Friday, November 29, 2013

My Investment Portfolio revealed

How time flies. Today is the final trading day of November. Whenever it comes to this period of the year, I will tend to get nostalgic. When nostalgia sets in, I will tend to review my achievements for the year. And when it comes to investments, I will first recall what analysts were saying at the start of the year; notably, I recall how some bullish analysts were giving a forecast of 3,400 for the STI to reach by the end of the year. So, this forecast is not really too reflective of what we see in the STI now, right?

Secondly, when it comes to nostalgia in investments, I will review my investment portfolio for the year. I reviewed my investment portfolio today after liquidating almost 20% of my stock portfolio in Noble stock and Yongnam in the early part of this week. You can read my basis for my liquidation in the earlier posts. Now I will share with you details of my investment portfolio as of today.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why I sold Yongnam stocks

Yesterday, I mentioned that I have sold a local construction play. I did not mention the name of this local construction stock as I was still pondering over whether I should tell readers the name of this stock. For, I have in a blog post mentioned that I am into “long position” for the stock as I believe in the long-term prospects of the company. This stock is Yongnam stock. I sold Yongnam stock yesterday before a local bank gave an unimpressive analysis of Yongnam stock and put the stock’s fair value at $0.24; this is the price which I have paid for Yongnam. I sold Yongnam stock at $0.255, making a respectable 6.25% profit margin. I agree with the bank analysis that Yongnam stock is probably fairly valued at more or less $0.25 to $0.26 as its Net Asset Value is around that price range too.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sell off some stocks

Today, I liquidated about 20% of my portfolio in two stocks, for some modest profits. The two stocks are a commodities stock and a defensive construction stock. When it comes to selling off stocks, while one could possibly wait for stock prices to go higher, in today’s stock market, I believe in “making hay while the sun shines”. You may think that 20% is quite a substantial percentage of my portfolio and yes I sold this 20% stock to free up liquidity to add to my savings.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Biosensors International Group (“BIG”) stock

When Biosensors International Group (“BIG”) stock headed to close off last week with a good showing at $0.98, I was quite happy for the stock. You see, I have actually had some stocks of BIG stock; however these stocks were bought at high premiums even over the $0.98 price which BIG closed at last week, hence I was thinking that at least on paper, my non-profits would be reduced. The showing of BIG stock at $0.98 was indeed impressive, considering that BIG stock traded around $0.80 quite some time back.

Three Singapore Stocks to benefit from URA Masterplan effect

Ever since the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) released its draft Masterplan for Singapore, stocks analysts from brokerage firms and banks have come out in full droves to give their takes on which Singapore stocks would benefit from the draft Masterplan. Okay, before I go into the above, let me just share with you my personal take on the draft Masterplan. I just feel that in general, our country is already quite built-up and hence those scare pockets of greenery should be preserved. I know that there are plans in the draft Masterplan to do up some green spaces but I feel that true rustic nature and those green spaces we do up are really not the same.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Of Goldman sachs and Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold stock

We know that SGX is currently looking into what caused the trio of the “BAL” penny stocks (Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold) to go south, wiping off billions from the stocks markets. I think that until the investigations results are out, the BAL stocks will trade in a consolidating manner. Now, as a result of an ongoing law suit between a lady and Goldman sachs, there has been some speculation that there may be a link between Goldman sachs and the BAL penny saga. Interestingly, the retirement of Mrs Yeo, SGX’s chief regulatory and risk officer has some sent some netizens in some local forums here discussing whether she is retiring due to the BAL penny stocks saga. Actually I just find Mrs Yeo’s retirement quite normal. From what I read, Mrs Yeo was formerly a Deputy Managing Director of MAS before. As MAS is the other sovereign funds company of Singapore apart from Temasek Holdings, I feel Mrs Yeo’s position then was quite equivalent to Mr Ng Yat Chung’s (current CEO of NOL) position at Temasek Holdings when Mr Ng was a Senior Managing Director there. For those of you who may not be familiar with Mr Ng, Mr Ng and Mr Desmond Kuek (CEO of SMRT) were Chief of Defence Forces before taking on the helm of the two public listed companies. Both Mr Ng and Mr Kuek were SAF Overseas Merit Scholars and have served as Administrative Officers, the cream of the crops in the Singapore’s Civil Service.

A cost-effective idea to being Healthy

The very first key plank of a strategy to building wealth is to Save. Most people have the idea that the more one earns, the more monies he will have. Well, in general though this is quite true, there is a quantifier to the above statement and that quantifier is that provided the person saves. And if a person is to save diligently and invest wisely; he is going to increase or even multiply his wealth. So how does one save?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The next Investment Strategies

It has really been some time since I picked up an investment book to learn about fundamental analysis when I began my investment journey. It has also been quite some time since I have been investing and trading. Having garnered both experience and knowledge, I have formulated my own trading strategies. I am contented to find my strategies working quite well. My strategies are quite simple and as I am not a professional trader, it takes some time for my strategies to yield profits; in other words, I need to have some holding power for my strategies.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Greatest form of Wealth

I have always feel blessed to be in relatively good health overall. I have also always not taken good health for granted. I exercise as and when I can, trying to jog at least once a week; for instance, I went for a jog last night despite feeling very tired from the long hours sitting in front of the computer and from enduring the nonsense in the office.

I have also always tried to stick to a good diet; one that does not consist of chemicals, preservatives, too much oil, sugar or salt and one that is focused on fruits, vegetables and vitamins. It is not easy to find food sold outside that satisfy the above criteria. I believe I have consumed quite a fair bit of the above during meals at work despites my best and noble intentions not to do so. Some more, quite often, to escape from the nonsense in the office, I tend to smack on fast food on some days of the week. Fast food consumed in the above context is happy food though it does not really help in my maintenance of good health.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Singapore Stocks 2013 year-end rally?

This morning, I opened the newspapers and read that some analysts are forecasting that there will not be really a year-end rally for Singapore stocks unlike that for year 2012. The analysts interviewed predicted that stocks may just inch up slowly to the effect that the STI benchmark would hover around 3,200. Indeed, I shared the analysts’ views that stocks here may not be experiencing a bull run to cap off year 2013. At the start of year 2013, we have analysts in full droves, mostly predicting that year 2013 will be capped off by a STI which could reach as high as 3,400 in some analysts’ views. What we repeatedly see this year is Singapore stocks reacting to tapering news every now and there. Even the comments from Jane Yellen, the successor for the Federal Reserve’s chief also does not really bring about a bullish mood among our investors here.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another reason for making your Investment a Success

I know many of you here are following up on internet literature for the latest opinions, tips, analyses and commentaries on stocks. I hope many of you are doing so while being busy at work and in life, all for the aim to get rich or even to become financially free via investments and investing. If you have these aims, then I would also like to let you know that I share these aims too. I feel that these aims are very noble goals (and this has me thinking about Noble Group stock which is rising in price due to some analysts’ “Buy”calls).

Monday, November 18, 2013

Business Singapore

I have posted an earlier post regarding the fact that I have not seen Dominic Loh (the studious, boyish and handsome Channel NewsAsia host) fronting Business Singapore for quite a while. I have also shared in the same post that there is now a new anchor called Dawn Tan fronting the same show. I have received a comment to my earlier post and the name of the person who made the post is “Dawn Tan”. I am not sure whether “Dawn Tan” is really the new female host who have now fronted Business Singapore and whom I have shared with readers in the same earlier post that she may have ratcheted up viewership of Business Singapore among male viewers (due to her looks and presentation).

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stocks in Focus

Olam stock price has been slowly creeping up from the oversold region with its 5 days-moving-average creeping up its 10-days-moving averages from below. At $1.53, Olam’s stock price is still below the 200- days-moving averages. Some analysts are quite bullish about Olam, giving the stock a price target of $2. Looking at the fundamentals and technical of this stock, I believe Olam stock can continue to head up in stock price.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Yongnam stocks: why I bought?

I have bought some lots of Yongnam stock yesterday at $0.24. Being an average retail investor and holding average pay, I will always exercise great diligence when it comes to investing as if the entry into the stock is not good, it will just means that I am throwing away my monies. So with some spare liquidity freed from liquidating some of the stocks in my portfolio, I am looking at some range of stocks to buy. There are some stocks which are appealing but the stock markets are such that an investor may be taken back by surprise the moment he clicks the “Buy” button as we must remember stock markets are ruled by the emotions of the masses, or should I say those of the “Big Boys”? Anyway, these are the reasons why I have bought into Yongnam:

Friday, November 15, 2013

Stock Opinions

If you are a regular reader, you would have known that I do not really always offer my own recommendations of what stocks to buy. When I do give an opinion of a stock, I would make sure that my opinion is supported by a fact. So what are facts? When I say a particular stock A is going to go up in price, it is an opinion. However when I say, after looking at a technical chart, that A is trading above its 200-days moving average, that is a fact. And an opinion supported by a fact could be something like since the aforementioned A is moving above its 200-days moving average, stock A is likely to enter into an uptrend.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Motivation of Investing

I was still deep in my slumber this morning when my alarm clock rang. With a grouch, I went down my bed and turned the alarm clock off, thinking it was still early. I went back to sleep. Then after some time, I was awakened. I looked at the alarm clock and shouted “Oh no”. Immediately, I brushed my teeth, dressed up, packed my breakfasts and carried out my other chores before walking with a spring to the MRT station to catch a train to work ……

After the above hectic schedule, I reached the office, a place which I spend most of the week in, not because I want to but because I need to. I need the salary to support myself and my family. As a result of this need, I have to really accept the fact that I can only sleep that number of hours every day balancing my employee work with the more important things in life outside of work. I have to accept that if I wake up late, I have to run or spring to the MRT station or even say sorry to my boss. I have to accept colleagues who play office politics in office and sabotage you even if you treat them with the most respect or help them in many ways. I have to accept how my bosses think of me (even if you are very talented, if the bosses do not think highly of you or do not like you, your career in the office has limited “headroom”). I have to look at the disgusting “curry favouring” activities my colleagues engage in every day to get promoted. In all, I have to accept all the above as I am an employee after all.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pacific Radiance IPO stock performance

The moment I read that Pacific Radiance IPO is only 2.2 oversubscribed after the many impressive analyses on this IPO stock, I thought that the counter may not have a really good run-up in price today on its debut on SGX. I am correct for Pacific Radiance IPO only closed at 2.5% above its IPO price. I believe that the news from China and the US may have shaped the performance of Pacific Radiance IPO performance as normally such an offshore and marine sector stock is quite “sexy” to investors.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Biosensors, Noble Group and Golden Agriculture stocks: what’s next?

Today, Biosensors, Noble Group and Golden Agriculture stocks announced their quarterly results around the close of the markets. I am quite disappointed to read of the results as they were not very good results. I would have expected that Noble Group and Golden Agriculture stocks to have better results riding on what some have said of the commodities recovery. I am also quite disappointed at Biosensors Group which had before net cash US$600 million before. I am particularly focused on these three companies as I have some stocks held in these three companies.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Overwhelmed but need a clear mind to think of my Investment Strategies

I need some time to think over my investment or should I say, trading strategies. As you know now is the companies’ results reporting season, hence there is actually quite a lot of information floating around. Whether a company does well or not in the previous quarter, it does not mean that the results will be a predicator for the next earnings results.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

SGX mulling measures on penny stocks

I read from today’s newspapers that the SGX is mulling over measures on penny stocks. It was reported in the same article that trading in stocks worth just a few cents is not reasonable. No doubt, the mulling over of measures to curb trading in penny stocks stems from the high-profile saga concerning Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold, but it seems that following this saga, penny stocks have become more dangerous for investors to invest or trade, hence warranting the consideration of SGX.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Four Singapore offshore marine stocks in focus for the week

There are four offshore & marine related Singapore stocks in focus for the week, let me share them with you.

First of all, we have Vikings. This offshore & marine stock has not been in the radar of investors like its peers until Mr Andy Lim of Vikings announced that the company will be entering into the rigs-building business by partnering with an offshore and marine veteran. As I have shared in an earlier post, the CFO of Vikings said in an interview with Business Singapore something to the effect that there is enough room for business for Vikings in the offshore & marine industry. Personally, Vikings has been one offshore & marine stock which I have in my radar but looking at its stock price chart, I have not felt a compelling reason to buy the stock, however with its new scope of business as announced; I believe the stock price will move up in general.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Charles Darwin’s theory to stocks investing

Sometimes, it is not that easy to write on a daily basis on the Singapore Stocks Markets when there are no clear discernible trends to note and share with all of you. And clearly, the Singapore Stocks Markets are currently giving not much of an indication of a trend. Some analysts are saying that the stock markets are heading up while other analysts say that the stock markets are not really entering into a bullish rally stage. I tend to agree with the latter views as I quite believe that the Singapore stocks markets will respond once more when the “QE tapering” decision is surfaced up again.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Does Singapore stocks market have our own characteristics?

I read from an analyst report that Singapore investors are awaiting the US job data report for October 2013 which would give them clues to the timeline that the Federal Reserves may be “tapering” the Quantitative Easing (QE). Hence I believe that Singapore stocks market will respond in tandem with the results of the US job data report. As always, Singapore investors are responsive to the economic figures and reports from US and also from China. At first when I was a newbie investor, I find it a bit frustrating as to why our Singapore stocks markets have no “characteristic” on our own but have to always move in tandem with the US and China economies. As I mature up in my investment and trading practice, I become wiser: Singapore is too small a country to change the world, we have to continuously find our own position in this world and US and China are the world’s two largest superpowers that other countries have to accept and the effects of these two superpowers are felt in all aspects of lives from political to economical and to stocks markets.

Stock themes of the Singapore Stocks Markets

Singapore investors, traders and speculators have been chasing up the three penny stocks: Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold before the three stocks went south; thereafter there were some doubts of the local investors as to whether to chase penny stocks. During the time of their deliberation, Skyone, another penny stock went south, with a magnitude that could rival that of the three aforementioned stocks.

Year-End Bonuses 2013

How time flies, it is now November 2013. Many of us will receive our Year-End Bonuses for year 2013 soon! I think for many of us, Year-End bonuses are monetary incentives which reward us for our hard work and the long number of hours which we have put in in our work. Hence it is not surprising that we will be looking forward to our year-end bonuses. For a group of us, the year-end bonuses will comprise the 13th month income and on top of the 13th month income, employers will have the discretion to give more bonuses to their staff. I have heard of how some organizations like banks give their staff a generous bonuses comprising of few months of bonuses too.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Five Figures Dividends Income per month

The Sunday Times reported how a Singaporean man turns full-time professional investor and earns a five figures dividends income every month. I have read some netizens’ views on the report. As shared by the readers and for which I agree, to earn at least $10,000 per month dividends (which is $120,000 per year), assuming a modest 5% dividend yield, one would need to have at least $2.4 million so that he could deploy this sum of monies into a dividend-earning equity such as a Reits which offers a minimum of 5% to 6%.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Stocks Market Commentary & Viva Industrial Trust stock

Viva Industrial Trust made its trading debut on the SGX today. I did not apply for the trust due to the reasons I have given in an earlier posting. As I have expected, Viva Industrial Trust IPO met with a lukewarm response, with its stock price closing unchanged at the end of the trading session of its day of debut. Also, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services assigned its 'BB+' long-term corporate credit rating to Viva Industrial Reit. According to the report: "VI-Reit's limited asset diversity with reliance on a single asset--UE Bizhub EAST--exposes it to event risk from competition, which could prevent rental rates from rising to support the valuation of the Reit's assets. The Reit's limited asset scale and low occupancy rates also constrain its business risk profile"

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lessons and summaries of the BAL stocks saga

Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold (“BAL”) managed to gain back some cents on 1 Nov 13 after selling of the stocks by investors this week as SGX said that it will still conduct investigations into the three stock counters despites lifting the “designated securities” label off them. One lesson I learnt from this BAL stocks saga is that even if the “designated securities” label is taken off from stocks, it does not mean that SGX is giving investors an “all-clear” signal that the three stocks are okay. Indeed, beside myself, I think that through this BAL stocks saga, many retail investors have become more informed and experienced should similar designation of stocks comes again.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Viva Industrial Trust IPO: why a neutral call?

While the IPO application for Viva Industrial Trust IPO might have closed or might be closing, there is no stopping investors from analysing Viva Industrial Trust IPO. In my earlier post, I think I did not really give a good analysis or insight of Viva Industrial Trust IPO hence I feel that I must give readers some good analysis in this post. However before I could even start my post going to give my readers a good analysis of Viva Industrial Trust IPO, I read an analyst report of Viva Industrial Trust IPO and why the analyst is giving a “Neutral” call despite all the hype that an IPO stock could give to the stock markets. Since I agree with the analyst, I thought I may as well share with readers on what I have read:

Friday, November 1, 2013

Pacific Radiance IPO

Pacific Radiance IPO next? Pacific Radiance lodged its preliminary prospectus with the MAS on 28 October 2013 and hence I think Pacific Radiance IPO will be on the cards soon. As you may have read in the news Pacific Radiance is in the offshore and marine businesses. To give you more details, Pacific Radiance’s businesses can be classified under three divisions: namely (1) offshore support services businesses (i.e. owns and operates offshore vessels to assist and support the offshore oil and gas industry as well as provides ship management and agency services), (2) subsea businesses (i.e. provides subsea services to the offshore oil and gas industry) and (3) complementary businesses which includes marine equipment business (i.e. design, supply and maintain dock equipment) and project logistics business (i.e. provide logistics solutions for project cargo).

Figtree Holdings IPO: my analysis

Figtree Holdings IPO will be launched on SGX. Figtree Holdings IPO placement tranche is 54,546,000 shares with each share priced at $0.22; Figtree Holdings is seeking $12 million from the IPO. Figtree Holdings IPO placement opened on 29 October 2013 and will close on 7 November 2013. Figtree Holdings IPO will commence trading on a “ready” basis on 11 November 2013. Figtree Holdings’ market capitalisation, based on the Placement Price and post-Placement share capital of 277,546,000 shares, will be $61.06 million.

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