Friday, April 26, 2013

Stock companies AGMs: a candid account of my experience.

I attended an AGM of a company this week. I own quite a substantial number of shares in that company; hence naturally I am drawn to understanding more about the management and the company’s overall direction. There are a couple of stocks I own; hence this AGM I went is not necessary the one I talked in my previous posts. As I do not want to identify the company in this post, I will not be putting the date, time and venue of the AGM which I have attended in this article too. This is my disclaimer.

This is the first time I attended an AGM. I have to take a half-day leave to attend the AGM as many (I am not sure if it is all) listed companies hold their AGMs on weekdays. I really think that attending an AGM will allow me to glean insights about the company and its management far beyond the text and numbers contained in attractive annual reports or CD-ROMs and to learn more about the company’s directions beyond the write-ups in investment magazine and analyst reports.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Golden Agriculture stock: what’s next?

Yesterday (24 April 13), Golden Agriculture stock registered almost a 5% increase in its stock price from $0.525 to $0.55. This increase came after a large shareholder acquired more of the stock shares. With yesterday’s performance of Golden Agriculture, the RSI of the stock has headed from the “Oversold” level. I added more shares of Golden Agriculture stock when its stock price was battered down as my strategy has always been on buying good fundamental oversold stocks as I believe stock prices will go up again from the low prices. Just before the good performance of Golden Agriculture, an analyst has given a “Sell” call for the stock, setting the target price at $0.55.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What to bring for AGMs

This week is the week when many listed companies will be hosting their AGMs. I will be attending one such AGM soon. Though many say that it is not necessary for retail investors to attend AGMs, I believe it is still worthwhile for a shareholder to attend at least one AGM of the stock company he purchases his stocks from so as to come face to face with the management of the company. It is after all every right of shareholder to attend AGMs and to ask the management of the company questions he has on the company.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

3 events that will shape Singapore stocks

These few weeks, the Singapore stocks are performing in a non-uniform manner. The STI itself is not really a barometer of the Singapore stocks, as I have shared with you readers. It all depends on what stocks you actually buy and have. Take for example, despites those good oldies stock called blue-chip stocks going up or down, some penny stocks have registered good increase in stock prices. Anyway, coming back to the topic of today’s post: for the 3 events that will shape Singapore stocks, I will go on to describe 3 events outside of US and Europe that will shape Singapore stocks.

First, H7N9. Already, the reports that I read suggest some bourses are getting quite jittery over the fears that H7N9 will become a full-scale epidemic. Currently, nobody knows how H7N9 will be contained. Should H7N9 becomes like SARs then, economies may become jittery.

Second, North Korea war threats. Despites the rhetorics, it is all talk and no action. I do not want to see war as people will suffer. But who really knows how Kim thinks? If a war is started, then the effects will be felt on economies.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Singapore stocks Market Commentary - 5 Apr 2013

The STI headed south for a second straight day, closing the daily session at 0.24% lower. Breadtalk stock closed 5.6% lower while Golden Agriculture stock remained unchanged. While I feel that Golden Agriculture stock price is really quite attractive at $0.565, an analyst’s report that crude palm oil are still stockpiling at the plantations means that in the near term, there is no catalyst for Golden Agriculture stock prices. Investors who have bought into Breadtalk stock after a buy recommendation from an analyst report must not be very happy now. I think many investors have this mindset now which stock to buy amidst this stock market which many have painted a good rosy picture that it will be going higher and higher. I am happy that despites all the temptations in the market with mass media suggesting it is a good time to enter the market, I did not enter the stock market for the past few months.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Singapore Stocks outlook 4 Apr 13

Today, the STI shed 0.42%. Of all the top volume stocks, there are some stocks of interest to me. Golden Agriculture stock price closed at $0.565. This price level is of interest to me as it is one of the lowest stock price levels that Golden Agriculture has attained since touching $0.562 in Oct 11. On a more personal level, I have a good number of shares of this stock at a high price (no regret when it comes to investment decision). I think I will still need to observe a bit more before deciding whether it is a good time to buy Golden Agriculture stock at this price. Another stock I notice is Breadtalk stock which finally closed 7.3% lower today! Exactly a year ago, the stock price of Breadtalk was $0.77 and just yesterday its stock price was $1.165 (slightly more than 50% in just 1 month)! Breadtalk’s RSI was overbought hence it is no surprise there are more sellers than buyers of this stock now.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Multi-Bagger stocks vs Multi-Beggar stocks

With the STI climbing higher and higher, there is generally a sense of optimism among investors here, at least for my friend who is quite sure that the STI will assume a bullish path. With stock sentiment that bullish, I believe many investors will be jumping into the fray to pick up certain stocks; there will also be many who will use this time to identify multi-bagger stocks, hoping to find the next stock like Osim that has ratcheted up more than 20 times in stock price!

Multi-bagger stocks to me are hard to find but once one is able to identify one, he or she will reap profits multi-times over the stock price. I can only think that beside the price factor of multi-bagger stock, another factor is the holding time of the stock. Take for example, one beloved small-cap offshore and marine stock is Ezion stock. Many years back , Ezion was trading at only $0.70 but just look at today, it is a three-times multi-bagger stock now. If you hold Ezion stock till today, it is a multi-bagger stock. However if you are to sell the stock when it was trading at $1, then Ezion is not a multi-bagger stock. Hence time does play a part in determining whether a potential multi-bagger stock turns out to be multi-bagger stock or not.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Why I no longer read investment analysts’ reports

I used to read analysts’ reports and followed quite closely with their recommendations and thinking for some stocks that are covered in their analyst reports. Nowadays, I briefly just took a quick glance at what these investment analysts are saying rather than taking in entirety what they recommend.

What the shift in attitude towards analyst reports, you may ask? Well it definitely has to do with my experiences with analyst reports. You may have guessed that I buy on a buy call from an analyst only to have the stock price go down on the very next day or things like that. Well, I can only say partly but even after forming my own judgement about certain stock, buying the stock before an analyst report and then when I look at a buy call from an analyst, I could observe some rhythms of their buy calls which I would like to share as follows.

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