Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another reason to be Financially Free

Dear reader, if you have been following me, you would have known that a financial goal that I want is to be Financially Free. If I am financially free, the passive incomes which I will collect will be more than expenditures. I aspire to be financially free so that I will need not spend hours and hours in work, having my intelligence insulted and listening to people whom I know (and I think they themselves know) are not as capable as me but who are there, more senior than me through their “techniques” of office politics and boot-licking and acting “busy” all the time in an effort to be deemed valuable to the office; staying late at work only to send that email to the Director or to see the Director for some kinds of discussions only after office hours.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Tiger Airways stock

Tiger Airways stock ROARED on 30 May 2014, heading north by as much as 16% to close at $0.525! Tiger Airways stock’s rally did not go unnoticed by SGX which issued a query to Tiger Airways. What caused Tiger Airways stock to go so high today? Well it could be due to the speculation that SIA would increase its current 40% stake in Tiger Airways.

Singapore Stocks: what’s now?

What is a possible outlook for Singapore Stocks? I believe one of the best ways to get a sense of the outlook is to understand our government’s plans for Singapore. As such though I am quite excited watching the spirited debate in the parliament sessions telecasted in our TV news, a more important thing I am looking at is the important themes for Singapore shared at these parliament sessions.

Where my CPF monies go?

The CPF Board has last week announced that the 2.5% interest on the Ordinary Account will remain, I am happy at the news. Many people will use their Ordinary Account to pay for their monthly home mortgages. Some will use their Special Account for investment. Special Accounts earn 4.5% investment interests. While I am like most people when it comes to the use of my Ordinary Account, I do not invest my monies in my Special Accounts as the monies in my Special Account earn 4.5% INTEREST FREE unlike that of equities!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Goodpack stock: latest updates

Goodpack stock privatisation offer was confirmed on the evening of 27 May 2014 with the announcement that KKR would be offering $2.50 a share to investors. When I read the offer, I was very surprised because according to analyst reports published, the thinking is that the offer made by KKR, if any would be in the range of $2.60 to $3.00. Though the justification is that the offer price is around 6.8% premium to Goodpack’s last-traded price of $2.34 on 26 May 2014 before Goodpack stock went on a halt, the $2.50 is still pretty much not compelling.

First Class Investing reminder from X Men First Class

I caught the movie “X Men First Class” on Channel 5 last week. I am not really “into” X Men, having not really watched one prequel or sequel to this X Men movie series. The plot goes like this: there is a group of human who possessed supernatural powers and within this group, there are two sub-groups, one is the enemy of humans and the other is to help humans. Throughout the movie, there was a lot of high-action scene but amidst all these scenes is one golden reminder for all of us investors. A reminder that is, to me, as first-class an investing reminder as X Men First Class.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What retail investors must know about the current stocks markets?

I have shared with readers that there are currently two themes which I think are shaping the Singapore stocks markets. First we have the theme of land transport stocks and this theme has rallied land transport stocks like SMRT and Comfort Delgro ever since the plans on a revamp of buses and railways has been expected by investors prior to the re-opening of the parliament. Then there is once again the recurrent theme of privatisation stocks.

Four Singapore stocks to look out for: 27 May 2014

Singapore stocks eased 0.27% today (27 May 2014). The top volume stocks of the day are dominated by penny stocks with a very distinct theme: privatisation. RH PetroGas continued its bull run, adding another 8.4% to its stock price. RH PetroGas has been rallying ever since it was reported to be in acquisition talks with another party. Similarly STATS ChipPAC added another 0.98% to its stock price, again this is another stock which has been reported to be in acquisition talks with another party.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The next sector of Singapore stocks to look out

The recent stock price rallies in SMRT really validate the fact that laggard and underdog stocks should not remain like that for a very long time. All it takes are some good plans from the authorities to get the stock rallying up again. This begs the question: after land transport stocks, which is the next sector of Singapore investors could look out?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

How to save monies and have fun at the same time?

I don’t know about you. But I think the shopping centres; I mean the myriads of shopping centres here in our country are real temptations for us to spend more. If one goes to a shopping mall in Orchard Road, one will be greeted with marketing messages that tempt the senses of us to spend on their products! Going into a better restaurant and with all the services tax and GST added up, a meal could easily cost at least $20 a person! I am not joking as you can try eating at a restaurant in a shopping mall, be it in a mall in Orchard Road or in a neighbourhood shopping mall. For investors into shopping REITs, the throngs of shoppers into our shopping malls are good reasons for them to stay invested in shopping REITs and earn interests.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rewards for NS men: far better than monetary benefits

I applaud and cheer the announcements of the government panel to recognise the contributions of National Servicemen (NS). There are a slew of measures announced to recognise their contributions and one particular recommendation that stands out for me is the extension of the window for IPPT and remedial training. You may ask why those recommendations related to monetary rewards do not impress me more and my answer is simply this: Time is more important than Money, in my opinion.

A new modus operandi on how to earn more monies from me

On 19 May 2014, after work, I went to a coffeeshop stall and ordered a plate of mixed vegetable rice. I seldom order my meals from this stall as I was always left thirsty after consuming the meals bought from the stall. I attribute my thirst after the consumption to the loads of MSG that might be heaped onto the dishes to make them more appetizing. Anyway, after a long time, I decide to try this stall once again, for who knows; I may be left surprised as surprised as how SMRT stock has now touched a price range of around $1.40 from the lows of $1.02.

Friday, May 23, 2014

My Investment Portfolio for the week: 19 May to 23 May 14

For the week of 19 May 14 to 23 May 14, the Singapore stocks markets did not give investors too much excitement as the benchmark STI hovered around more or less the same mark. Despites this, the STI is still a better performer than the regional bourses. Against this backdrop, how is my investment portfolio?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

SMRT stock: well done, Desmond!

As of 20 May 2014, SMRT stock price has reached almost $1.40 after heading up more than 10% on the same day. Compare this stock price to the stock price of $1.02 at the beginning of year 2014 and we have almost 40% increase in SMRT stock price. I believe SMRT shareholders must be very happy provided that they have not sold their stocks when SMRT was experiencing complaints, breakdown of services and public scrutiny.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to enter the stocks markets with confidence?

As I have shared with readers, the current stock markets are not with too many leads for investors. Though it is widely expected that the investment community will pore through the minutes of the Federal Reserves, this to me is always not really a lead enough to let investors have a feel of the stock markets.

Free McDonalds Meals for All?

Singaporeans can have free McDonalds meals if they have a smartphone with an internet access. They can download the McDonalds apps, set an alarm and once the alarm rings daily, they can check out the freebies that McDonalds offers them for free.

The freebies can be in the form of a video clip, or a free coke or some one-for-one free snacks. Many Singaporeans may be very happy that there is such an app and while I applaud McDonalds for coming out with this app, I cannot help but think that this is nothing more than a marketing strategy. If someone gets a “buy one and get one free” chicken nuggets, he or she will most likely go and buy a box of nuggets so as to be entitled to the free box of nuggets; in this way, the consumer gives his dollars to McDonalds, dollars which could otherwise be saved and invested for higher returns. Similarly, I believe the marketing strategy for a free coke is that the consumer may order something to go along with his free coke.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Goodpack stock: latest updates

Yesterday, Goodpack stock hogged the limelight of the local newspapers and TV news bulletin with the news that a foreign group called KKR Holdings are near to securing the deal to take Goodpack company private after extensive rounds of discussions. In a stock markets here where there are not too many leads for investors, I think some investors will recall the news of Stats ChipPAC jumping close to 50% north now after news of a third party to acquire all the shares in the company. With such a “precedent”, Goodpack stock first rallied 1.6% to $2.51 from the closing price of $2.47 yesterday before closing down 2.8% down to $2.40, hence where is the “precedent”?

To invest or take profits now?

The Singapore stocks markets have once again head north. Stocks like the perennials favourites Noble Group stock has registered many percentage points up after bullish earnings and analyst reports. Transport sectors stocks are also in vogue on thinking that the government will do more to improve land transport in Singapore. And favourite stocks which have been laggards like Super Group have also since rebounded.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Three consumer stocks to look out

Consumer goods, due to their nature are defensive stocks as they serve basic necessities and even if these necessities are to others “wants”, the global population is getting more and more affluent and hence the demand for these goods is increasing.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Singapore Stocks: from Thailand to Vietnam

The months of protests in Thailand have taken a toll on not just the Thai’s economy; businesses have been affected as well. Singapore companies listed on the SGX which have businesses in Thailand have seen their Thai business shaped by the protests. Take for example, Super Group, its financial results released have seen its revenue from Thailand’s operations drop. Another listed company, Breadtalk Group has similarly been watching the Thai situation as the Group has outlets in Thailand. As a result of the situation in Thailand, I have stayed clear of Thailand stocks, no matter how tempting analyst reports are about these stocks. These stocks include King Wan and Thai Beverages. Investors interested in Super Group stock may want to buy on bargain hunting though.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Investment Portfolio: 12 May 14 to 16 May 14

It is time again to share with readers my investment portfolio for the week of 12 May 14 to 16 May 14. For the week of 12 May 14 to 16 May 14, there are four trading days as 13 May 14 is a public holiday. Nevertheless, the Singapore stock markets are quite bullish with the STI going higher again.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Singapore Stocks: 12 May 14 to 16 May 14

Singapore stocks rallied in the week of 12 May 14 to 16 May 14 with the benchmark STI heading higher. Transport stocks like SMRT and Comfort Delgro advanced in their stock prices as some expect the government to announce more land transport improvement plans which will also benefit land transport operators when the parliament reconvenes on 16 May 14.

CWT stock price: rallying to continue?

CWT stock price has been rallying up! Now, CWT stock price has crossed the $1.60 mark. I have been looking at CWT stock price and have given the support and resistance for the stock at $1.52 and $1.59 respectively. CWT stock price continued to reach to $1.63 after the company announced a set of good quarterly results. I am monitoring whether CWT stock’s crossing over of the $1.59 mark can be sustained.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Investing in “Orchard Road” stocks

There is another shopping mall in Orchard Road which has opened some of its shops. It is called Orchard Gateway, the shopping mall with a bridge connecting its two shopping buildings. I have been to Orchard Gateway and though I did not really explore the shopping centre as most of its shops have not really opened, I see that the shopping authorities there have made efforts to invigorate Somerset shopping malls, not just through the opening of Orchard Gateway but via synergy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Secrets of Trading no one tells you about: revealed

There is one secret of trading that no one really tells you about and I am going to reveal it in this article. First of all, let us observe what we usually see around us. Very common these days are advertisements we see on newpapers in which there are some stocks or investments or trading gurus saying that trading is easy and they have become millionaires by trading. Then we hear those people around us boasting how they become rich from trading, and in some cases, trading in penny stocks. These two things we see frequently may lead some retail investors to come to a conclusion that trading is easy and then they decide to “test it out” by going into the markets and then usually they do not profit from their trading.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My stocks portfolio for the week: 5 May 14 to 9 May 14

It is time once again for me to share my stocks portfolio with you readers. For the week, I did not buy any stocks but instead pared down or should I say liquidated quite a fair bit of my portfolio in OCBC stocks. I sold off OCBC stocks at one of its intra-day high at $9.78. Though I know OCBC stocks are good, I sold it off so as to redeploy the capital into other stocks against the current market environments.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Top 25 stocks: my comments

As I have shared with readers, DMG OSK has published its latest list of top 25 small-cap stocks. This list of recommended stocks seems to have generated much interest among retail investors. I believe this latest list of recommended stocks might be closely scrutinized by retail investors as I think investors want some leads as to how best to invest or to trade in the market, against this stocks markets backdrop . 

If we recall, we have the leads of privatisation and potential privatisation targets which provide some references frames for investors; the “euphoria” over these privatisation or potential privatisation targets seems to wane as of now. So now we have this analyst’s recommendation report. Will we see more analyst recommendation reports being doled out too?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

One reason why my bills go up

I was surprised when I read my utility bills: my bills have gone up by almost 20%! Accompanying the bill was a brochure which seeks to explain to household possible reasons for variations in utilities bills. Though I think I may know pretty much the reasons behind the 20% increase in my electrical bills: I have used the vacuum cleaner for quite a number of times; nevertheless I still read the brochure and was surprised that I was reminded once again of a fact which I might have forgotten.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Top 25 small-cap stocks: DMG OSK

DMG OSK has once again released its list of top small-cap stocks. The list of top 25 small-cap stocks of DMG OSK is published in the latest issue of the edge Singapore. These top small-cap stocks hail from the Agriculture, Construction, Logistics, Technology, Industrial, Real Estate, Water treatment, Oil and Gas, Healthcare and Consumer sectors as follows:


1) Bumitama (Target price:$1.39)

ActiveSG $100 vouchers: how to get & how to redeem?

The government has rolled out ActiveSG in a bid to get more Singaporeans exercising and staying fit. ActiveSG $100 vouchers are available for all who sign up for the programme. Yes, these ActiveSG $100 vouchers can be used at participating sports facilities so that you can work out your bodies for Free! I think the return of investments is good here as one gets $100 for Free to stay fee and beside this $100 vouchers, he or she will also become fitter as a result of exercise. I am interested in this programme as I like to exercise.

Friday, May 9, 2014

My reading of the Singapore Stocks Markets

My reading of the stocks markets is this: the STI is doing well to the point that I have liquidated quite some portions of my portfolio and wait for the next buying opportunities. I do not find that it is a good time now to buy some more stocks. I could be wrong but I think I am not greedy. Warren Buffet says that we should be xxxxxxxx when others are xxxxxxxxx (I will let you fill the quotes yourselves).

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tiger Airways stock: more updates

Today (8 May 14) has Tiger Airways climbing a spectacular percentages. As I have shared in many of my posts, I have full confidence in Tiger Airways as the company has Mr J.Y Pillay who is a highly regarded person in Singapore with a wealth of business experience and who is described as equivalent to the best brains in America by MM Lee.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dyna-Mac stock

Dyna-Mac stock went “XD” today (6 May 14) with a distribution of two-cents per share. Based on Dyna-Mac’s closing price on 5 May 14 of 40.5 cents, this dividend works out to around 4.9% and I have bought Dyna-Mac stock below 40-cents.

I observe that Dyna-Mac stock price seems to be hovering around 39-cents when it then went as high to 41.5-cents on speculation (in my thinking) that it may be a possible target for privatisation by Temasek Holdings as the latter has a stake of around 24% in Dyna-Mac.

Lee Lik Hsin Tiger Airways stock

Lee Lik Hsin, new CEO of Tiger Airways as Tiger Airways stock price remains unchanged today (7 May 14) after Tiger Airways announced its CEO, Mr Koay will be replaced with a SIA veteran, Mr Lee Lik Hsin. The announcement came after Tiger Airways stock price headed south by as much as 8-% on 5 May 14 after another year of disappointing financial results. Tiger Airways has also issued a note that its stock may be on the SGX’s watch-list after three consecutive years of non-profits.

SMRT stock: why some investors may buy

SMRT stock was hovering around the $1.02 mark when it went all the way to $1.25+ as investors see now. I believe some investors are buying SMRT stock as they think that there could be a financial framework agreement being worked out between SMRT and the government over the ownership of SMRT’s assets. Secondly, investors may be looking at SMRT being more of a transport company as SMRT is making forays into retail (e.g. Sports Hub) and its advertising revenue seems to be increasing too. This second point may give investors some impressions that SMRT’s revenues will go up in its future financial reporting.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

OCBC stock: sold

I sold my OCBC stock today at a selling price of $9.78. I have been keeping the OCBC stock since I bought the stock at $9.20+. Inclusive of the dividends, my profit margins are around seven-percentages. I think it is a decent profit margin.

While I could possibly hold OCBC stock for quite some time more, for the stock price to appreciate to possibly, say $10; I think year-to-date, Singapore stocks have been performing quite well to the point that I think there may be some “stocks markets corrections” especially when they have this maxim that says “Sell in May and Go Away”. Federal Reserves’ Chairman will also have some important speeches that investors are turning their attention to.

What has Spider Man 2 got to do with Singapore Stocks

I have watched “Spider Man 2” and the show is Great and I encourage all of you to watch it if you like action-thriller movies. The show is really worth my monies and during the time watching the movie, I really feel quite de-stressed: away from the maddening crowds, away from the high cost of living and away from the high levels of stress. This time round, the storyline of Spider Man 2 is such that I was reminded of a stock in Singapore and why is it so? To know more, please read on!

Monday, May 5, 2014

UE E&C’s stock price

UE E&C’s stock price has been going down even before it went “XD”. On 2-May-2014, UE E&C’s stock price went as low to $1.31 upon “XD”. I bought some of UE E&C’s stocks and sold them off at around 14% upside then I just bought some more of these stocks to pocket the dividends. I have now gotten the dividends and am looking at UE E&C’s stock price once again to assess whether it is “worth it” to enter and buy this stock again.

Tiger Airways stocks: Buy, Hold or Sell?

Today, Tiger Airways’ stock price went south following announcements of its financial performance last week. I have expected Tiger Airways’ stock performance today after I read its financial report last week. I also read of Tiger Airways’ plans to streamline its fleet size by putting to “park” some of its airplanes as part of its strategies forwards.

LionGold stock

LionGold stock has been heading south ever since it was one of the three penny stocks in the “penny stocks rout” of October 2013. I think when LionGold stock was “The Think Environment”, it had better appeal with investors due to its more defensive recycling business. I do not mean that mining, extraction of gold is not a good business, but I mean LionGold stock has not been performing well after the “rout”. There are also more such metals extraction companies on the stock markets these days.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Penguin International stock

Penguin International stock, as a stock, may not be well-known to many investors but the business of Penguin International Limited is a very respectable one. Penguin International stock is one of the many offshore and marine stocks here in Singapore. When it comes to the offshore and marine fraternity here in Singapore, we always mention names like Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Marine, both of which are the world’s largest rig builders, but do you know Penguin International is also the world’s first, in being the world’s most prolific builder of crewboats and the world’s fastest builder of crewboats as well?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rowsley stock

Rowsley stock is one of those stocks which I am not familiar with though I know on some trading days, this stock can be the darling of the market players. I know this stock is one of those stocks Billionaire Peter Lim invests in and this stock is focused on Southern Malaysia. To find out more about the stock, I read Rowsley’s annual report.

King Wan stock

King Wan stock has been attracting quite some attention ever since its sales of its assets to Kasei Thai Industry Sugar (KTIS). Some analysts have come out to give a “Buy” recommendation on King Wan stock, saying something to the effect that the sales will translate into more dividends for King Wan’s shareholders.

I am not familiar with King Wan stock hence I know that I must study the business of King Wan more thoroughly in order to see whether or not I should buy the stock. In my opinion, I think an investor should understand more businesses so that he has more choices when it comes to putting his monies in for investments. So the following write-ups are what I have gleaned after reading King Wan’s annual report.

Friday, May 2, 2014

My Investment Portfolio for the week

Now is the time, once again to review my investment portfolio for the week of 28 April 2014 to 2 May 2014. Pretty much, with my investment portfolio made up of some blue-chip stocks, my investment portfolio moves in tandem as such.

Let us first recall the movers of the STI in the past few weeks: the week before, we have SMRT stock heading up north impressively amidst speculation of privatisation, nationalisation; we have then the acquisitions/privatisations of CapitaMalls Asia and Hotel Properties Limited the week before and for the week of 28 April 2014 to 2 May 2014, we have all the three local banks in DBS, OCBC and UOB reporting stronger revenues and profits.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Stocks AGMs experience

With many companies holding their AGMs, I took time to attend two AGMs on a “back-to-back” basis. Two AGMs on a day is really the maximum number of AGMs I can squeeze in a day and I am not sure whether this is the common experience of many retail investors. With many stocks in my portfolio, I chose the two stocks for which the AGMs I am interested to attend carefully. First I am not keen to attend an AGM of a listed company which I have attended before. Second, I believe in attending an AGM of a company which I am not too sure about. Third, I attend the AGM to get an idea on whether to buy more, hold or sell the stock after getting a feel of what the management says.

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