Thursday, October 31, 2013

Golden Agriculture stock

Today (31 Oct 13), Golden Agriculture stock found itself in the top volumes list with a good showing at a closing price of $0.59. To me, looking at Golden Agriculture stock in the top volumes list reminds me of quite some time back, when Golden Agriculture stock keeps being featured in the top volumes list. Then, the Crude Palm Oil (CPO) prices went south; there was a stockpile of CPO which results in the CPO prices heading south that in turns results in Golden Agriculture stock to reach as low as below 50 cents in some instances.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why Valuemax IPO closed at just 2.93% higher on its first day of debut on SGX?

Valuemax IPO debutted today (30 Oct 13). Valuemax was one of the hottest stocks trading on SGX today. With an IPO price of $0.51, I was thinking that Valuemax may close on its first day of debut with about 30% over its IPO price, at around 66 cents. Valuemax surprised me with a closing price of $0.525, this is just 2.94% higher over its IPO price.

The 4 letter thing many people resort to doing to become rich

With most people earning an income mainly via working full-time as full-time employees, there is a 4-letter thing that many of them resort to doing to become rich. So what is that 4-letter thing that many employees resort to doing to become rich? Make a guess? What comes in your mind when I mention “the 4 letter” thing? Okay, to give you a clue, “the 4 letter” thing consists of 1 vowel and 3 consonants. And the second vowel is “u”. Have you gotten it? If not, then this is another clue: this thing many people resort to doing is to me, not correct in the most moral sense. So what is this 4-letter word? Okay, I think I will have to let the cat out of the bag if you have not gotten it else we cannot proceed with this post. This 4 letter thing is actually to be “BUSY”. When I mean “Busy”, I do not mean being really Busy but to act busy or to act as though one is Busy. Have you gotten this word correctly or are you thinking of another word that may fit what I have described and which may satisfy the criterion of being a thing many people resort to doing to becoming rich? Let me know if you have other suitable words!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Viva Industrial Trust IPO

Viva Industrial Trust IPO aims to raise $463.3 million in a listing on SGX. Viva Industrial Trust holds business parks and other industrial property. Viva Industrial Trust Management, Viva Industrial Trust’s Manager said it will launch its initial public offering (IPO) of 211.7 million stapled securities at 78 cents a piece. Viva Industrial Trust comprises Viva Industrial Reit Estate Investment Trust and Viva Industrial Business Trust.

Changing Paths

I like to watch the show “Changing Paths” which screens on Channel 8, at 10.30 pm on Tuesdays nights of broadcasts. In a nutshell, the show is about people who have changed paths in their careers. The first episode of the show is about Peter Yu, one of Mediacorp’s former actors who have become a taxi driver, and then there were a duo who were financial consultant and business executives who traded their business ties for “city farmers”. Then there was a former car mechanic who became an award-winning salon owner. And also, there were an owner of a tuition centre and air stewardess who become nurses, etc. I like this show as changing path in mid-career is an important milestone for those who have done it as switching careers has financial effects.

Why I don’t feel like an Investor?

These days, I have been musing over the question as to whether I am an investor. You see, I went into investments and investing, schooled in the “doctrines” of great investors like Warren Buffet. According to Warren Buffet and his school of value investors, fundamental analysis is very important. Fundamental analysis is doing research on a particular company, to make sure that the company has a good and sustainable modus operandi and business model before investing our monies into the company.

And fast forwards to today, we also read in the newspapers many articles written about compounding our monies via investing in stocks rather than have them resting in the banks, their worth eroded by the rising inflation. Against the above two contexts, to be a bona fide investor, we should just choose a good company with a good and sustainable business model and managed by a good team of leaders and hold the stocks of the company for long term capital gains and dividends payouts.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Penny Stocks: my reflections

I reflected on my penny trades in Blumont and Asiasons for the week and while doing so, I read a letter in the newspapers today (26 Oct 13) in which a reader shared that his neighbour has forfeited $200,000 in one or two of these three stocks (Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold) in this whole matter. I have been quite alert to lock in some respectable gains, to the tune of over 20% before two of these stocks headed south once again. I am not worried of my investments in these two stocks still as I have mentioned before, I have just put in a modest and humble amount in these penny stocks, knowing that these penny stocks are quite speculated in our local markets. As a result of the small amounts of monies invested, I am also not worried if SGX has to suspend these three counters for it to conduct investigation.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold: an investor's thoughts

Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold, these three hot penny stocks all went down by around 15% to 18% today (25 Oct 13). If you have read my post, you would have known that I have bought and am still holding Blumont stock at around $0.22+ while contra trading Asiasons. I bought some more Asiasons this morning though the price is now lower than the price of my purchase. Anyway, I am quite okay though I have these stocks as to begin with, I hold a long term view: I have mentioned many times in my post that compared to the prices that these three stocks have been trading, the prices that I have bought is considered cheap. Also, I feel that the monies in my portfolio now can be considered peanuts to the many millions of dollars incurred by many substantial shareholders of these companies when the stock prices of these three stocks went south. To be frank, I bought just few lots of these stocks as they are penny stocks. I am sorry but somehow it seems that in local context, penny stocks have via the various media commentaries become stocks that can be quite not obedient to investors’ pockets.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Face to Face with Dominic Loh of Channel NewsAsia

Where is Dominic Loh? Dominic Loh, anchor at Channel NewsAsia and anchor of Business Singapore. Dominic Loh is a good-looking host who has fronted the news desks and important programmes like election reporting at Channel NewsAsia. Dominic Loh has given me a good impression as the news anchor of Business Singapore which I watch regularly. Dominic Loh has a good command of English and he is very skilful and professional when interviewing key business luminaries in the Business Singapore show.

Financial Peace of Mind in Stocks Investments

I believe most investors and traders are always chasing for the next profitable stocks. We can see this in the 80% to 90% stock price increases in Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold stocks after they do not belong to “designated securities”. Some investors, I believe could have turned spectators, punting monies into these stocks, especially investors of these 3 stocks who have previously bought them at high prices previously, I suppose.

While sometimes, stocks markets can toss out an opportunity or two for investors, we should be careful not to become speculators. We should still hold on to the objectives of our stocks investments and we should stay abide by financial discipline so that we can grow our monies through investments, is it not what many investors are looking for?

I believe in whatever we do, we should always do it with the objective to get a peace of mind. In stocks, this means being disciplined, and not being tempted into emotional buying or speculating.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LionGold Stock

LionGold stock closed at 32 cents on 22 Oct 13. As shared with you readers, while investors were quite fearful of the performance of the trio of penny stocks: Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold, I see the opportunity to be greedy and hence I have done a quick contra in Asiasons while for Blumont, I am practising a buy and hold position: I have bought just few lots to prevent price gyrations. This leaves LionGold stock as the only penny stock of the three stocks which I have not really invested in or traded. So why have I not invested or traded in LionGold? The reason is simple, I have not done some study on the stock till yesterday night when I looked at the website of LionGold company, studied its business model and looked at the company’s financial statement.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My trades and the Commodity stocks supercycle

Asiasons stock continued to rise today. I bought some lots of Asiasons yesterday at 20+ cents and sold them off at more than 25 cents today as Asiasons is no doubt a penny stock after all and getting away with a quick trading profit is tempting to me. However, the other stock, Blumont stock did not do well today, closing the session at 21 cents. I bought Blumont stock yesterday at slightly higher price and was quite tempted to sell it today but somehow or rather the stock price did not reach what I have intended (24 cents or 25 cents). Anyway, though holding a stock like Blumont stock can be risky in view of its recent stock price gyrations, I do not mind to hold it further to realise some good profits (that is one of the reasons why I do not sell the stock today) as I really believe Blumont’s stock price can still go high up. But I do not want to hold too many of these stocks thus I sold off Asiasons while keeping Blumont.

Monday, October 21, 2013

ValueMax IPO

ValueMax will be launching an IPO with the offer price of $0.51. ValueMax IPO is the third pawnbroking stock to be listed here although ValueMax IPO will be the first such stock to be listed directly on the SGX; Maxicash and MoneyMax listed on the Catalist Board. ValueMax’s business not only lies in Pawnbroking, it also is in the business of retail and trading of re-owned jewellery and gold which complements its pawnbroking business. ValueMax also has investments in companies which are involved in the pawnbroking business in Malaysia.

Asiasons Stocks, Blumont Stocks and LionGold stocks

Asiasons, Blumont and LionGold resumed trading on 21 Oct 13 without the appellations “Designated Securities” on them and the trio of stocks performed remarkably well, rising by 80% to 90% among them. While trading of the three stocks resumed for investors without needing to pay upfront the capital amount, online buying of these three stocks can only commence on 22 Oct 13. So for those investors who bought into these 3 stocks today, they actually initiate their purchase transactions via phone orders to their remisiers by giving their particulars like their name, their account number and their particulars. Of course, there is a difference between phone buying orders and online buying orders with phone buying orders having a larger transaction fees than online buying orders.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

of Beauty Queen, University and Money

The Sunday Times of 20 Oct 2013 reported how a Beauty Queen from Raffles Junior College, turned down offers from top universities despites having straight “As” at her “As” levels examinations. The Beauty Queen then took up a job as an oil trader and since she was featured in this weekly column of the newspapers, I believe she is doing well in terms of income as an oil trader. In fact, even without her being featured in the weekly column of The Sunday Times, it is quite a common knowledge that an oil trader earns quite a lot.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Singapore Stocks Blogs

After embarking on this writing journey and having read some of the stocks blogs belonging to local bloggers, I ask myself what makes a good stocks blog. The reply comes fast: creating and adding value to readers. My reply is in line with the universal values of life and living: value creation and value addition. In our jobs, we create and add value to our employers and that is how we earn our salaries. The more value we can create and add, the more monies we get via job promotions. And for those of us who are able to create and add value for others through starting our own businesses, the value we create can be large such that these entrepreneurs become rich soon enough.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Contra trading for Stocks

The episode on Asiasons, Blumont and LionGold stocks has focused the spotlight on contra trading. The authorities has said that it does not recommend retail investors to engage in contra trading due to the risks that may be involved and it seems to me that the authorities also want retail investors to understand fully their financial status before investing their monies. Watching “Business Singapore” yesterday (17 Oct 13) night, I saw how a remisier advocate defends contra trading. I was actually surprised to hear that contra trading is practised in Singapore and Malaysia only as investors explore the 3 days of settlement before payment for their stock is to be paid to see whether they could sell the stocks they have bought for a profit before the stocks are even credited into their Central Depository Account.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What US Debt Ceiling Resolution means to Singapore Stocks?

US debt ceiling matter is resolved and this resolution is within the expectations of the markets in my opinion. We just need to observe that the local stock markets did not head too much to the south before the debt ceiling timeline. With the impasse in the US debt ceiling over, I believe Singapore stocks should benefit though the benefits from the success in the debt ceiling matter may not spill over evenly among stocks. Investors may shift their interest from stocks in the third-tier category of stocks to blue-chip stocks as a result of renewed confidence in the economy due to the US solving its debt ceiling matters. With this debt ceiling matter behind us, I believe investors will now train their focus on the Quantitative Easing moves by the Federal Reserves as well as the debt matters of the Europe.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Of Soccer and Insurances

I read an interesting article in The Sunday Times of 13 Oct 2013 in which the author shares with readers that he engages in betting the soccer team he does not support so that if his favourite soccer team wins, he will be happy and if the team does not win, he will be happy too as he will have won some monies and not feel the blues of not having his favourite team win. While I applaud the author for coming out with such a novel concept, I was also thinking that if I were the author, I would have a better strategy: why not, I do not bet on the soccer teams at all? If the favourite team that I support wins, I will be happy; if not I will just go for a long run to improve moods and then use the monies which I would have spent buying on the betting tickets on some other purchases? Would it not be better? I would become healthier and have more savings with this proposed method.

Every stock is a Good stock

The education ministry in its bid to make every school a good school is sending some of its most highly regarded principals to helm some neighbourhood schools to support its mantra of “Every School is a Good School”. I think about this proposition and somehow extend this thinking to stocks investments. Can every stock be a good stock too? I asked myself?

Investments in Curry

Yesterday, I read an interview article in which the interviewee, a businessman opined that Singaporean workers do not play the corporate game well. The interviewee highlighted how an foreign colleague of his likes to “engage” (in my own words) his bosses and leave an impression as an capable employee on them and this gave him an edge in promotion than the interviewee. I have used a good term for “engage” when I can in layman’s terms and understood to most Singaporeans; use the word “curry favouring” as the same meaning was implied in the same article.

Investment vs TOTO & 4D

As I walk past the NTUC shopping outlet, I see quite a number of people queuing up in front of the 4D outlet even before the betting outlet opens. There are many people in Singapore who regularly punt on 4D, TOTO and Big Sweep, Football …… all in the bid to win some good monies. This is a legalised form of gambling and the odds of winning can be against the punters. But still even betting $1 gives average Singaporeans a chance to win and be even a millionaire. I notice how on those TOTO draws with aggregated pools of prize monies, some lucky Singaporeans can be made instant millionaires, sharing the top prize of $10 million or more. Hence though the probability of Mathematics which calculates the probability of winning the top TOTO prize with a combination of numbers selected on the betting slip is approximately one in 8 million, there are still people who can win this top TOTO prize!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Frasers CentrePoint Trust

I am quite attracted to Frasers CentrePoint Trust though I do not really have a large chunk of my portfolio in Reits or Business Trusts. The two Reits and Business Trusts which I have in my portfolio were bought at the IPO of the stocks. The aim of my stocks portfolio is to generate good returns and no doubt though Reits and Business Trusts offer a steady stream of dividends, my preferences are more on cyclical stocks as I like to trade cyclical stocks in line with my quite adventurous streak. But having said the above, this does not mean that I will not be adding more Reits or Business Trusts into my portfolio. I just think that currently, the prices of most Reits and Business Trusts are on the high side. I am looking at the prices of Reits and Business Trusts after the Federal Reserves starts to taper the Quantitative Easing. I believe as what many investors think too, that the stock prices of Reits, which have benefited from a low interest rate should be heading south after the tapering, though the question is by how much will the southward direction of their stock prices be.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

More bucks from your spending: Credit Cards & Rewards Cards

It is reported that more people can be getting more and more reckless with their credit cards, taking on credit that is over and above what they can afford and paying high interest rates on their credit. In view of the above, there are rules and regulations enacted to prevent people from over-leveraging on their credit. Some people do not want to have a credit card as they do not want to be tempted to take on credit card debt which may be creeping up gradually if they do not have a strict discipline.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Stocks Take

The Singapore stocks markets are moving in tandem with what Obama, his Republicans and the Federal Reserves do. US Budget, US Debt Ceiling, Tapering from the US. The Singapore stocks markets are also moving in tandem with the financial updates from Europe (Europe has also some debt updates). The Singapore stocks markets are also moving in tandem with China’s economy. Amidst all the stock markets watching, I think it is still a good time not to be too focused on all the buzz from the US, Europe and China but rather concentrate on our own stock portfolios and also determine what stocks may be on our stock radars soon.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Protect your monies: Discretion

I received an SMS this afternoon, informing me that my email address was selected from a lucky draw and I won 90,000 pounds as a result. To claim my prize, I would need to send some particulars to an email address. From the suffix of the email address, I realised that the sender of the SMS was from Thailand. I am very happy as I have now 90,000 pounds with no capital invested. 90,000 pounds won in this manner is so much better than my current investments in my stock portfolio amidst the current global market gyrations.

Your Job as an Investment

For many of us, we rely on our jobs for income. We trade our working hours for the monies we get in the form of our salaries. Our job is like an investment, we enter into the job, not knowing how our job will pan out. We do not really know whether the job will turn out well to be good for us, whether the job is suitable for us and whether the job is something that we like to consider it as our career. In summary, we do not know the returns of the job until we are into the job for some times.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Passion as Profession, have a Financial Backup plan first?

Yesterday, I watched a show on Channel 8 which featured two men who have switched gears from their high paying professions into something that is quite unconventional in Singapore: urban farmers. I saw how the two men went around looking for plots of land in the city to grow vegetables and rear bees, which are just some of the work they do in their new jobs. One of them earned a five-figure monthly income before becoming an urban farmer. According to the duo, they do not really earn too much of their income now but they are happy doing what they love, engaging in the work of nature and being with nature.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

US Debt Ceiling Talks and Quantitative Easing tapering on Stocks

I think many investors are thinking that the US Federal Reserves will not be tapering the Quantitative Easing because of the US Federal Government shutdown and the debate of the debt ceiling. In my opinion and from what I have read, investors here may not have really understood what a US government default on its debt may have on the global economy if the US government does not manage to raise its debt ceiling in time. According to a report I read today, the US government debt is USD $12 trillion and that is USD $12,000,000,000,000! The amount of the US government debt is almost 23 times that of the debt of the Lehman Brothers episode (around USD $500 billion). I think many investors still believe that the US government will cobble up a plan once again in the nick of time to raise the debt ceiling so that a debt default will not occur.

Singapore Penny Stocks: what’s next?

Amidst talks of the US Quantitative Easing tapering, the Singapore stocks markets have been trading, if I may say, cautiously or in a consolidating manner. Penny stocks have been chalking up the top volumes stocks with profits until the suspension of three stocks: Asiasons, Blumont and LionGold by SGX. When the three stocks resumed trading yesterday, their stock prices headed south by around 70% to 85% and their price directions also shaped the price directions of other smaller-cap and penny stocks as many of these stocks also headed south in their stock prices. The top volume stocks were still dominated by these smaller-cap stocks but their stock prices have headed south in general.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Changes in Investing rules and what Investors should do

After the stock markets opened this morning and the trading halts on Asiasons and Blumont were lifted, investors wasted no time to show their dislike for what they have read and heard in the news about these two stocks: at one point in the trading day, both stocks headed south by almost 90% in the early part of the trading hours. I saw how Blumont went as far as 85% south to a low of $0.12. If we were to look at the previous closing prices of Blumont before the SGX intervened, the closing price of Blumont was as high as $2.44. $0.12 vs $2.44, that was around 20 times lower! But I believe some investors saw some value in Blumont after the price touched $0.12 as the price managed to recover above this price level. I think that today’s market action is on these stocks: Asiasons, Blumont and LionGold, never mind the US parliamentary talk about the US government shutdown, US debt ceiling or even the Quantitative Easing moves.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Insurance industry to get an overhaul

As reported in today’s The Sunday Times, the local insurance industry here will be getting an overhaul (if I may use this word). Singaporeans who wish to get an insurance policy need not go to different insurance companies and their agents to understand their products to make an informed comparison as there will be a centralised website that will help Singaporeans compare products catering to their needs from different insurers, this will save Singaporeans time and efforts. Another overhaul will be the structure of and the quantity of commissions given to insurance agents from their sales deals.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My First Investment

My first investment was with an insurance firm, with $8,000 of my savings invested after some sales talk from a sales person of the firm. I was somehow lured into the lucrative profits as said which could be earned from investing in the fund. That was in year 2007 when the fund that I invested in was a global properties securities fund. The fund price I bought was $1 and after my purchase, the fund price headed north slightly but then when the sub-prime mortage crisis of year 2008 came, the fund headed south to $0.60 and then the fund price pretty much hovered around the same price level when finally in year 2010, I decided to sell the fund, forfeiting around $4,200. From then on, I decided not to let others tell me how to invest: I began to read up on fundamental analyses and technical analyses, opened a trading account in the same year 2010 and started trading.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Blumont stock

Blumont stock was one of the few companies suspended by SGX today after its share price went south by almost 58% before trading was halted. These few days, we have read about Blumont, the company whose stock price has seen a meteoric rise from around 30 cents at the start of the year to as high as $2.54. The meteoric rise has seen the market valuation of Blumont even higher than some of the government-linked companies like NOL and SMRT. The SIAS and SGX have been urging the management of Blumont to explain the meteoric rise in the stock price. I am surprised that the share price of Blumont then went south this morning by around 56% before the stock was eventually suspended by SGX.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Linc Energy Stock to list on SGX

Linc Energy stock, a stock that is listed on the Australia Stock Exchange will undergo delisting as it prepares to list on the Singapore Stock Exchange. I am not sure whether the keen interest of Singapore investors in Energy stocks are factors that shape the decision of Linc Energy to list on Singapore Stock Exchange instead. Linc Energy’s management cited Singapore's position as a regional energy hub for its decision. On its website, Linc Energy’s businesses are in Oil and Gas, Coal, Clean Energy, Shale Oil and Carmichael Royalty. Linc Energy currently trades at around AUD $1.25 though I do not know whether when listed on SGX, Linc Energy stock will be denominated in Singapore dollars or Australian dollars or there will be a dual listing. With so many energy stocks here on the Singapore Stock Exchange, investors have more options but in my opinion, I believe investors are also subject to more vagaries of the global stock markets as they are subject to more geographical markets with more geographically-diversified energy stocks.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

US Government shutdown: effect on stocks

The US government has shut down after the two sides: the Republicans and the Democrats did not agree on a common framework on the US debt ceiling. Even though the US government has shut down, Singapore investors seem not to pay heed to this with the STI heading north by 0.4% on the day of the US government shutdown on 1 Oct 13. Even at this time of writing (2 Oct 13), the US stock indices are heading north. I believe most of the investors, be they in Singapore or even in the US are already quite tired of the kind of political games that the two sides of the US government are engaging, however having said that, I believe investors worldwide are still taking into considerations of all the moves that the US side is making, be they in the debt ceiling or the Quantitative Easing.

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