Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Buying opportunities into stocks?

We retail investors are seeing again how protests in a country not far from Singapore are affecting Singapore stocks. This time, it is in Hong Kong and not Thailand but the reasons for staging the massive protests are the same, in the same political vein. When the protests went on for prolonged periods, investors saw how stocks vested in Thailand went south in price: stocks like Super Group is still at one of the lowest stock price levels. Should protests in Hong Kong continue, I should think that companies with interest in Hong Kong should see their stock prices heading south.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Three Stocks on a good buying point?

There are three stocks which I am currently looking at, three stocks which are now trading at somewhat attractive valuations. First stock is Vibrant Group. Vibrant Group appeals to me as I like its high dividends as it is around five percentage dividends yields. Vibrant Group’s business is in logistics such as warehousing and other businesses. Looking at how well Vibrant Group’s peers like CWT and Poh Tiong Choon have fared well in their stock prices, I think the prospects of Vibrant Group looks good, together with its high dividends yield. Currently, there is some downside to Vibrant Group’s stock price and the downtrend may continue.

What a Banking Executive says about Investing?

Today, in my interview series, I am happy to have with us, Tom. Hmm, Tom here is not me, though I am also known Tom. What we have here with us, is a banking executive named Tom. Let us hear and learn from Tom the lessons he has gleaned from his investments:

Q1: What name would you like to be known as?  Tom 

Q2:What is your age/gender?

45 Male 

Q3:What is your occupation?
Banking operation

Q4:Do you carry out financial planning for yourself, if so, tell us more about it.
 So far insurance plan and some stocks and deposit 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

What is one stock investors should buy now?

Singapore markets are not easy to invest into now, if one is looking to get some good profits. Singapore stocks which have not been meeting investors’ expectations and are heading south may continue to do so. Just look at Super Group, this stock has headed below $1.30 when some retail investors thought that buying this stock at around $1.36 was a good entry point. Also, the large blue-chips have most of the stocks in this sector are at quite high valuations still and even for those blue-chips which have been heading south in stock prices, no one knows when their stock prices would bottom out.

Notes from a Private Investor who has achieved his financial dream

Today, in my interview series, I am happy to have a Private Investor onboard. Moreover, the private investor has achieved his financial dream. Without further ado, let us put our hands together and welcome the Like Minded Value Investor!

Q1: What name would you like to be known as?  Like Minded Value Investor (LMVI)

Q2:What is your age/gender?


Q3:What is your occupation?
Private Investor

Q4:Do you carry out financial planning for yourself, if so, tell us more about it.
Yes. Once I understand about buying terms and invest the rest, I have since terminated all my family whole life, ILP products. I make sure i have the best H&S coverage for my family. Bought $1000 LTC policy for my family.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Interview with Richard of Invest Openly

Today, Richard of Invest Openly blog is the feature of my interview series. I believe many fellow financial bloggers would have known Richard, a man who, though new to the financial blogging and investment scene is rising in popularity and is one of the rising stars of financial bloggers to watch in Singapore. Without further ado, lets us welcome Richard and hear what he has to say!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Jumbo IPO stock

I read the news that Jumbo, the restaurant chain behind Singapore’s most beloved dish: the Chili Crab is planning for an IPO. The Jumbo chain of restaurant is headed by Mr Ang Kiam Meng and I saw him on TV in July 2013 when he, as one of the three local chefs, competed with Gordon Ramsay in the Singtel “Hawker Heroes”. Mr Ang’s Chili was the only dish which did not win Gordon Ramsay’s version of Chili crab. On this, I hope Mr Ang Kiam Meng would face off Gordon Ramsay once again to fight back Singapore’s chili crab glory. Coincidentally, it was also reported that Gordon Ramsay would be opening a restaurant at Marina Bay Sands.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to trade Singapore stocks now?

The Singapore stocks markets are currently hovering at somewhat high valuations and the stocks markets are trading on a sideway note, with investors’ attention on the news from the US, China and the Europe. On the top volumes charts, penny stocks continue to rule the Singapore stocks markets and there seems to be some fascination on technology stocks especially so when Ali Baba launched its IPO last week, which had some strong rally on the first IPO day. In Singapore stocks market, Singapore Edevelopment also continues to be one of the hotly traded stocks here, especially after the Hotapps plan its US counterparts. The fascination over technology stocks has me thinking that is this the next dotcom bubble? Some of Singapore’s technology stocks which were very good stocks here are now trading at a fraction of what they were worth (in stock prices) now. Consider Creative Technology’s stock, a stock worth US$60 before, is now trading around $2.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Financial Interview with The Independent Abecedarian

Dear readers, ever since I launched the interview series, the feedback have been overwhelming! I would like to Thank readers who have participated in my interview series, your interviews will be published soon. If you are interested to be featured in this interview series, do complete the interview at this link.

For today's post, I have with me, a financial blogger, let us check out the interview!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

What some people do to earn more $12,000 a month?

Although Singaporeans are getting richer with the number of billionaires here at an all-time high of thirty-two with even more millionaires, there are also many Singaporeans who earn humble incomes of say $2,000 per month. Hence, for one to earn $12,000 per month, most of the people in this income-earning bracket hold top jobs, are in businesses (profitable ones of course) or are highly-paid professionals. But there are some people who are outside the aforementioned group, but who nevertheless put in some hours of efforts to earn more than $12,000 per month. Who are they and what do they do to earn this amount of high monthly incomes?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Singapore Stocks investing strategy …. revealed!

Many retail investors and financial personnel are talking about Singapore stocks markets volatility. Well, their chatter are not completely without any basis if we are to look at the US Federal rates interest situation, the Europe and China economic data, and not forgetting the ongoing geo-political tensions we see in the Middle East. It seems that many retail investors are selling as measured by the barometer of Singapore stocks market, the STI. Against this backdrop, how can we retail investors trade the Singapore stocks markets?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Financial Interview with Planner Esther

Dear Readers, I am starting an interview series on my blog with the target audience comprising not only financial professionals, famous personality but also YOU! Yes, you hear it right, YOU, the reader of Singapore Stocks Investing (SSI).

The rationale is simple, Singapore Stocks Investing is not just about Tom K (me) sharing my financial experiences, lessons and insights with all of you; the aim of SSI is really about helping the community of retail investors become better investors and there is no other better way than having all of us coming out to talk about our investing experiences: the good and the bad so that all of us will read, discern the important and useful points and become better investors!

If you are interested to be featured in this interview series, do complete the interview at this link. Without further ado, let us invite the first retail investor onboard.

Monday, September 15, 2014

I reaped 33% profit margins in Singapore stocks today

In my earlier post here  I shared with readers how I am going to move into another stocks strategy. With this strategy I bought into one stock on 12 Sep 14 and this morning, I initiated a sell on this stock. My sales order was effected and I reaped a nice 33% profit margins on contra! Though I did not tell readers what stock I bought, it can be quite apparent that I bought into some forms of penny stocks.

One Situational Stock to look out for

Yesterday, I have been experiencing running nose and this continues till today. I looked up at the skies yesterday to ask why I had a running nose. It was only then that I saw that the skies were hazy and yes, it seems that the haze is back. I quickly tuned in to the TV and read that air quality in Singapore has reached unhealthy levels with the PSI of around 113. One stock that came to my mind on looking at the haze yesterday was nonetheless Medtecs International stock.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What is this IPO stock which I still keep?

I bought one stock at its IPO back in year 2011. At that point, the IPO was touted as one of the most promising IPOs in that year due to the brand name behind the IPO. Being selective of IPOs in general, I studied in detail the IPO and decided to buy into it, no matter whether I will be allocated the IPO stock or not, and whether I will have $2 transaction fee incurred on me if I do not get the IPO. I got the IPO eventually, though the number of shares I got was not many: just 2,000 shares.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ten Stocks investors may consider buying

I have talked about how Singapore stocks markets are flat and to get trading profits these days, it may not be easy, unless one is a “Big Boy” in our Singapore stocks markets. To reap profits, one way is via buying into market catalysts and sure, many retail investors have jumped on the catalyst of good quarterly earning announcements but these, as I observe tend to carry some investment risks as there are really players who have been vested in these stocks plays before the announcement of the earnings news or corporate actions and when the announcements come, these big boys then sell big time. So is there any other catalyst that we are looking at?

Friday, September 12, 2014

One very ordinary job that allows you to earn $10,000 per month before old

As we all know, Singapore has now many multi-millionaires as well as millionaires and there are really quite a number of Singaporeans now earning $10,000 per month. These high-income earners may or may not be millionaires but generally, their financial lives in our high-cost society should be generally good. The high-income earners hail from high-income professions or they are business owners. For some, earning $10,000 a month can be a breeze, without the need to compromise work-life balance, but for others to earn $10,000 a month; they would need to work very long hours, on weekdays and weekends.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

What can be worse than a bad financial investment?

A man got to know a China woman who is a study mama (a China woman who accompanies her kid to Singapore for study) through a friend and he rented out one of the room in his flat to her for some extra income. The man and wife quarreled over some work matters and the China woman would become the peace dealer to restore harmony between the husband and wife. One day, the husband came back home, only to find his Chinese tenant wearing nothing more than a towel, seated in the sofa. On another occasion, the man again found his Chinese tenant wearing nothing more than a towel and seated in the sofa.

How to invest in Singapore Stocks ahead?

The newspapers articles which I read today has a commentary which mentioned that investors are taking cues from the US Fed Reserves’ decision and that the Singapore stocks markets has been trading quite flat. Beside this announcement, we have geo-political tensions in Ukraine as well as in the Middle East as US and its allies weigh-in on their decision to fight the IS. Against this current backdrop, how should investors invest in Singapore stocks?
My answer to the above is diversification. I know that to many retail investors, diversification means investing in different stocks sectors; this is akin to spreading one’s eggs across different baskets rather than putting all these eggs into one basket, as the proverbial saying goes. To me diversification (in the above sense) is better than not being diversified, but if one chooses the same types of stocks which respond in the same way, then diversification may also not give investors very fantastic returns.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What Investors can learn from this boy?

I watched the TV show “The Brain” on Channel U tonight. In this weekly show, contestants from all around China pitted against one another in terms of special mental ability. In tonight’s episode, four of the best China contestants pitted their mental talents against their peers from Italy.

It was a very touching scene when two young boys, one from China and one from Italy pitted against one another. The two boys had to memorize the standing order of over fifty couples on stage at the same time. The Italian boy was first to give his answer and on hearing the correct answer, the China boy simply broke down and cried saying that he himself has lost as his very own sequence was wrong. The boy was inconsolable and it took his father, a man whom I think many will also think give too much stress to his young son to come onstage to console him. The father and son hugged each other as all in the show shared the young boy’s sadness and tears flowed freely.

A judge suggested that the China boy give his answer of the standing sequence since the boy was adamant that he memorized the standing sequence correctly and was just not correct in demonstrating the sequence with the toy dummies. The boy recited slowly and steadily, with tears choking back and you know what, all the audience were simply struck with miracle when the sequence the boy recited was correct! To conclude, the boy was correct but he had a mental block (I think he was simply too overstressed by his father) that he was not correct.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Is it time to get excited about some S-chips?

Dear readers, I hope that some of you have profited from my sharing of Ying Li stock. Before Ying Li stock advanced as retail investors have witnessed, I have been giving my take and conviction that Ying Li stock is a stock that investors should buy and true enough, the investment of EverBright into Ying Li provides a further catalyst for the northward advancement of the stock. One analyst report even put the target price of Ying Li at eight cents. Eight cents is really so much higher considering the current price of Ying Li. Being a trader cum investor, I will probably take profits at some good prices as I personally think it will take some time for Ying Li stock to reach the price forecasted by the investment analysts.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Moving into another stocks strategy

I am moving into another stocks strategy in response to the Singapore stocks markets. This strategy will, if implemented successfully result in greater profits; however as usual it will come with some investing risks as well. This is inevitable; investment risks come correlated with investment returns. I believe when one is young, one should really be aggressive in his investment portfolio as time is to the youth’s advantage; but this is provided that one invests and trades wisely and set aside a sum of monies to invest when the stock markets go south.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Another trade proven right

The last time I blogged about Dyna Mac stock, I have updated readers that I sold it at $0.40 and it did not matter to me whether or not the stock would ascend in price next. The stock next rallied to a high of $0.46 and while readers may have laughed at me for not selling this stock at this high ralied price, I stuck to my view that the price may not still head north after that. True enough, Dyna Mac stock next headed south to today's closing price of $0.42 to $0.43. I think some investors might have bought Dyna Mac stock at $0.46, thinking the rally would continue. I am pleased that I have stuck to my position of selling Dyna Mac stock though it really surprises me that the stock could advance to such a high point of $0.46.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Who will buy this stock?

STATS ChipPAC went 3.2% south today (4 Sep 14) to close at $0.605. On 29 Aug 2014, STATS ChipPAC stock price was $0.75, hence this stock has headed almost 20% down in stock price. This is not surprising to investors as the planned acquisition for STATS ChipPac did not proceed as what investors have expected. Let us also not forget about Biosensors International Group stock which also went south after the planned acquisition of the company by a China player also did not proceed as what investors have expected.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This stock headed south today …. as I have predicted

This stock headed south today …. as I have predicted On 30 Aug 2014, I posted a post on Singapore Stocks Investing in which I expressed my surprise that a stock could actually rise by 28.3% to close at $0.118 from $0.092 (on 28 Sep 2014) on 29 Aug 2014. The aforementioned rally was against the back of a report which I read and which I interpreted should have sent the stock heading south instead. I also talked about how this rally in the stock’s price was on thinly-traded volumes. On 2 Sep 14, the stock headed south by 7.6% and today, this stock headed south by another 16.5% to close the trading session of today (3 Sep 14) at $0.091, which was really 1.08% lower than the closing price of 28 Sep 2014. Hence if a retail investor entered into the stock at the rallying price of $0.118, he would be looking at a non-profit margin of around 22.88% and the stock price of this stock may head south even more. This stock is none other than GKE stock, a penny stock and you can read the post I made about this stock on 30 Aug 2014 here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One property stock to look out

Ying Li International stock is one stock which is vested in Chong Qing. Today, Ying Li International Real Estate Limited announced that it will begin to diversify its property portfolio to Shanghai and Beijing. Today, Ying Li held an EGM where the resolution to allot and issue 381,000,000 Subscription Shares comprising 17.51% of the existing issued share capital of the Company to Everbright Hero Holdings Limited was passed by shareholders. With Everbright's network, capital and strong execution, and with significantly reduced gearing and fresh capital for Ying Li, it was reported that Ying Li would have a chance to enter Tier 1 cities.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Would you buy this diversified stock?

Global Yellow Page International announced that it will be acquiring all the intellectual property rights including recipes and formulas held Wendy’s Supa Sundaes and Innovation Ice Cream for a consideration of $11.67 million. The announcement came after Global Yellow Page’s proposed acquisition of Gloria Jean’s coffee did not materialize as the group has intended. Global Yellow Page’s earnings should be released and announced tomorrow (I have previously blogged that the earnings would be out last Tuesday and the Tuesdays before that, but it seems that the expected date of the earnings announcement is not that soon yet).

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