Wednesday, July 31, 2013


SOILBUILD REIT IPO has just lodged its preliminary prospectus with the Singapore Stock Exchange. SOILBUILD REIT IPO prospectus has in total 469 pages. Being quite interested in SOILBUILD REIT IPO , I read the key points of SOILBUILD REIT IPO prospectus. SOILBUILD REIT IPO will be offering 586.5 million units for subscription for which 87.5 million (around 15%) will be for the public. Each unit will be priced in the range of $0.77 to $0.80 and the Manager of SOILBUILD REIT IPO intends to raise gross proceeds of between S$618.7 million to S$642.8 million.

SOILBUILD REIT IPO is an IPO with a portfolio of 7 (seven) business spaces. SOILBUILD REIT IPO portfolio comprises 2 Business Parks: Eightrium @ Changi Business Park and Solaris @ Fusionpolis, One North as well as 5 Industrial Properties in the proximities of Boon Lay MRT Station and Joo Koon MRT Station: Tuas Connection, West Park, BizCentral, NK Ingredients. COS Printers and Beng Kuang Marine. The IPO portfolio stands at $921 million.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I did not work on one weekday last week. I was in one of the most expensive living districts in Singapore: Orchard Road. There, I saw, surrounding me are very large mansions, very expansive bungalows and super-tall and nice condominiums. I visited a very posh shopping centre in the vicinity; the shopping centre has very high-ended retail stores with all branded good stacked up. It was quite early in the morning but it was already office time, there I saw quite a number of locals, expatriates sipping coffee, taking in their pastries slowly, exchanging pleasantries in groups or as individuals. I thought to myself that these people are definitely rich enough or financially free enough to have the flexibility to manage their own time. For a moment, I stood there admiring the sight of the rich and the equally rich surroundings (the environment there, coupled with the cool weather that day made that place resemble and feel like an European town). There I was, looking at the rich, feeling envious and at the same time wondering when or whether I could one day be like them, not needing to worry about my finances and could enjoy my time on weekdays sipping coffee, possibly after a jog in the Botanic Gardens, etc. The comparison was even more vivid, as after my outing that evening, I have to report back to work. However, this was not really the first time that I venture into the heartlands of the very rich in Singapore, I could still recall once, I saw this house on a landed property which is really really huge and looks like a giant castle. That property alone sitting on that piece of valuable land is easily worth $30 million at least.


I read an article yesterday in which the author shares the classification of Singapore Commodities stocks here. According to the author, there are three classes of commodities stocks here. First, we have the supply chain stocks like Wilmar, Olam and Noble. Second, we have the plantation stocks like Golden Agriculture, Bumitama, etc. Third, we have the MOG (Metals, Oils and Gases) stocks like Lion Gold and Kris Energy. As I read the three groupings I could not help but think that the risks of the stocks also varies as we go from one group to the other. First the risks are smaller for the first integrated supply chains as normally they are quite well-diversified in terms of product and geographical coverage. Second for plantation stocks, the risks are that there is only (more often than not) one single-product product like crude palm oil which means that the risks are not that “well-spread”.

Monday, July 29, 2013


I like to read the Sunday Times’ Invest Section where every week, there will be an interview with a Singaporean about his financial planning and success. Yesterday, there was an interview with a man who was the younger brother of an actor sharing his financial experience. Article after article, what I read was someone accumulating quite a lot of wealth and assets most of us are just starting to enter the workforce.

While I should not discount all the hard work towards financial success which some of these people featured might have done, I could not help but think that some of these people interviewed may not have readily shared or disclosed to all that they may have a financial headstart in life: e.g. from a sum of monies or legacy their rich parents may have given to them.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Economics of Everything and of Stocks

My umbrella is spoilt once again. I could not recall how many times I have changed an umbrella. Just few days ago, my computer is also giving me some problems in terms of hard disk; I think my computer is due for replacement soon. In today’s era, everything seems easily spoilt as compared to the past eras. I don’t know whether this is something necessary to stimulate the economy, the market demand as if something works all the time, there will be no recurrent expenditure for companies. But this means that we consumers have to pay more and more. I still think that in the past days, there is more quality as compared to now. I still wish to buy something of quality in today’s era of buy-spoilt-throw. This mindset of mind also extends to stocks: in today’s stock market there are really many many traders and speculators, buying and selling. Though I will not go to the extent to say that I will not trade stocks, I will buy a stock with the mindset that I will be holding the stocks for a long term.


MONEY MAX IPO STOCK is the latest stock to go for an IPO listing in Singapore stocks market. MONEY MAX IPO STOCK will be planned for a listing on Catalist Board. Like many investors, these days, I am considering whether to apply for MONEY MAX IPO STOCK. When it comes to IPO, I am naturally inclined to assess whether MONEY MAX IPO STOCK could be a stock which one could apply for and sell the stock on the first day of trading for a good profits provided the stock does well on the first day of trading.

MONEY MAX IPO STOCK is not the first stocks related to the pawnshop business to be listed on Singapore Stocks Market: Maxi Cash is the first such company to do so. If we look at the performance of Maxi Cash IPO stock, investors tend to think that MONEY MAX IPO STOCK will deliver a performance on the first day of trading similar to Maxi Cash IPO stock with a good percentage north of the IPO price. Indeed, such an extrapolation is not without basis: despites most of the IPOs (launched this year) doing well above their IPO offer prices on the first day of trading, I can actually guess that OUE Hospitality Reit has an uneventful outing on its first day of trading (by closing unchanged from its IPO price): I have drawn the parallel from Hutchinson Port Holding’s stock performance: we must know that OUE Hospitality Reit is not really a Reit but more of a business trust like Hutchison Port Holdings.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


MAS has issued a statement that some of our households here seem to be taking on quite a large debt as evidenced from their high debt servicing ratios. MAS says that the current low interest rates may be increased once the US starts to tighten its Quantitative Easing or stimulus measure. While I agree with the need for us to be cautious about taking too much of a debt, I do think that debt is inevitable in today’s society, especially in our society and having a large debt may also be needed so as to be rich, ironically. Instead of just looking at the total debt servicing ratio of Singaporeans, I would think it will be more comprehensive and holistic to take a look at whether a debt is good or bad to an individual or an individual household as well as the overall cash flow or strategy of those servicing a debt. These, I shall elaborate further below.


Recently, I received via postage mail, an elaborated hard cover of a stock annual report of a company whose shares I own. Holding that copy of nice and attractive annual report in my hands, I feel like a winner. I feel like a proud shareowner of a stock which has done well. I opened the annual report and read the impressive opening statement of the company. I saw the photo of the handsome middle-aged Chairman who is no doubt a millionaire or even a multi-multi-millionaire (or should I say the photo is a handsome photo of the Chairman?). I read the beautifully-crafted financial opening chapter which suggests that the company is doing very well. I feel elated as I read the well-crafted words and the use of aesthetic visuals. I could have brought down the annual report and remarked to myself how great my foresight is and how great the company is if not for the fact that has headed south by almost 25% since the beginning of the year. The annual report needed more scrutiny and hence I spent some time scrutinizing the report with a calculator in my hands.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


REX INTERNATIONAL is offering its IPO at $0.50 per share for a listing on the Catalist board. So what is the business of REX INTERNATIONAL? Well REX INTERNATIONAL is an oil mining and exploration company and immediately this brings me back to another recent IPO with a similar theme and that is Kris Energy. To be frank, there is such a flurry of IPO on the Singapore Stocks Markets that it can be tricky to name the IPOs that are open for subscription and not to mention the different dates that the different IPOs close. The highlight of REX International is that it has a kind of technology that can help the company to pinpoint with a good degree of precision where oil in an oil well resides for its mining and extraction. If you ask me whether I will buy this IPO stock, I will have to tell you that since every time if I subscribe to the IPO via an ATM and successfully get the IPO stocks allotted, it will just be for a few lots; hence my IPO strategy will be to just buy and if successfully get the stock, sell the IPO stock for a profit provided the IPO stock heads north on the first day of trading. I have to caution you not every IPO stock heads north on its first trading day, hence with the pipeline of other IPOs, which may be equally or more attractive than OUE Reit or SPH Reit, unless you have very deep pockets to buy every IPO stock on the Singapore Stocks Market, then it may be good to be discerning and to be selective on the kind of IPO stocks which you want to buy and invest in or trade.


I am actually a person who is Simple, enjoys Simple things and believes that Simplicity is Greatness in Life. Hence besides eating simply as mentioned in my earlier posts, I also carry simple devices and subscribe to the basic fundamentals and teachings of life. Being Simple also means that I spend with discretion on necessities and not on luxuries. Being Simple also means I use the free community health facilities in the parks and the library (but please I am not a Cheap xxx). Being Simple also means I keep my things tidy and neat. Being Simple also translates to clarity in thinking in life for me.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekends and your Wallets [Part 2]

Dear readers, how have your weekends been? In my previous post, I have shared with you on how weekends can often lead us into spending a little bit more of our monies towards bonding with our family and friends. As a disclaimer, I believe there is no wrong with that as in the same post, I have also emphasized that such a spending must be balanced with the need to be prudent with our savings as given the fact that many of us have only one form of main income, the onus for us towards a healthier financial status are to save up more, invest intelligently with our savings for higher profits and if we have the resources, start a profitable business. It takes discipline to save more and invest wisely. I know. It takes patience to reap financial fruits. I know. And it takes Belief to start a profitable business. This, I know too!

Friday, July 19, 2013

MONEY MANAGEMENT: Weekends and Your Wallet

At last, today is Friday! I am quite happy for weekends are really the days of the week when I can get sufficient rest. When it comes to weekends, I believe they will usually be the days when many of us actually spend more, be it on family outings or on friends’ outings and I believe these are monies well spent for bonding among our family members and to others, among friends.

What I would like to share in this post is the fact that I believe we will spend more of our monies when we are happy or happier hence on weekends, we will spend more, especially so when shopping centres conjure up images which will gravitate us towards happiness by the ways they place the shopping goods with the soft background music piping around while people shop.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to be Rich and Financially-Free?

Let’s face the fact: everyone wants to be rich. Everyone wants to be millionaires. Everyone wants to be financially free. Everyone wants to be rich enough so as not to spend hours and hours everyday working at something most of us do not really like but have no choice not to spend time to do the work as we have to earn a living. Being rich and financially free also gives us time to spend with our loved ones, give us time to do the things we love to do and also having monies can give us many material things like holidays and luxury goods. So the question is how to be rich? If you have read enough to discover the ways to become rich, there are just few ways here in Singapore: be a successful entrepreneur, be a scholar, be in a high-paying profession, be a top salesman, be a top trader or investor. If we don’t talk about becoming a scholar here in Singapore and also don’t talk about striking the lottery, all the other routes towards being rich and financially-free has to begin with the person seeking financial freedom to possess the right mindset and right beliefs. So what are these beliefs, be sure to stay tuned to my blog as I will share with you more on these!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Heart of Investments

I am not really interested in the Singapore Stocks markets these days as the market is currently shaped by a mixture of emotions arising from the news coming out from the US, Europe and China. If you are a technical chartist, I am not sure how challenging positioning yourself for an entry in the stock markets these days is but I am certainly looking into better buying opportunities which I feel are not really now as the market now is more or less trading sideways and the general trend of how the Singapore Stocks markets is can only be distilled after the Germany General Election and the Federal Reserve’s scaling back of the Quantitative Easing if applicable. Hence I believe the Heart of Investments should be all about patience and waiting for a good entry point. I think it is not that wise to keep looking at the stock screens if the market conditions are not really trading-centric. I believe we should now turn to some forms of exercising in the meantime for Health is Priceless!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


There has been a hive of activity on our Singapore stocks market with the listing of many companies on the Singapore Stock Exchange and the Singapore Catalist Board. Yes, there is now quite a number of IPOs that I do not really keep track on, you see, I am not a big fan of IPOs and I feel pretty much that there is no guarantee that an IPO stock will rise above its subscription price on the 1st day of the trading. The new IPOs are mostly from companies which I am not really familiar with, knowing that there is an ISOTEAM (initially I thought the company is an ISO 9001 auditing firm) and another company called PS Fasteners, on the back of my hand.

Monday, July 15, 2013


When we talk about the Singapore Stocks outlook, we should first and foremost examine the general global economic outlook as being a small country; Singapore’s stock market is pretty much shaped by what is going on in the global markets. Singapore is a price taker and not a price maker and it is no wonder that due to the inextricable link between the global stock markets’ performance and Singapore’s stock market performance, we see how the global stock performance in markets, chiefly the US, China and Europe have shaped the performance of Singapore stocks. So moving on, what will shape Singapore stocks?

I still remember the recent themes that have shaped Singapore’s stocks were first the Eurozone debt and then more recently the fears of scaling back of the QE3 and a little of worries over the slowing of China’s economy. Back home in Singapore, property counters are always under some scrutiny as the government implements some measures from time to time. Okay, I think I have enough of a review here, now let me get straight to the point of the factors which will shape Singapore’ s stocks next.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Think BIG for your Investments

It has been some time since I posted on this blog. The Singapore stocks market rallied, rising by 1.9% yesterday and today some investors cashed in on their profits. Investors have their eyes on the news from Federal Reserve with an answer many would like to know: when will the Federal Reserve start to scale back their quantitative easing? Other macro events that influence investors’ sentiments are the US economy (which seems not too bad) and the China’s economy (which seems quite modest, judging from the economic figures). Then on the local front, it is the quarterly earnings announcement once again. I am really thinking how many investors in Singapore are really investors? It seems that there are more speculators and traders here as I often see a knee-jerk reaction in the market whenever there is a piece of news emanating from the US, Europe or China or from a company’s announcement. I wonder how many investors hold their investments for the long-term which is in accordance with the definition of investment.

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