investors backing it including Temasek Holdings and founder of OSIM. Similarly, NO SIGNBOARD IPO has attracted some noteworthy investors, like Kenneth Goi of GSH Corp; David Lam, founder of Goodpack and as well as an asset management arm of JPMorgan Chase and Co.
Investors are being offered 125 million shares at $0.23 to $0.28 per share as NO SIGNBOARD IPO is seeking to raise as much as $35 million. For retail investors, expect a very competitive subscription of NO SIGNBOARD IPO as only 3.75 million shares are being offered to the public with 59.3 million shares and 62 million shares offered to cornerstone investors and as placement tranche.

I believe NO SIGNBOARD stock will do well, replicating the success of Jumbo Group since from Jumbo Group stock experience, retail investors like stocks of this restaurant type which offers main Singapore cuisine (as compared with the stock performance of say Katrina or Sakae Sushi). Ever since Jumbo stock, investors clamouring for another stock similar to Jumbo could only have Kimly stock (which is still different as it is a coffee-chain stock) to satiate their investing ambitions.

Unlike its name, NO SIGNBOARD restaurant does really have a signboard and hence I believe when NO SIGNBOARD stock lists, there will not be a situation of NO stock ticker symbol for NO SIGNBOARD stock.

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