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Monday, March 20, 2017


Ezra stockEZRA has filed for bankruptcy in the US states yesterday (19 Mar 2017). This was the latest development following the trading halt in Ezra share last Wednesday. I am not too familiar with how bankruptcy of local stocks in Singapore will proceed and more importantly whether there will be a possibility shareholders of Ezra stock would get back their capital or even some monies. It seems to me even more complex now since Ezra is a Singapore-listed stock but it has filed for bankruptcy in the United States, hence I do not know how this will all translate.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Reasons why I sold off this stock

Ezra stock rallied another 7.8% today and it definitely seems that I have sold off my Ezra stock too early at $0.062 (see my post yesterday), compared to the closing price of $0.069. Well, though it is a fact that I have “lose out” on earning a six cents per share if I were to sell off the stock at $0.068 each, again I have to stress that this is “hindsight”, speaking from the wisdom of “hindsight”. In investing and trading, I really think that “hindsight” is cheap. Once an investor implements the closing of a trade, that is it and move on.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Tom K shares his insights on two Singapore stocks

Ezra stock advanced yet another 4.9% today after my sharing of this stock on 27 Feb 2016. Ezra stock closed at $0.064 and reached a high of $0.067 on an intra-day high. I sold off Ezra stock at $0.062 at its opening price, never mind that it was not the higher closing price or the highest intra-day price. As I also shared with readers, “Hindsight is cheap” when it comes to investing. If I did not sell at $0.062 today, there might still be a chance for Ezra to trade lower. While Ezra stock might still trend higher, I decided to take profits for now for a double-digit percentage returns and then re-assess whether to enter this stock once again. I am happy for my successful double digit percentage profit win in Ezra for this stock is not a stock which I profit due to luck, this stock was selected out from the few hundreds of Singapore stocks on the Singapore Stocks Exchange by me as I could sense that its price could rally up and I am happy that my trading strategy for Ezra has brought me profits.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

This Singapore stock rebound as I have predicted

On 23 Feb 2016, I asked readers whether Ezra has bottomed out and is poised for a rebound (you can read the post here . I concluded the post by saying the best thing an investor should do when investing in a new stock position is to ask himself how confident he is in the stock. On Singapore Stocks Investing blog, there is a reason why I specifically discuss about certain stocks and the reason behind my sharing of Ezra is that the answer is yes, Ezra is poised for a rebound. On 26 Feb 2016, Ezra stock rallied ahead by an impressive 17.3% and yes, I am having profits right down on Ezra stock as I have bought it at lower prices before the rally.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Has this Singapore stock bottomed out and poised for a rebound next?

A quick glance at the top volume Singapore stocks reveals that Ezra is the second, third top volume stock for today. At this time of writing, Ezra stock traded around 1.9% higher than yesterday’s closing price. Ezra has been in the top volume stocks from my observation for 19 February 2016, 22 February 2016 and today (23 February 2016), suggesting that investors or speculators may be interested in the stock. The interest is not surprising considering that oil prices have been heading north.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Tom K on two Singapore stocks

In this post, I will discuss two stocks which were asked by two readers. I am sorry for replying readers in a non-timely manner. First of all, a Ezra shareholder ask what to do with Ezra shares and Ezra rights. Well, although I do not know the background of Ezra and Ezra rights, I will just relate my own experience. When a stock which I had issued rights, the first thing I know was to sell these rights as soon as they are launched on the stocks markets for a profits. The reason is that I have made up my mind before the rights issue was launched on the markets: I know that I am not “long” on this stock and hence sold the rights away on the markets. To even an experienced investor like myself, rights issue are pretty much complex as investors must consider whether the shares will head south in price or not after the rights issue. As a simple rule of thumb, if you don’t like the shares, sell your rights else subscribe to the rights, especially if you would want to “dollar cost average” and hope to “cut loss” (though the stock may still head south).
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