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Thank You for visiting my blog, Singapore Stocks Investing (SSI).

You may ask what you can get from reading my blog and my answer to you is “aplenty” if you are looking for a blog focused on investing and trading in Singapore stocks.

I am not a financial advisor and hence I am not qualified in the technical sense to offer you financial advice. However, if you would like to read what I can share with you from my knowledge and experience then read on!

For I am a retail investor who do not look at stocks from all over the world but focuses on Singapore stocks investing and trading since year 2010. During my years of investing and trading, I have also “been that”, “done that” through all kinds of Singapore stocks and definitely, I have also given some “tuition fees” to the stocks markets in the process.

I have since formulated quite a number of investing and trading strategies to make full opportunities from the Singapore stocks markets and regularly share them on Singapore Stocks Investing (SSI) blog which regular readers would attest to.

Since young, I am good in numerical analysis, topping and scoring “As” for Mathematics subjects from Primary School to University (same with most subjects) and have also aced the Mathematics Special Paper at Junior College. I am trained in an rigorously analytical subject in National University of Singapore. I also love to read voraciously and when it comes to financial and investing, I have “consumed” many tomes from different authors.

There are Singapore financial and investing blogs in the internet which belong to already financial-free bloggers. These bloggers would have most likely bought into blue-chip stocks out there in the past, hold on to them till today so that they are now financially free or enjoy the fruits from the multiplied monthly dividends.

Then there are financial and investing blogs in the internets from traders who enjoy good profits from just a few percentage rise in the stock price as the capital they “pump” into the stocks of purchase are often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But for most investors in Singapore, today’s Singapore Stocks Markets are unlike in the then-industrializing Singapore, where one can buy into blue-chip Singapore stocks and hold them to enjoy the dividends fruits today. Today, Singapore’s economy has already reached a SG50 point, local industries have to reinvent their corporate growth and look overseas for expansions. Singapore Stocks are also functioning in a more dynamic global stocks environment ever since after US President Nixon took the US dollar off the Gold benchmark and printing of monies become the norm for many countries. Also, retail investors who make up the most of Singapore’s investors should not emulate professional traders if the psyche of a retail investor is different from the psyche of a professional trader who could sit down and monitor intra-day prices while most retail investors have a full-time job.

So, if you are a retail investor, like me, holding a full-time job and would like to aspire towards financial independence, then welcome to Singapore Stocks Investing. I am Passionate in investing and trading and so if you would like to read what I say, do visit Singapore Stocks Investing (SSI) blog regularly and add me to your Facebook page to receive the latest updates!

Just a little disclaimer though , I will not hold responsibility for your investing decision though after reading my blog. An important prerequisite of a successful investor is to be responsible for all our investment decisions.

Wishing You All Prosperity! Cheers, Tom K

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