Sunday, August 31, 2014

Two Possible Stocks which could be privatized

OCBC is in talks to acquire United Engineers and this has sent United Engineers stock price up by around 25% to close at $2.85, this is a price level many feel is around the acquisition price to be paid by OCBC, provided that the acquisition goes through. While the spotlight is on United Engineers stock, some analysts have pointed out that UE E&C, the engineering and construction subsidiary of United Engineers could be divested by United Engineers so as to significantly lower its $2.7 million debt burden, which stems largely from its takeover of WBL Corporation last year. They also believed that selling off UE E&C, a non-core business of United Engineers could allow United Engineers to become a pure property firm and would minimise any “conglomerate discount” on its valuation if UE is sold to the Thai tycoon.

Future of Singapore stocks

Singapore stocks are said to be trading without much leads for August 2014 and I think for the whole of August 2014, the only excitement in Singapore's stocks markets is the proposed sales of United Engineers to a company of a Thai's billionaire. While the proposed sales may profit investors who buy strategically in these stocks, I feel we must also think more deeply about Singapore stocks as a whole. Is acquisition of our very own companies by foreign companies something to be proud of or a thing we should lament about? We have our very own F&N, Goodpack, humble Singapore stocks which we are proud of and we are proud that they become so valued that overseas parties acquire them but I still think that Singaporeans will miss another successful Singapore company started and owned by Singaporeans.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Six Books The World’s Richest Man thinks you should read

Dear readers, how have you been? Today is Saturday and I hope you have spent this time very fruitfully, be it with your families or on your passions. I went out with my family this afternoon to Orchard Road and as I have expected, it was really a frustrating experience as everywhere was jammed packed with people. With five million people, we are already so packed; I wonder how crowded will all our shopping malls be when the total population in Singapore reaches the size as predicted by some scholars? The MRT trains are really very packed even on weekends and this reminds me of the episode of the SMRT trains chartered by ACS which caused some public ire. I was quite surprised on reading from a local financial magazine that both SMRT’s President cum CEO, Desmond Kuek and our transport Minister were from ACS too.

Investment approaches compared

Recently I wrote quite a number of articles on a stock and that has prompted a fellow investor cum blogger to give his take on the stock. The blogger gave his valuable analysis of the stock on his blog and he came to a conclusion that he would turn buyer of this stock at a particular price. When I read his post, I am very happy because though his rationale and entry price for his proposed purchase of the stock is not the same as me, I learnt something new about the investment approach of others.

Why did this stock rally so much?

On 29 Aug 2014, a stock rallied by 28.3%, making it the second most actively-traded volumes on SGX after OLS. And when I took a look at the volume of this stock, the volume was only 2,000, compared with 0.11 billion for OLS, the most actively-traded stock on the day. So what contributed to this price rally of the stock? Well, I took a look at the stock information on the SGX website and there were really not much corporate announcements of this stock, GKE made that day, which might have explained the price rally of the stock on that day.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Civil servants to get salary, pay increases

It was announced on 28 Aug 2014 that civil servants will receive pay hikes of at least five percentages though it was not mentioned whether all civil servants will be receiving the pay hikes. The pay hikes are to keep pace with the economy. The Public Service Department also did not say how many civil servants will receive the pay increments.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Singapore Stocks

GSH stock topped the list of the most active stocks on SGX today (28 Aug 2014). I remember talking about this stock briefly on my blog, in line with the other stocks which Sam Goi has substantial shareholdings in. Halcyon Agriculture stock is also in the spotlight of Singapore stocks after it was announced that Sam Goi will be acquiring more stocks. I did not really find out but I believe the interest in Halcyon Agriculture stock may have spilled over to GSH stock.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to trade the Singapore stocks now?

I sold off my shares in Dyna Mac stock yesterday as I expect that the price of $0.40 is really one of the highs that have peaked for this stock. And I was correct as Dyna Mac closed off at $0.395 today. I pocketed profits and even if Dyna Mac stock is to go high tomorrow, I am okay for I have a set of investing and trading rules which I abide by. At the current price of Dyna Mac stock, I am not a buyer of it.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Global Yellow Pages stock

Global Yellow Pages is expected to announce its financial results tomorrow on 26 August 2014. How will this penny stock fare? Global Yellow Page is currently trading at one of its lowest price levels, but as experienced investors and traders, we know that it is not really a good idea to buy or trade stocks during earnings season. If the financial results of Global Yellow Pages are good, we will likely see the stock price advance from the closing price of 25 Aug 2014, which is at $0.047 to $0.051, the next Fibonacci level, which is around 8.5% rally. But being a penny stock, I believe if the financial results of Global Yellow Page are good, then the sentiments of buyers will push it more than this percentage; possibly, the collective sentiments may even push it a good $0.01 higher. On the converse, if Global Yellow Pages stock’s results is no good, then we may see the stock price retreat to $0.045 or even lower.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Three Potential Singapore Multi-Bagger stocks

As Singapore stocks, we know that the size of the local market is not large; hence listed companies which want to expand their businesses will have to venture abroad for larger overseas markets. In doing so, they may want to explore a completely new niche, one which requires them to build new capabilities so as to successfully enter the new trade. In this trading week (18 Aug 14 to 22 Aug 14), we hear the announcements of three companies which are considering to explore overseas.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another TLC stock in focus

So now we have another TLC stock in focus, but before I go to that, what is TLC? Well, TLC is not tender loving care but it is “Temasek-Linked Company”. The TLC stock which I mentioned about is none other than NOL stock, a stock which has not been doing well in terms of its stock price due to the macro-environment. Yesterday (20 Aug 2014), it was announced that NOL may sell off its logistics business and this prompted investors’ buying with the thinking that some of the cash freed up from the acquisition will go towards paying off some of the debt of the company. NOL is currently helmed by former scholar, Ng Yat Chung. Before Yat Chung assumed the position of CEO of NOL, he was the senior managing director of Temasek and before that he held the position of Chief of Defence of Singapore after the position of Chief of Army.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The next mega stocks

Ever since the privatisation of Capitamalls Asia, I am looking at similar plays as proxies into the regional consumerism and retail scenes. Though investors can ride on retail property reits, the excitement of holding a retail stock is not the same as that with a retail reits. Yesterday, I mentioned about Parkson Retail Asia stock and how this stock can offer investors a proxy into the regional consumerism and retail scene in asia. But I still prefer a larger stock like Capitamalls Asia stock. This leads me to thinking once and again the possibility of bigger property stocks buying over smaller property stocks so as to form a very large and strong property stock. There are really many small-caps and middle-caps property stocks, each with their own niches and strengths and are much under-valued.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This stock has been rallying and not in the radar of most investors

There is one stock which has rallied 13% in just two days: 18 Aug 2014 and 19 Aug 2014. On 18 Aug 2014, this stock went up 6.7% and then on today 19 Aug 2014, the stock went up another 6.3%! I noticed that the buying volume on these two days: 18 Aug 2014 and 19 Aug 2014 are not very high. This stock has been at $0.745 for really some time and it is now at $0.845, $0.10 or to be exact 13.4% in just two days! It must be good profits for those investors who bought at $0.745. A check on the SGX website shows that the company will be announcing its results on 21 Aug 2014. Are these buying of this stock due to feelings that the financial results of the company will be good?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Two stocks to look at after National Day Rally

PM Lee has delivered the National Day Rally speech 2014. While investors are trying to get clues on the possible stocks which will benefit from the plans announced by the Prime Minister yesterday, investors also noted the extensive references made by PM Lee with regards to the talent grooming programme by Keppel Corp. Keppel Corp stock closed unchanged today, a day after the company was mentioned by PM Lee as he cited examples of how some of the company’s staff has benefited from the training and development programme of Keppel Corp. One such employee is Abu Bakar who despite not having a university degree, rises to the rank of CEO of a Keppel Shipyard and Abu Bakar also enrolled into a EMBA programme of SMU on the referral of his boss, Mr Choo Chiau Beng. Abu Bakar was also promoted to the rank of a full Colonel (reservist). While investors may think of these updates of Keppel as more of HR practices, we must know that a company is made up of its people and if a company can take good care of its people, this will in my belief translates to strong and consistent revenues and profits of the company. Keppel Corp, the world’s largest rigbuilder, should in my opinion continue to be a good dividends blue-chip stocks.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

National Day Rally 2014: what are the possible stocks to buy?

This evening, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will deliver the National Day Rally 2014. National Day Rally is often viewed as the most important speech for the nation every year as the speech will outline key national-development plans economically and socially and which may just have a bearing on some of us Singaporeans. National Day Rally is the next important event to look at to know the plans of the country beside the annual Budget. How time flies, just last year, it was announced that the Paya Lebar airbase will shift to Changi East and Singaporeans are now watching out for the upcoming plans for Singapore in the coming National Day Rally.

National Day Rally is often also watched by investors as the rally will provide some clues on the possible clusters of economic activities which may receive a boost from the government or are sectors which the government is growing. Transport stocks have benefited from the National Day Rally speech 2013 and coming forward to the coming Rally, what are the possible stocks that investors will buy also pretty much depend on what possible “clues” they make of the National Day Rally speech.

An Old Man at the AGM

I attended a company’s AGM recently. As I have shared with readers, in the AGMs which I have attended, there are always more uncles and aunties than young people. This is not surprising as most of these uncles and aunties may have already retired and hence they have more time to attend AGMs. For me, to attend AGMs which are normally held on weekdays, I would have to take leaves from my work so as to attend these meetings. I have friends who think attending AGMs is a waste of time as simply if they think that if one is a small retail investor, one cannot really have too much say in an AGM. But I believe in attending AGMs will always benefit investors in both tangible or intangible ways.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Two possible stocks which may rally ahead

Although the STI headed up today, like many investors, we know that the STI is but just a representation of the Singapore stocks. We know whether or not the STI is applicable to us by the stocks that we own, how they are correlated to the STI. Just as some of the well-known stocks are moving up and down, to the notice of many investors, there are really many other good gems of stocks which are moving in their stock prices and present to investors some good buying opportunities. These stocks may not be well-known but to those who know these stocks and who have invested in these stocks and earn some good monies while these stocks are not really under the radar, these investors are really happy. I have a list of these good gems of stocks which I am exploring and will share with you these at future blog postings.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

One Exciting stock to look out for

Today, the Singapore stocks STI went just a little south. When I took a look at the top volumes stocks, what did I see? Well, I saw a number or rather most or all of the top volumes stocks are penny stocks. Just looking at some of these penny stocks, I can see that penny stocks are really very volatile and subject to quite large swings in prices. Take for example, Artivision stock and Global Yellow Pages stocks, these stocks went south today after a strong stock rally just yesterday. And I also recall Delong stock, a stock which performed very well today too but I noted that the price swing of this stock can also be quite large. The very basis of penny stocks mean that their price swings can be large and this is one of the reasons the authorities are mandating that stocks listed on SGX to be priced at least twenty cents per share.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to trade Singapore stocks now?

Penny stocks are rallying these days. There seems to be a rotational theme going around these penny stocks and expert traders with experience and deep pockets are profiting and when retail investors come to buy these stocks at the rallied prices, it may be too late for them as these stocks will then be offloaded by the expert traders!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Will this stock which looks like a bargain head north or south next?

There are quite a number of listed companies reporting their company’s financial results. Many of the results were not very good from what I have read. Often, from what I have observed, whenever it come to the earnings reporting season, it can be tricky to read into the minds of investors, especially those with deeper pockets. For example, before a company releases its financial results, some investors may think the results will be good and hence they will start to buy more of the company’s shares and when the results released is good, while the smaller retail investors will think it is a good buying opportunity, these investors with deep pockets will then sell their stocks with a profits. On the converse, if the results turn out not too good, these investors with deep pockets can still manage to book profits once they sell their stocks immediately.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

National Day Message for All Investors

Dear Investors, Singapore celebrated its National Day yesterday and how time flies, we are into August of year 2014. Year 2013 was a year which some Singapore retail investors would like to forget for year 2013 was a year which saw the trio of penny stocks: Blumont, Asiasons Capital and LionGold went south, wiping out billions of dollars from the Singapore Stocks Exchange. While the investigation report into this penny stocks saga has not been released yet, some changes which are considered more of stocks markets reforms have been proposed. First, stocks trading on SGX must have a minimum trading value of twenty-cents; second, a five-percent collateral should be placed for contra-trading and third the minimum lot size will become 100 shares instead of 1000 share. In my opinion, which I have put up a post on this topic here, I would really think that the proposed measures will just curb trading in an already small stocks markets like Singapore’s.

Friday, August 8, 2014

National Day Awards 2014

Whenever it comes to every National Day, National Day Awards will be given out to individuals here who have contributed much to public service. National Day Awards 2014 will be announced on 9 Aug 2014 and recipients receiving the awards can wear the medals presented by the President of Singapore and for some, they can put a title beside their names, e.g. PBM (Public Service Medal), BBM (Public Service Star Medal). Of all the National Day Awards recipients, there will always be recipients of the top National Day Awards: these are one of the highest awards like the Star of Temasek, etc. Recipients of these top National Day Awards will be featured in the news.

One stock which may see a turn-around soon

These days as I was looking at the technical charts of many Singapore stocks, I saw that most of the charts are similar, that of the stock prices heading south. When stock prices head south some retail investors may want to adopt the practice of dollar-cost-averaging, only to find that they have caught a "falling knife". One particular stock which I regret the southward movement is Biosensors stock This stock is one of my worst-performing stocks in my stock portfolio with a current paper non-profit of more than 30%. I attribute my performance in this stock to placing too much belief in the company's products which are novel to the markets. When the Chairman of this company sold all his shares, it just means so much to investors of the company. After this lesson, I am more careful when it comes to investing in companies with new products.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A high dividends yield stock?

With Singapore stocks trading in a lacklustre manner, investors are looking at stocks with good dividends yields. So what are some of the stocks in the Singapore stocks markets with good dividends? What are some of the Singapore stocks with very good dividends. A good dividends of 66.6%? So what is this stock? This stock is none other than Envictus International Holdings stock. Envictus International Holdings stock may sound not familiar to retail investors, I would say yes, this is not surprising as Envictus is but the new name of Etika stock.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Is this stock the Best Singapore stock?

The Singapore’s stocks benchmark STI closed the day by 0.21% south today (6 Aug 2014) as investors continue to weigh in the possibility of US Federal Reserve’s scaling back of the Quantitative Easing (more commonly known as “money-printing) and its decision of the increase of interest rate. Today’s Singapore stocks which make it to the top volumes list are mostly penny stocks as blue-chip stocks from what I observe will go south when it comes to the current market conditions.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Which Penny stocks will be winners?

Penny stocks ruled Singapore stocks markets on 5 Aug 2014 in the top volumes list, this is what I have expected considering that the authorities are rolling out measures to rein in penny stocks by mandating that all stocks on the SGX should be trading at a minimum of twenty cents each. With this climate, penny stocks trading in my opinion, is not something I would want a large portion of my investments to be at as we must note that the current penny stocks trading is amidst the growing thoughts that the US will increase its interest rates once the bond-buying programme off the markets.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pioneer Generation package: my thoughts

The Pioneer Generation package commercials somehow flood the television channels in their bids to make the points of the package clearer to our senior generations. Watching the commercial and somehow irked at being bombarded by the advertising blitz, I somehow, on looking at the dozens of senior citizens dancing in the commercial, think that time really flies and soon I will be like one of the senior citizens featured in the commercial.

Three resilient Singapore stocks

Today, many Singapore stocks closed in the red, taking clues from the US and amidst the market’s talk that the Federal Reserves will soon increase its interest rate. I mean, the local newspapers which one read through the weekends of 2 Aug 2014 to 3Aug 2014, could only give a message to most retail investors which is to sell their stocks. First of all, we have a local stock commentator who gives his take that the stock markets ahead may head south and then we have some extracts from Invest Fair 2014 in which some stock “gurus” also talk about the Singapore stocks markets possibly heading south. To me, today’s Singapore stocks’ performance is the markets’ self-fulfilled prophecy.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

How will Singapore stocks perform next?

Last Friday, SGX and MAS announced a slew of measures which will, in my thinking, shape how stocks will trade tomorrow, in particular, the smaller penny stocks. Will we see a sell-off in these penny stocks since SGX and MAS are now requiring all listed companies to price each of their stocks at no less than twenty cents?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

SGX Singapore stocks markets reform: possible effect on investors

SGX and MAS yesterday announced a slew of measures to reform the Singapore stocks markets. I would like to let readers know my thoughts on each of the proposed measure.

First of all, the minimum lot which investors can buy will become 100 shares instead of 1000 shares. This according to the authorities will allow more retail investors to have a share in blue-chip stocks, which are often quite expensive to retail investors will a smaller capital than institutional investors. For example, under the current minimum of 1000 shares, an investors needs around $9900 just to buy one lot of OCBC; but with the new minimum of 100 shares, an investor just needs to fork out $990 to be invested in OCBC stock.

Oversold Overbought Singapore Stocks

Oversold stocks are stocks which are sold beyond a certain point by sellers and in investment technicality, we use RSI to track how much oversold a stock is. Oversold stocks are of interest to buyers as there is a likelihood that prices of these oversold stocks will head up again. This may not be a confirm signal by generally the consensus is this: if a stock has good fundamentals and is oversold, then it is a matter of time before stock prices head up. I present some current oversold good stocks based on RSI as follows, for readers’ reference:

Friday, August 1, 2014

How to invest in Singapore stocks?

Today is August and looking at the Singapore stocks markets, I think the rally that most analysts think will be in year 2014 is not here yet. In fact some will even go as far to say that there may be a stock markets correction next. This, may be possible given that it has been some time since we hear from the US and the Europe financial situation. I don't think that the debt crisis has been thoroughly resolved right? And we see more political turmoils in Russia and Middle East. I think investors should adopt a nimble strategy by trading quickly for a good profits and don't be too greedy.

My financial blogging journey

I was invited by at least two companies to give a talk about financial topics last month. I was quite surprised at the invitation for here I am, just a retail investor, giving my take on financial topics and my investing journey. Obviously, the companies see value that I have created here on this blog to readers and hencefore their invitations.

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