Sunday, November 30, 2014

A buying opportunity in this stock?

Oil prices continue to remain low as OPEC stuck to its target of not cutting oil production. OPEC’s decision caused oil-related stocks to head south. This trend can present to retail investors two buying opportunities in stocks: first, to buy quality offshore and marine stocks at good entry points and second to buy stocks which will benefit from the low oil prices. Transport stocks have been said to be the stocks to benefit from the low oil prices.

One of the transport stocks that is on my “radar” is NOL stock. NOL stock reached a low price of $0.74 on 18 Nov 2014, since then, NOL closed at $0.82 on 28 Nov 2014 and this translated to almost 10.8% increase in the stock price. Technically, I think NOL stock should be heading north as its moving averages are going up, the MACD is heading north too and its RSI is going to the “Overbought” region. The trend of low oil prices also should serve as a booster to NOL stock.

A Financial Jog

I went for a long jog (29 Nov 2014) as it was a cool evening. I am no longer young and hence I think a jog of quite intense pace for around a good continuous forty-five minutes is quite long and intense. I was truly invigorated while jogging as I jogged along a park connector along a river. Though it is Singapore, I would always imagine that I am jogging along the river of Otaru, Hokkaio as I was truly in love with this lovely small town when I was there on holidays with my wife (you can read about our lovely tour here.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Low oil prices, energy stocks and You

Energy stock prices went south, in line with the OPEC’s decision to stick to the current level of oil production despites oil already at low prices. This inevitably caused offshore and marine stocks as well as energy stocks in the Singapore stocks markets to head south. Sembcorp Marine stock went 5.4% south and closed at $3.13 on 28 Nov 2014.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Most Important Plan in Investing

In this blog, I have mentioned that one of the most important aspects of Investing is on how we investors think and control our emotions, knowing that the stocks market is governed by two emotions: greed and fear. Though some stocks in the stocks markets appear cheap, I have told readers that we should not give in to greed as some stocks may still get cheaper. All of these I mentioned sound cliché to you, but when it comes to the most important plan in investing, do you know what it is?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Will this stock be Singapore’s hottest IT stock like Microsoft?

Most of us know that Bill Gates of Microsoft is one of the richest men on earth and the founder of Microsoft. And I am pretty sure that most of us also know that Microsoft was not invented by Bill Gates; Bill Gates just bought the software and marketed it very successfully. I once read in a book that many years ago, that before Microsoft was founded, once Bill Gates had to pass through a customs in a country and the custom officer asked him to surrender valuables for inspection, Bill Gates gave the officer his floppy disk, the officer looked at Bill Gates and wondered whether he was joking. The officer did not know that the floppy disk contained the Microsoft software which would later on revolutionized computing on earth.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Singapore stocks insights

I watched a TV interview with a well-known financial professional. The professional said that while he could not really predict the stocks markets, he could tell whether the stocks markets are currently expensive or cheap. According to him, the Singapore stocks are currently cheap based on a Price-to-earning ratio of thirteen and the returns, according to him are good as compared to leaving your monies in the bank which earn very low rates of returns. Then the professional shared a bit on how he love Reits.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Civil servants to get 0.8 months bonus

Civil servants will get a bonus of 0.8 months on top of the thirteen-month salary. The total bonus for civil servants for year 2014 is however less than that for year 2013. So who are civil servants? Typically, civil servants are employees of ministries and organs of state while public servants are employees of statutory boards. Statutory board employees would usually follow the civil servant’s bonus guidelines.

What you need to have in order to win in the game of stocks?

China will cut back its interest rates, this follows the “quantitative easing” of Japan and both these moves come on the back of the US scaling back its quantitative easing. So what do these moves by the countries mean for the stocks markets and economy? Well, one thing is sure, there is much liquidity for economies and low interest rates will be welcome by many.

While these may be news for investors to stay vested in the stocks markets thinking that the stocks markets will be boosted by the measures of these key economy, I will like to highlight that whenever I see taglines like “US stocks at record highs”, “Stocks are promising”, I will remind myself not to take everything at face-value, especially news.

Monday, November 24, 2014

This stock advance today as I have expected … more rally to come?

Today (24 Nov 2014), Global Yellow Pages advanced a good 2.1%. The good showing of Global Yellow Pages came after my post on 22 Nov 2014 (you can read the post here ) . I really like this stock due to the good management led by Mr Mah Bow Tan and Sam Goi. Together, I believe Mr Mah and Mr Goi make for capable management of the Global Yellow Pages team owning to their work experience.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to save more monies?

Most of Singaporeans work and work, for long hours each day, hence it is natural that most of Singaporeans look forwards to weekends. Weekends are the only days when most Singaporeans do not have to wake up for work, so what do most Singaporeans do? Well, I believe in this island when it is so hot and humid, most of us would go to the myriads of shopping centres around the island to beat the heat.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

One stock which may just rally

It has been some time since I write about stocks with the potential to rally north. Well, it is due to the fact that the Singapore stocks markets have become rather “choppy” these days and hence it is not as easy to spot potential stocks which may worth a rally. I must quantify here that it is not easy to identify such potential stocks of rally, from my own investing and trading experience as I really know that some of the more expert traders out there can make thousands of dollars of money every day by just contra-trading. Anyway, let us get back to one stock, which in my opinion may head rally ahead.

Friday, November 21, 2014

What I did to satisfy myself for two hours after work today?

Today is Friday though it is a hectic day for me at work. I think I have been working hard at work as my workload increases and I must really say that I have not had the time to exercise. I still have to pass my IPPT else I would need to report to RT. For those who do not know what RT is, RT is “Remedial Training” a term known to Singaporeans who fail IPPT. My IPPT is not bad, just that if I do not train for my 2.4km run, I will run more than one-minutes plus so as to fail the IPPT. Anyway, I am quite tired from work and from not exercising and hence I decided to satisfy myself. For lunch, I ordered a set meal from a fast food restaurant as the TVs keep promoting the set meal. It was not fantastic and I was still hungry after that. But what was more satisfying for me were the two hours after work today. So what did I do to satisfy myself for two hours after work today?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Stocks Strategies revealed

If you have been following my blog, you would have known that I am a retail investor who do a mix of investing and trading in Singapore stocks. You would also have known that I do not stick to one particular kind of stocks. My stocks portfolio consists of blue chips, penny stocks as well as stocks with growth potential.

I have different strategies for each of these stocks, hence when the stocks markets went south in Oct 2014, some of the strategies worked, some did not resulting in some of my portfolio heading south as well.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Page Advisor: one upcoming revolutionary app

Page Advisor is an app which in my opinion, is a ground-breaking one which may just change the way people procure products and services online. Page Advisor is an app from Fabian Lim, a renowned Singaporean internet marketer and his team. When I was first introduced to Page Advisor at an event, and without first knowing what it is, I had a totally different idea of what Page Advisor is all about.

One thing that investors should not do

Singapore stocks rose some 0.76% on 18 Nov 2014, reversing the southward movement of the stocks markets on 17 Nov 2014. I read the newspapers and some analysts were giving comments that they expect the Singapore stocks market to perform well with HK-Shanghai connect, stimulus measures from countries as well as from forecasting from historical data, etc.

One Singapore stocks that may be on offer

Some Singapore stocks, blue-chip ones are now trading at attractive valuation, though one should still wait for the right time to enter into these stocks (if one is interested to buy them) because their stock prices may still head south. Let us take a look at one of these counters:

We have Sembcorp Marine stock, which traded at $3.38 on 17 Nov 2014, which was around 23.3% discount off its price on the first trading day of year 2014. The low oil prices is the factor behind this stock which has good fundamentals.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let us get investments tips from this investments guru

Jim Rogers is a renowned investments guru, let us learn more about investments from him. Watch this video:

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What the scrapping of Trans-cab IPO mean to Singapore Investors?

Trans-cab, Singapore's second-largest taxi operator said on 17 Nov 2014 that it was scrapping its planned initial public offering (IPO) a day before its shares were due to start trading. The reason was the additional insurance that it would need to pay which amounted to $$1.83 million. So what does the scrapping of Trans-cab IPO mean for Singapore Investors? Pretty much, I believe the scrapping of Trans-cab IPO would not be welcome by Singapore investors who have or are thinking of subscribing to the IPO with the thinking to keep the Trans-cab IPO shares for long so that they may become good performers like ComfortDelgro shares.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Singapore stocks performance

The Hong Kong-Shanghai stocks connect commences today (17 Nov 2014). While the stocks-connect will benefit the interest and trading liquidity in the Chinese stocks on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stocks exchange, it was reported that the stocks connect will also have a bearing on Singapore stocks. And today, STI’s showing might just have shown that.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Learn Investing from Warren Buffet

In the internet, there are many thoughts as to how the stocks markets of Singapore as well as of the world will shape out. There are others who believe that Singapore stocks will be poised to rise in tandem with the US increasing its interest rate and there are others who tend to sit on the fence, looking at the stocks markets before making their positions in the markets. What about you? Are you looking to enter the Singapore Stocks markets with a new stock position?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Read this book and Be Rich

Dear reader, if you have been reading many books on how to be rich, you would definitely know that this book is really one of the Best-sellers. What is this book? Well, this book retails at bookstores for around $20 plus, but now, we can get it for FREE over the internet. Curious? Excited? Want to be rich or at least get inspired on how to be rich from reading this book? Wait no more, click on this link now. "Like" me on Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook page to receive all posts on your Facebook.

Will this Singapore Stock be the next Ali Baba?

Singapore prides itself on being the inventor of Thumbdrive, a product from Trek 2000 International. Singapore is also the inventor of the first computer sound card, a product from Creative Technology. Trek 2000 also now has a new product that is also quite promising as the thumb drive. Now, there is a company which aims to be the next Ali Baba and this company is none other than Singapore Edevelopment Ltd. Mr Chan Heng Fai, the Group CEO of Singapore Edevelopment was quoted as saying in SED Advertisement dated 19 Aug 2014 that “I will make Singapore proud of Singapore eDevelopment Ltd and I resolve to make this happen."

Eight Oversold Singapore stocks

In this post, let us look at some of Singapore’s oversold stocks. In the Singapore stocks markets, there are so many oversold stocks these days, hence I would put only names of stocks that will be familiar to investors, familiar in the sense that these stocks were once stocks that are on the radars of investors, but due to macro-economic and company factors as well as the factors of investors’ emotions, these stocks are now oversold. Let us take a look:

Friday, November 14, 2014

How to get one 1.5 litres of coke absolutely FREE

Dear readers, how have you been? I hope that you have been profiting from your trades on the Singapore stocks markets. As the Singapore stocks markets move along in tandem with the regional stocks markets and overseas stocks markets, investors must always be looking at the key figures and decisions of the US, Europe and China stocks markets. It can be tired especially if you are an investor who trades on a regular basis.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

We all know of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, two of the richest men on Earth. Have you heard of Andrew Carnegie? In his times, Andrew Carnegie was a very very wealthy man and I should not go so much to describe about him as you can simply learn more about Andrew from the internet.

Four points of wealth creation

I have been reading Robert T Kiyosaki’s books and I must truly applaud him for he really understands the game of wealth and the rules of wealth. The signature take-aways from Robert’s books are first and foremost, that everyone of us must know that we have our own personal income/expenditure statements and a balance sheet of assets and liabilities and we must act to increase our assets and incomes in order to be wealthy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What to look at for stocks?

The Asia report has published a list of companies which have paid dividends annually in the period 2009 to 2014. Personally, I have taken a look at the article and I think the author has done a good job for in the report, not only are there the yields parameters, there are also helpful parameters like PE ratio, debt level, ROE, just to name a few.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trek 2000 International stock

Trek 2000 International stock closed at $0.40 today (11 Nov 2014). In July 2014, Trek 2000 International stock price was around $0.20, hence as of today, the stock price increase chalked up by Trek is 100% from July 2014. Will this stock Trek 2000 International stock climb further? Yes, according to OSK-DMG, who give Trek 2000 International stock a $0.61 target price which is really a 56% upside, due to expected increased in wireless Flucard orders from Rely/Mattel in FY15. So after the thumbdrive, the flucard I something that Trek is proud of.

Monday, November 10, 2014

How to turn $10,000 into $10 million?

Is it possible to turn $10,000 into $10 million in ten years? If one is able to do so, one would then have been able to multiply monies by 1000 times. According to Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book “Who Took My Money? Why Slow Investors Lose and Fast Money Wins?” one is able to do that through investments. But investments alone in one asset class may not be able to reap such a great return. According to Robert T. Kiyosaki, an investor should strive to learn how to invest in the various classes of investments like real estates, stocks, commodities and businesses and creates a synergy across these assets. With this synergy, one is then able to multiply one’s monies many times over, turning $10,000 into $10 million in ten years is not impossible then.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Meet Singapore’s Millionaire Tutor

A main highlight in today’s The Sunday Times is the local tuition industry here. The tuition industry here is worth $1 billion dollars. When I read this figure, I am quite surprised as although I know the local tuition industry is quite booming with many parents sending their children for tuition, I do not know that the industry is worth so much. The number of tuition centres and enrichment centres is now 850, up from 800 in year 2013 and 700 in year 2012.

A decade ago, the local tuition industry was worth $650 million dollars and then the figure climbed to $820 million dollars in year 2009. The monthly tuition fees parents spend went up from $54.90 on average to $79.90 today. An estimated 1.2 million households have engaged tutors compared to 933,000 households a decade ago.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

FREE “Who Took My Money” and more Free Ebooks from Robert T. Kiyosaki

Dear readers, I know some of you like to read books. It is good as there is a saying that winners are learners and learners are readers. There is also a saying that knowledge is Power though the more accurate saying is APPLIED knowledge is Power. I know that some of you readers read financial books like me or have gone to those technical trading sessions to learn from good traders on how to trade the Singapore stocks markets.

A petition on Magnus Bocker, SGX’s CEO

There is an ongoing petition calling for Magnus Bocker, SGX’s CEO to step down from SGX as SGX’s CEO. You can view the petition at the URL below . At this time of writing, there are ten people who have signed the petition. Obviously, the people signing the petition are not happy with the performance of Magnus Bocker. While I am not familiar with Magnus Bocker as SGX's CEO, I, as a retail investor know the events SGX has faced such as the Blumont, Asiasons and Liongold stocks saga in Oct 2013 and the SGX’s power supply saga are quite unique.

Friday, November 7, 2014

How to earn $20,000 per month when you are young?

How do you earn $20,000 per month when we are young, in Singapore’s context. There are some options. First, study hard, get a good degree, preferably a degree from a reputable overseas university, work in a bank and excel in banking. Second, study hard and be a scholar. Third, be a successful entrepreneur. Fourth, be a successful professional like lawyer, doctor with an own practice. Fifth, be a successful sales person.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Could this stock be a multi-bagger stock?

I have been studying the dynamics of multi-bagger stocks and guess what, I have found that most of the multi-bagger stocks could be multi-bagger stocks due to the fact that these stocks were not that glamorous in the first place and hence are not on the radars of investors for quite some time. When they are not in the radars of investors, these stocks are slowly building up their fundamentals and only the very wise of the wisest investors would know that by accumulating these stocks, they would be accumulating a multi-bagger.

Singapore Stocks Markets watch

With the release of quarterly results from a number of companies, let us watch what analysts have to say in the video below. Companies covered include:

b) UOB
c) Raffles Medical Group
e) Osim
f) FNF ventures


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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook

Dear readers, Thank You for supporting my blog. As some of you readers might have known, I have moved Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook from this Facebook Page which has quite a number of "Likes" to the new Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to be wealthy?

Most people would want to be wealthy but without a definition of wealth, it is not easy to know what one's wealth goals to strive for are. This is why it is important for everyone to define what wealth to them. I would just want to share with you ho wealth is defined by me. I adopt Robert T. Kiyosaki's definition of wealth which is really insightful. Wealth is defined not in terms of dollars but in term of time. Wealth is how long one can sustain his desired lifestyle without working.

Of SGX, stocks and You as an investor

I read that Sino Grandness stock was the subject of a short-selling by a short-seller firm. This resulted in the stock heading south, despite it having good fundamentals. This episode reminded me of the stock saga surrounding Blumont, Asiasons and Liongold in October 2013.

It also reminded me of the shortists’ calls on Olam sock. I wonder how, when Singapore stocks have already a number of short-seller sagas, investors are still looking at one in Sino Grandness stock?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Of Singapore stocks, haze and PSI

The PSI is here again, watch my thoughts of Singapore Haze and PSI:

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What stocks to buy now?

Osim has released its set of financial results which did not meet the analysts’ expectations. As a result, Osim stock price was sold down. Analysts reports which are “buy calls” for the stock now become either “Hold” or “Sell”.

When I look at what has happened to Osim’s stock price, I think I see a parallel with Super Group stock. Super Group stock was similarly sold down, following a similar set of disappointing financial results.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Of QE and Interest rates: Singapore Stocks ahead

The US Federal Reserves has announced that it will scaled back the quantitative easing while keeping interest rates low. So what does this mean for Singapore stocks? This question is not only popular among investors now, it is also a theme for financial shows like Moneyweek.

I just watched Moneyweek show on Channel 8. Investment analysts generally are of the view that banking stocks will head north when interest rates rise and hence they recommend that investors can stock up some banking stocks while interest rates are low now.

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