Saturday, August 31, 2013


Forbes has announced its list of the top 50 richest Singaporeans and Permanent Residents with a net worth of at least US$350 million. Topping the list is not surprising, the two sons of Mr Ng Teng Fong: Mr Robert Ng and Mr Phillip Ng with a combined total net worth of US $10.5 billion. The two are from the Far East Group. Next, on the list is Mr Kwek Leng Beng with a net worth of around US $7.1 billion. According to the report, the net worth of Mr Kwek has more than tripled from year 2012! From what I observe, most of the tycoons who made it to the list are owners of large listed companies. The Brazilian co-founder of Facebook who has since moved to Singapore also made it to the list. Serge Pun, the founder of Yoma Holdings, a company with substantial interests in Myanmar also made it to the list with a net worth of US $500 million.


CHINA MINZHONG stock headed south by about 50% after the short selling report but CHINA MINZHONG is not only the stock that faces the effects of the report, some S-chips stocks here also experienced similar effects. Sino Grandness, a food stock which is similar to China Minzhong, with businesses based in China, also faces pressure as its stock price heads south. I was quite surprised reading an analyst report that goes as far to the extent that the analyst firm will cease coverage on S-chip stocks altogether as the analyst argued to the point that even if a S-chip stock like China Minzhong which has substantial GIC’s presence before could become victim of short sellers, then there is no point covering other S-chip stocks. I think S-chips stock here in Singapore really need to be robust in order to win investors’ confidence after the string of corporate scandals, delisting, etc. I hope the SGX and SIAS can work together to ensure that only the most transparent, accountable, honest S-chips companies can list here. Often when incidents like China Minzhong occur, the ones who may feel the impact most are the retail investors with average incomes who invest in these S-chips, believing in “the China’s story”. This is why I only hold one good S-chip stock, which I think is quite credible. But who knows it may be the next target of a short seller! When that happens, I will let you know and then you will know which S-chip stock I have!

Friday, August 30, 2013


After Prime Minister’s National Day rally speech, investment analysts’ reports have been trained on the kind of stocks and or the stocks which will benefit from the plans that PM Lee has announced for Singapore. The two plans for Singapore in terms of infrastructure came at the end of PM Lee’s speech and these are the relocation of Paya Lebar Airbase to Changi East and the relocation of the Port terminals to Tuas. With these two proposed plans, it does not really take a rocket scientist to list construction stocks, industrial Reits, property stocks as the main stocks which will benefit from the two proposed plans.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


OLD CHANG KEE STOCK currently trades in the range of 63 cents. OLD CHANG KEE STOCK can be a defensive dividend stock to have considering its steady dividends payouts and defensive nature. In food-loving Singapore, food stocks seem to do quite well with some food stocks even being bought out. OLD CHANG KEE currently has 76 outlets in Singapore and I believe many of us are familiar with its Old Chang Kee curry puffs and take-five outlets. But not many of us will know that OLD CHANG KEE has also opened these food stores: Curry Times, Dip ‘n’ Go, Mushroom CafĂ© and Pie Kia? The current P/E of Old Chang Kee is around 15 and its net asset value is approximately 29 cents. What I like and may not really like about the stock is that it is a 100% Singapore stock.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Singapore Stocks Markets are not performing well now. While the saying by Warren Buffet: “Be Greedy when others are fearful” is a time-honoured and respectable guide for investors to pick up good stocks at discounted prices, I think now is not the good time to enter the stocks market and I summarize three reasons for this:

First, we have a possible war between the Allied forces and Syria. US said that it has “little doubts” that the Syria government has employed chemical warfare against some of the Syrian people and at this time of writing, there is a likelihood that the US with its allies, like the UK, may intervene, especially if they have the backing of the UNO. I still recall that stock markets worldwide also headed south when the US intervened in Libya against Gadaffi, I think that was last year ago? The global stock markets also did not perform well when the US intervened in Iraq and Afghanistan, though oil prices will rise in such situations involving possible conflicts with the Middle East, one of the earth’s richest source of crude oil. Though Syria is quite far away from Singapore, I just hope that there will be no war as I am not sure how much Syria may possess in nuclear, chemical or biological weaponry and whether it will launch these anyhow and anywhere should a war breaks out.


CHINA MINZHONG STOCK went south on 26 August 2013 and for readers who are used to my style of writing, I think I should say CHINA MINZHONG STOCK went almost to south pole on 26 August 2013. I could not believe it when I saw CHINA MINZHONG STOCK went 40 cents south, trading at around 53 cents in the afternoon of 26 August 2013. It was only later that I learnt that CHINA MINZHONG STOCK has become the latest target of California-based short seller. CHINA MINZHONG STOCK is the second stock on Singapore Stocks Exchange, after Olam International stock which was the target of short-seller. China Minzhong stock is quite familiar to me as I have read the company information of the stock before. China Minzhong’s business is in vegetables and its stock fundamentals look quite okay, at least from all the literature that I have read.
I think what could have also contributed to the southward direction of China Minzhong stock on 26 Aug 2013 could also be the fact that China Minzhong stock is a S-chip stock. I think that when Olam’s stock price went south after the Muddy Waters’ report, the fact that Temasek Holdings is a large shareholder of Olam stock may have helped cushion the southward direction, but not really for the case for China Minzhong. In fact I read that Temasek Holdings just pulled its investment out from China Minzhong a few months before the short seller’s report.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Frasers and Neave (F&N) will spin off its property business into FRASERS CENTREPOINT LIMITED , however FRASERS CENTREPOINT LIMITED will not be launched or listed on the market via an IPO, rather F&N will offer to its current shareholders 2 shares of FRASERS CENTREPOINT LIMITED , for every F&N stock they hold. This method of listing is quite familiar to me as I have held Ezra stocks before when they introduce the Triyard stocks to me. F&N has already in its portfolio Frasers Centerpoint Trust which is made up of shopping malls as the portfolio, hence I believe FRASERS CENTREPOINT LIMITED will be a stock which will allow F&N to grow as a developer like Capitaland in the business of property development in not only Singapore but across the region. I also hear news that F&N will also be looking into setting up and listing a hospitality Reits too. Though F&N will still retain its beverages businesses but ever since F&N is sold to the Thais, F&N has become more like a property conglomerate with Frasers Centrepoint Trust, and now Frasers Centrepoint Limited and then perhaps Frasers Hospitality Trust.


FIRST REIT stock registered a strong 4% increase in stock price performance last week, closing on 23 Aug 13 at $1.04, 4 cent more than the closing price of $1 on 22 Aug 13. There has been some sell-down or sorts of Indonesian stocks over doubts on the Indonesian economy. Voyage Research (formerly SIAS Research) has a “Buy” call on FIRST REIT stock in its July report, with a fair value price at $1.485. FIRST REIT has a book value of approximately $0.85 and has 14 properties across 3 countries: 10 in Indonesia, 3 in Singapore and 1 in South Korea. What I like about FIRST REIT are the attractive plans of the stocks with 3 Acquisition Enhancement Plans (AEPs) for 3 of its current properties and the possible addition of more properties to its portfolio stable by PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk, First REIT’s Sponsor as currently the Sponsor manages quite a number of healthcare properties which are still not under First Reit’s portfolio; these plans can accrue to good stock prices for the Reits!

Monday, August 26, 2013


This is not the first time I blog on BREADTALK STOCK. I have always wanted to purchase some stocks of BREADTALK STOCK as every day I pass by the nearby BREADTALK store, I will always see long queues of people buying breads. This signals a good business for Breadtalk Group. To understand more about BREADTALK STOCK, I read the annual report 2012 of BREADTALK STOCK. Basically the business of Breadtalk can be classified into three segments: (a) bakeries (b) restaurants (c) food Atria and the geographic spread of BREADTALK STOCK extends beyond just Singapore, to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and even to Oman!


GOLDEN AGRICULTURE STOCK price headed north impressively by a few percentage points today. It has been some time since I last blogged about GOLDEN AGRICULTURE STOCK. I have expected that GOLDEN AGRICULTURE STOCK will head north today in its stock price as its 5-days moving average, has moved up and crossed the 10-days moving average in the previous trading session, though today’s performance of GOLDEN AGRICULTURE STOCK caught me by surprise. Looking at the trend, GOLDEN AGRICULTURE STOCK seems to be heading in the north direction in tandem with the crude palm oil prices. From my experience in trading GOLDEN AGRICULTURE STOCK, I pretty much garner that the determinants of GOLDEN AGRICULTURE STOCK have to do more with the prices of crude palm oil and less on the global economic news. And if another of my experience proves right, once GOLDEN AGRICULTURE STOCK enters into the top volume active stocks as it does since last week, there will be some traders, speculators all coming to the fore.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Singapore Stocks STI to head south to 2,500?

When the stock markets globally went south during 2008, sparked by the Lehman Brothers saga, global stocks markets went south as a result. The US delivered a solution which equated to money printing via Quantitative Easing. After these rounds of money printing, the US stocks markets seem okay now, hence the Federal Reserves may scale back on its Quantitative Easing program and this causes investors to pull out their investments and sell their stocks, driving the stock markets regionally and globally south.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wealth Creation: be a Model, Bodybuilder and Glutton

This is my regular post on my thoughts of Wealth mastery towards Wealth Creation. Yes, everybody wants to increase his or her wealth! To do that, we read and hear so many pearls of wisdom doled out to us which are related to savings and investments. In my blog, I have also shared with readers my personal strategies in mastering and working towards wealth and you can read all about these by clicking the “Wealth Creation” horizontal tab at the top of the blog. In today’s post, I want to share with you an analogy, which I coin and that comes to my mind this morning about wealth mastery and that analogy is interesting. Yes, I think when something is interesting, it will be registered more easily in the minds of us and the knowledge gleaned will more easily surface up whenever we want to elicit a particular branch of financial knowledge to help us in the financial aspects of our lives. Okay, without further ado, let me share with you this financial analogy: Eat like a Model, Save like a Bodybuilder and Invest like a Glutton! Wow, so what does all that means? Okay, let me tell you more.

Two Questions before you buy Singapore Stocks now

The Singapore stocks markets now presents a buying opportunity for those who are brave enough to “be greedy when other are fearful”, to quote, the famous saying of the world’s best investor, Mr Warren Buffet. I see that the Singapore stocks market are beginning to go into a bearish mode as with the bettering of the US economy, many retail investors really think that the United States will scale down its money-printing measures in the Quantitative Easing moves. I believe now is a good time to buy good stocks at a discount. Commodities stocks group especially Noble group is so attractively priced down, with each stock less than the price of an apple pie from McDonalds.
The question now is whether you, as an investor, still have some liquidity left to buy more stocks at these discounted prices? The other question is when will the stock prices bottom out and then rise?

For the first question, I believe many investors may have their liquidity quite locked up in their portfolios as the months before the current state of the Singapore Stocks markets, investors were quite exuberant though now is the time to get prepare your war chest and start to charge! I cannot really advise you if your capital have already been maxed-up for investments and are now inside the portfolios; what I can advise is that some small monies put inside the investments may give good returns on a long-term basis.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Investment Epiphany

I experience an investment epiphany of sorts. I have actually realized that all these while, I have taken for granted the very computer hardware and connections which allow me to do my blog and trade. Like many Singaporeans, I have been busy working to actually take note and appreciate something that is important and fundamental but not easily appreciated. It is when we experience something with the most basic and fundamentals of things that underpin and support our daily work that we begin to take notice and show appreciation of them. The computer epiphany sparks an inner quest within myself to list down the little things that I have achieved in my life, no doubt they may not be as great an accomplishment financially like becoming a millionaire, getting promotions in career one after another; our little achievements are nevertheless achievements in their own rights.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Learning from Investment Mistakes

I am pretty new to investing, having bought my first stock back in year 2010. I still remembered that I first started my trading account back in year 2008 and for two years, the trading account was simply not used at all as I was quite fearful of making that very first foray into investment. You see, I have been so called “burnt” by bad investments before. Back in year 2007, I bought into a US Reits from an insurance agent who mentioned good returns but after I bought into the stocks, the stock price came south especially during the US mortage crisis of year 2008 and the stock prices were so bad that I decided to sell it off at more than 50% discount in year 2010. On looking back, it was that incident which has also propelled me into learning to invest on my own, making and be responsible for my own investment decisions and not to rely on the “good advice” of people, even though you may know them well.

I am glad to say that I have already recouped all the monies from my first “investment lesson” after many trades and receiving dividends and though my portfolio I am holding is no good currently, I have the confidence to hold this portfolio for quite some time as the stocks that make up my portfolio are quality stocks to begin with, just that their industries are not doing too well currently.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The SGX is seeking a consultation exercise with the public on its proposal to reduce the minimum trading lot size from 1,000 to 100 and ultimately to 1 lot. It is reported that this proposal will be good to retail investors. I feel that though the minimum buying lot is reduced 10 times, it does not mean that retail investors will have a better chance of profiting from trading or investments, it just means that the entry barriers to investing in stocks on the SGX becomes easier.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Top 30 mid-cap stocks

An analyst from a renowned stock broking firm has just released a list of his recommended top 30 mid-cap stocks. This is not the first time that the stock broking firm releases its recommended stock list and based on the previous lists the firm has released, the track record is there. I glanced at the list of the recommended stocks this time round and I see there are both strong names and lesser-known names but most of the stocks on this list have a record of giving dividends to investors. The table contained in the recommendation list is quite comprehensive and it even gives the price-to-book ratios of the stocks.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


MEDISHIELD LIFE is a new health initiative announced by PM Lee In today’s National Day Rally. While PM Lee did not give more details about MEDISHIELD LIFE, it is clear from his speech that Medisave contributions will increase. I think it is long overdue that we need a fundamental relook at our health policies. There have always been calls for a National Healthcare Insurance and in today’s National Day Rally, it seems that Singapore is gearing in the direction of this National Healthcare Insurance with the announcement of MEDISHIELD LIFE and other Medisave incentives. As I see that the basic Medishield which I am covered under does not seem adequate, I have purchased a complementary and supplementary (often called Enhanced) Medishield plan from a private insurance company, I wonder how the existing Enhanced Medishield policies and most importantly premiums will be tweaked for fairness to the many of the Enhanced Medishield policy owners. I can think that after the government rolls out all the new Medishield policies including Medishield Life policy, the Enhanced Medishield policies from private health insurance companies may become less attractive as a result.

Friday, August 16, 2013


Can anyone tell me what a Good stock in the Singapore Stocks Market is today? I pose this question to readers as in today’s market; traditionally good stocks seem to have their stock prices heading south. Good stocks in the beliefs of many retail Singapore investors are blue chip stocks, which are mostly constituent stocks of the STI. With the economies of the world in the current states now, most of these blue chip and good stocks have been their stock prices headed south and these are mostly cyclical plays in commodities, shipping and property arenas. However I must point out that even defensive STI plays like the telecoms do not always see their stock prices heading north as what is evident now. So with blue-chip and traditionally good stocks, both defensive and cyclical, not as attractive as a good stock these days, what other good stocks do retail investors have, as a choice to grow their monies?

Wealth Creation and Value Creation

In a post which I have earlier made, I have shared with readers that to create wealth, we must create value and this value creation permeates every aspect of our lives. To earn more monies in our work, we must create value for our employers. To earn more profits in their businesses, business owners must create value for their customers. Value creation is the very essence of wealth creation. And to recap, I have also shared with readers that investors can reap wealth by extracting value from the stocks they buy; this means buying the right stocks and selling stocks at the right time. So we can see wealth creation and value creation go in parallel. In the next paragraphs, I would like to highlight another fact of value creation and wealth creation.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


VOYAGE RESEARCH will be the new name of SIAS Research after SIAS Research split away from SIAS over fundamental differences as I have read from the newspapers today. The fundamental differences stem from the very nature that SIAS Research which researches on stocks and produce research reports is a for-profits organization while SIAS which is an advocate for the common retail investors, is a not-for-profits organization. It is also reported that Roger Tan, the CEO of SIAS Research has bought out the shares of SIAS Research to effect the split away from SIAS and that it has taken two years of discussion for the materialisation of the split.

Upon seeing the name of Voyage Research, I immediately know that Roger has given a name to his new company which may be related to his own Chinese name. Roger Tan’s Chinese surname “Chen” and his name is “Yi Fan”. “Yi Fan” is a good name as there is a Chinese saying “Yi Fan Feng Shun” which translates to “bon voyage” (figuratively for “smooth sailing”).

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Both commodity stocks: Noble and Golden Agriculture stock continued to head south in their stock prices after their latest earnings results announcement. Noble stock and Golden Agriculture stock are now at a price level that could be viewed as attractive. But I believe the question that weighs on investors’ mind is where the bottom is that these two stocks could reach for when Noble stock reached $1, we thought that may be the lowest for the stock but it headed south even further. A charting chart for these two stocks which I have read on newspapers pointed that Noble Group stock could reach $0.74 while Golden Agriculture stock could reach $0.48. Many analysts pointed out that the commodities outlook may still not be too good and hence the commodities sector will continue to perform similar to this trend that we see now. I personally think that if China gives a convincing economic report to the world, then commodities will go north in stock prices.

Monday, August 12, 2013


BREADTALK STOCK has been heading north in its stock prices. When Breadtalk stock was first listed on SGX, not many people will foresee that Breadtalk stock will grow into a food empire stock with business in not only its chain of Breadtalk stocks but also in an array of restaurants catering to different tastebuds. And the most impressive fact of Breadtalk stock is that it has also operations in many countries outside of Singapore.

I watched Moneyweek on Channel U last Saturday where it carried an interview with the founder of Breadtalk. Though I have read the news before that Breadtalk has opened its own HQ building which put under one roof, its production and research facilities, I am impressed watching the actual TV footages of Breadtalk’s large facility which cost around $64.1 million. I am also surprised to see that the facility not only houses Breadtalk’s production and research facilities, there are also Breadtalk bread shops and restaurants in the same building and all these make the building akin to a shopping centre. An important aspect of Breadtalk’s operation is derived from the Central Kitchen facility in the Breadtalk hub which ensures uniformity across the many offerings of Breadtalk which are spread across many geographical locations.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Unless you are a self-employed person and running a profitable business, else you may be like me, one of the many employees who depend on a salary for a living. For many of us, our income is fixed and if we do not have any other avenues of wealth generation, the only way we can get better financially is through promotions which will lead to our salaries heading north. This is why many of the employees fight among themselves for promotions and office politics prevails in the workplace. I myself am no stranger to office politics in my workplace; this is the fact of life. But I must stress that I am an honest and upright man who unlike some of my colleagues, do not play office politics and involve in behaviour that is not good to others. Not playing politics somehow hampers my career prospects in work; and though I see people who are not as good as me at work rising higher than me and getting a bigger salary at work; I am quite okay with it for I am able to sleep well at night and most importantly I can answer to my conscious. Also, no one is above Karma. Oophs, I think I have digressed a little and let us get back to the theme of today’s post.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


This is the debut coverage of NTEGRATOR STOCK on my blog. NTEGRATOR STOCK may sound familiar to you and that is because NTEGRATOR STOCK appears on the top volume stocks quite regularly being one of the Myanmar stock plays of the local SGX stock markets. But what is the business of NTEGRATOR STOCK ? Well NTEGRATOR STOCK deals with Sales and Maintenance of IT products like Communication System and Networks Systems. Its markets are in Singapore (largest market), followed by Myanmar and Vietnam. It counts Singtel and other bigger clients as some if its repeat customers.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I observe that financial institutions here are doing more to promoting the concept of investing to Singaporeans. The concept of investing may be quite attractive in this era of low interest rate where one earns very little interest on their bank deposits; hence it may be more worthwhile to put one’s monies in investments. Cash is not really attractive, the advocates of investments say as they encourage others to put the monies they have earned into investments. But is Cash no longer attractive as compared to investments? I do not think so. I still think that Cash is King in this financial market whereby stock movements are quite dynamic.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This week, Singapore celebrates the National Day. Besides National Day, Singapore also celebrates the Hari Raya Puasa. With one holiday after another, Singaporeans enjoy a long weekend this week. This means that the Singapore Stock Exchange is open for the week till the eve of Hari Raya Puasa. This week, being a holiday week, will no doubt brings cheers to Singaporeans. It is debatable as to whether local investors who may be in a good mood due to the holidays will be galvanised into buying more stocks on the Singapore Stocks Exchange. There is also no evidence that nationalistic sentiments will well up inside local investors this National Day week which will prompt them into buying stocks which has some resemblance of National Day. These stocks, in my belief, are blue chips of government-linked stocks which are helmed by scholars. E.g. NOL is helmed by Ng Yat Chung, former Managing Director of Temasek and former Chief of Defence; SMRT is helmed by Desmond Kuek, former Permanent Secretary for Environment and Water Resources and former Chief of Defence; and SBS Transit is also helmed by another top civil servant. Anyway, I do not believe that there is a National Day effect on local stocks but the National Day effect should translate into more happiness among our workers for it is not that frequent there is a long weekend for us to rest.  

Monday, August 5, 2013


In the Investment interview section of yesterday’s The Sunday Times, there was an interview with a woman; this time round, it seemed to me that unlike the many rich people who were interviewed for the weekly series, the heartlanders featured in that article seems to be from a middle-income family. As the interview article turns out, the woman featured turns to investment to make her monies work harder for her; this is because after getting married and having children, she finds that there is a real need for her monies to work harder for her. While I share with her view that one can turn to investments to grow one’s monies, the reality on the ground is that investments is not really easy; if it is, we will not have heard of investors being “burnt” in investments and even having to sell off their investments below cost. I always subscribe to the idea that when one invest, he or she must be prepare to hold the stocks for quite a long time.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Socrates once said: “By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher.” So have you become a philosopher? Anyway, I would like to extend this saying to work for work to many of us is important as we depend on it for our livelihoods and we spend so many hours every day at work. So have you become a philosopher at work? For me, I think I have become a philosopher after seeing and experiencing the many “politicians” (people playing politics) in my office.

Unless we have our own businesses, we depend on work to earn a salary. What I have observed is that generally most of our population earns an average of $3,000 per month these days. Many years back, $3,000 a month is considered a good salary but now $5,000 a month is the new $3,000 a month in my opinion. I am not joking; you can feel the effects of high inflations on your wallet. A particular branded curry puff used to cost just 80 cents each but now its price has gone up to around $1.50! A comfortable salary these days to me is around $7,000 per month: with this figure, one can cater to his or her family, squirrels away some savings for investments and cater the remaining amounts to some good relaxing overseas holidays regularly.

Friday, August 2, 2013


YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK is currently oversold as I have seen from the RSI of YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK . YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK appears as one of the top volumes of Singapore stocks quite regularly as it is seen as a proxy for Myanmar and Myanmar is now a hot country for investors as the country opens up for foreign investment and is now embarking on a massive phase of infrastructure building. Personally, I have not invested in YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK as my favourites have always been in Commodities but just look at how commodities have fared and you would have known that my investments in the commodities stock are not good, anyway I have entered into the commodities stock with a long-term view and hence I am fine holding the stocks on a long term. After taking a closer look at YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK by reading its annual report, my preliminary assessments of YOMA STRATEGIC STOCK have changed. Initially, I have thought that Yoma is a construction business with a focus on Myanmar, however reading the annual report of Yoma, I was proven wrong: YOMA STRATEGIC is really a diversified conglomerate with business interest in commercial estates, residential estates, budget tourism, automobile industry, towns, agriculture and more.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


INVEST FAIR 2013 is here again this weekends at Suntec City. There will be free talks, demonstrations and exhibitions from companies selling financial products. I still recall when I was just starting out on my investment journey, I attended the INVEST FAIR on a yearly basis. Then, I was amazed at the very elaborate trading software with different kinds of colourful technical charts presented at the fair. I also recalled being somewhat “holed up” in a small room with others listening to a Forex professional who presented the possibility of good profits that could be made with little capital. Those were the days when I have not chalked up much trading experience. Fast forwards to today, I have already garnered lots of investing and trading experiences. I believe now, I do not need to attend INVEST FAIR 2013 to learn what investment and trading is all about and the “how” and the “when”.


It is not really very often that a financial blog has a Vision, Mission and Values statement that is typical of an organization that implements ISO 9001 Quality Management System practices. Being the owner of Singapore Stocks Blogs, I believe that it is my duty to convey what the Vision, Mission and Values of this blog are to my fellow stakeholders, who are you readers! To each and every one of us, time is of essence, time is very important. As the owner of Singapore Stocks Blogs, I do not want to waste your valuable time reading the things which I have written on this blog if at the end of the day, what I have written does not add value to your lives. Hence for clarity, for responsibility, I unveil the Vision, Mission and Values of Singapore Stocks Blog to you, here they go:


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