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Tom K works hard in his work and personal commitments. But when it comes to wealth creation and generation, Tom K knows that he is no Tom Cruise. Tom K knows that hard work and abilities do not necessarily get recognised at work and translate into higher salaries; and even if they do, unless one earns a high five-figures monthly salary –Tom K is just an ordinary folk holding a modest job- income generated from work alone may not be sufficient for retirement, let alone, financially freedom.

Tom K has decided that he WANTS to be financially free and he knows the motivation of why he wants to become so: to have more time for himself, his families and loves ones, for his passions and for doing more things to benefit the community.

With this motivation in mind, Tom K who is a self-professed stingy and miserly fellow and is a simple guy has been recording ALL his expenditures to the nearest one-cent in his excel spreadsheet whom he analyses on a rigorous monthly basis. To side-track a little in this aspect, Tom K is generous toward his families at the beginning of every month as his financial excel spreadsheet “has not been filled up” but towards the end of every month, Tom K can be not really happy when expenditures are over his budgets.

Though Tom K saves diligently, he knows that savings alone when put in a bank will be eroded by inflation and savings alone, while necessary, are not sufficient for him to become financially free.

In a quest to learn how to be financially-free, Tom K was introduced by a financial planner whom he knows personally and he was sold into a financial fund product in year 2007: Tom K invested his hard-earned savings of $8,000 and the investment was wiped off by almost 40% in the following year 2008 during the US sub-prime crisis.

Disappointed by the results of his first investment, Tom K decided NOT TO LET ANYONE dictate his financial journey towards financial freedom, be it his boss or his fund manager. Tom K decides to learn investing on his own.

Tom K started an account with a stocks brokerage firm back in year 2008 after he sold off his first investments with around $4,200 below cost. But it was only in year 2010 that Tom K started to buy stocks on the Singapore stocks exchange. So what exactly happened to Tom K between the years of 2008 and year 2010 in the financial arenas?

Tom K LEARNS by reading lots and lots of books during the aforementioned years in his insatiable quest to master investing, be it books by Warren Buffet, Philip Fisher, Adam Khoo, Conrad Alvin Lim, Tom K has read the literature, absorbs the thinking behind fundamental analysis and technical analysis through the many many books he borrows, most of which are Free (as Tom K is stingy) from the public libraries.

Tom K is also a news-junkie and with all the financial knowledge he has absorbed into his mind, he APPLIES them to the financial news he read, be it news from the US, China, Europe or local financial news involving macro or corporate news and FORMS his own analysis of stocks on Singapore stocks markets through his analytical mind honed from years of having a passion and a flair in Mathematics and Science, the subjects whom he proudly profess to be one of the Best in this island.

Tom K combines his passion of SHARING and INVESTMENT into this blog to share with retail investors his experience, his thinking and his financial results in Singapore stocks trading and investing: knowledge and experience which he has LEARNT, APPLIED AND FORMED to achieve his objective with equipping retail investors knowledge to build and create wealth from investing in Singapore stocks.

If you share the financial aspirations of Tom K, Tom K invites you to be his part of his financial journey (P.S: Tom K specially creates a dedicated Facebook page and a Twitter page for interested readers to follow and read his posts conveniently.)

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