Monday, June 29, 2015

What should investors do now amidst the Greece debt saga?

Today, in line with the movement of regional markets, Singapore stocks went south in view of the Greece debt saga. Hence it is no surprise that some of my portfolio went south. I have already factored in this Greece saga, hence I have only put in just some portion of the maximum capital that I would invest for year 2015 into stocks for the year to date. The Greece debt saga can only reveal more good bargains for investors as fundamentally good stocks will trade at good discounts and at higher dividend yields. Having been through some similar markets’ experience before, I can only say that this time round, I am prepared to buy in when markets opportunities and my diversified portfolio of stocks means that today, some of my stocks went up while many other stocks went south.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Will you invest in this “mushroom stock” or “rojak stock”?

This stocks seems to have the makings of a good fundamentals stock, first it gives a decent dividends yields of 2.41%, at least for year 2013 and year 2014. The stock seems cheap, trading at just 0.317 Price-to-Book and just 3.313 Price-to-Earnings. The stock’s debt to equity ratio is at a respectable low of 0.101 and the company behind the stock has positive cash flows. The stock is also currently trading at a low price which may gives investors an attractive point of entry into this stock.

Friday, June 26, 2015

One way I manage the costs of inflation

I walked around the food court, looking for something to fill my hungry stomach. There are many what seems to be delicious food (yes, Singapore is a food paradise) but after spending close to ten minutes prancing around in the food court, I left the food court, hungry and without buying a single food item. In a nutshell, I have summarized the effect of the high cost of living here in Singapore.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

All Investors should know this

Now that the SGX has named a new CEO in Mr Loh Boon Chye after Magnus Bocker, many analysts and financial commentators have put forth a list of work ahead for Mr Loh to carry out to continue building up SGX as one of the best stock bourses in the world. In the interim, the Oct 2013 penny stocks saga involving Blumont, Asiason (now know as Attilan) and LionGold may seem to be forgotten. Billions of hard-earned investors’ monies were wiped off in a mere few seconds during that trading day! While investigations are still ongoing, I would think that the investigative work seems to take a tad too long. It may be due to the many intricacies behind the “crash” of these penny stocks.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Is it easy to profit from the stocks markets today?

Compared with investing in the stock exchanges many years ago, investors now have ready access to online trading platforms, resources of stock companies, updated news and much more financial resources. But does all these myriads of ready resources really aid in the investors’ profiting from the markets?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The most priceless asset one can have

In the past, when I was a teenager, I did not have the habit of drinking coffee. I only drank coffee just before my examinations during my school days to keep me awake during the important examinations. I still recalled not being able to sleep then at night after the consumption of the caffeine-laden drink due to the “after-effect” of coffee. Fast forward to today, I have to drink coffee in the morning to keep me awake.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Triple Witching strategies for Singapore stocks?

Wee Hur stock price headed south today by a good 6.5% today. On Friday 19th June 2015, I looked at the stock price of Wee Hur which has declined by 7.5% for the trading day to close the trading day at $0.31. I have checked that there were no corporate announcements from Wee Hur which could have attributed to this “southing” of the stock price. As I analyzed further the reason of Wee Hur stock movement for 19th June 2015, I saw that there was a sell-off of Wee Hur stock close to the close of trading hours of 19th Jun 2015. After some more analysis, I really thought that Wee Hur is one of the stocks of “Triple Witching”, same for other stocks.

How an average-salaried employee can still win the “game of wealth”?

Despites getting As for most of my subjects during my schooling years and topping the Maths and Science subjects, I hold a modest job. Nevertheless, I do not blame others for I do not have the personality to play the corporate game well. It is also not constructive to recall how colleagues who are less capable than I have gone on with promotions after promotions in their career. In general, my classmates of around the same capability as myself have already gone on to become top scholars and young Directors while those with average grades and more “gung-ho” have already become leaders in their own rights, in their own fields.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Two Newton’s laws you can apply now to create more wealth

Singapore Stocks Invest I read the news that a majority of CPF fund holders who make use of their special accounts for investments have not managed to obtain better returns than the interests paid by the special account. I am not surprised at this and I have always advocated investors to not utilize their CPF Special account monies for investing in the stocks markets as they will be “giving up” and almost investment-risk-free investment which earns around 4.5% dividends yearly to the vagaries of the stocks markets.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

I want to profit from stocks! And here is how!

Dear readers, how is your investing and trading? Let us look at the stock markets trends now. First of all, the US Federal Reserves’ decision on interest rates hike. In the FOMC meeting concluded on US Wednesday 17 Jun 2015, the Federal Reserves has indicated that it will not be raising interest rate now. Though this may be good to some investors, we have the next factor: the Greece debt talks; from what I read from the internet, there seems to be some differences between the points of views of Greece and its European counterparts. And to add to these, the world has to contend with MERS (I learnt that Germany now has its first case of MERS case). So against all these themes, how should one position one’s investments to make sense of all these market trends?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Why Tom K does not invest in these two stocks?

One reader wrote to me asking me why I do not like stocks like BreadTalk and Q&M Dental stock which are expanding overseas. Well, this is just my personal opinion. Truth be told, with Singapore’s market being small, going overseas to gain a larger slice of the market is only necessary for a company to grow and for its stock to grow in value too (generally). Many of the blue-chip stocks which have done well were also early pioneers in going overseas. On the SGX, there are really many companies with an overseas portfolio or are gearing for it.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Donald Trump: the next US President?

The US Presidential Election 2016 is shaping to be an exciting one to take note of. After two terms at the helm by President Obama, the families of the two former Presidents: the Bushs and the Clintons are also now running for the elections. Yesterday, I read that the charismatic US Billionaire Donald Trump is also throwing his hat into the election ring. With the indication of Donald Trump as a Presidential Election candidate, the US Presidential Election is really even more exciting to take note of.

Will you buy this good stock now?

There is a saying (which I hope I have captured it correctly) that when the tide is over, then it is clear who is swimming naked. In the current Singapore stocks markets, I see different sectors of stocks moving in different directions (though the broader market trend is still south) with the interest rate hike decision, Greece debt talks, performance of the different industry cycles and the different QE measures by different countries. I note that beside penny stocks, the low price of some “solid” stocks only fuel bargain hunting, which may turn to speculation when investors buy a stock down.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What can retail investors learn from the SEA Games 2015 closing ceremony?

Singapore has concluded the 2015 SEA Games with a stunning closing ceremony last night. I read that some ticket-holders to the ceremony were not allowed into the stadium as the stadium was already full. According to the same report, a volunteer was cited as saying that these ticket-holders have arrived at the stadium later than the stipulated commencement time of the ceremony. In my humble opinion, I believe that these ticket holders might have come to the ceremony only to watch the fireworks finale; hence they have arrived much later into the ceremony.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How should investors buy into this new stock theme?

As retail investors, it will be good for one to be forward-looking and to take note of key industry trends and themes. I note that there is one new theme for the stock markets and it is none other than MERS.

With the increasing MERS case in South Korea, I will think travel and tourism in the region will reduce whenever there are such incidents. People will prefer to stay home. Airline stocks and hospitality plays may be affected (stock price level wise) as tourists may want to skip the whole Asia or ASEAN for their holiday destinations.

Monday, June 15, 2015

How to select winning Singapore stocks?

I have been spending quite some time screening out stocks, potential Singapore stocks which will stage a rebound, since most Singapore stocks have been quite sold down. After some time, looking at the technical charts and fundamental analysis, I garnered that it is still not easy to spot a winning stocks with no clear buying signals. For those who think buying Singapore stocks based on a strong US stocks showing overnight alone is enough, I will respect your decision.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The 30-20-20 investing rule to becoming a SGD millionaire

Why are there so many investors and perhaps speculators in the Singapore stocks markets? Well, the answer is simple, many are seeking greater wealth in the stock markets, be it to create an additional trading income, to create a desired investing passive income or to seek the ultimate goal of financial freedom. I always believe investing is really a route which can allow one to achieve financial freedom if one is able to invest or trade well, regardless of how much one earns from his main source of employment income.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

An extraordinary SGX-listed company boss

I read The Sunday Times dated 7 Jun 2015 and noted that the newspapers carry quite a number of articles featuring the personal achievements of refugees. I am not sure whether the episode of refugees like the Rohinya refugees who have come to Southeast Asia might have inspired the write-ups; nevertheless, I am pleased to read that these refugees have found personal achievement and successes in their lives.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Enjoy an international buffet for just 50 cents

Dear readers, Thank You for supporting my blog. To give value back to readers, I have always shared with readers the best of my investing and trading journey. And to add even more value, I have also started regular newsletters for those who want to know more tips (please subscribe now to the newsletters if you have not done so by checking out the top tab of this blog). Beside seeking to enrich your mind with the best investing and trading tips, I also seek to share with you the best of the deals in town for you to not only save some monies but also to delight you with good food!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Today, Noble Group stock staged an unbelievable rebound by 9% to close the trading day at $0.705. I am not impressed as today's showing seems to validate my belief that this stock is really prone to speculative trading. Nevertheless, I attached the letter from Chairman of Noble Group stock to all shareholders here.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tom K talks about two Singapore stocks

Hutchinson Ports Holdings has broken down below the support of $0.64. Currently the stock is oversold and is below the 200 Days Moving Average. This stock has a good dividends yield of 8.48% and a consensus target price of $0.919 according to the SGX website. Though Hutchinson Ports Holdings has a SGD denomination, the statistics I have mentioned above pertains to the US denomination stock. I feel that this stock will make for a good long-term investment due to its good dividends. With the current stocks markets environment, I feel that the resistance to Hutchinson Ports Holdings is at most $0.68.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tom K on Noble Group stock

Noble Group went 6.4% south to close today’s trading session at $0.66, one of the lowest trading price the stock market has noted of Noble stock. Am I surprised at Noble Group’s stock price today? No. I still recalled some time ago, when Noble Group was trading at $0.80+, a reader wrote to me to ask whether he should buy this stock and I told him that this stock will get “cheaper”. I have also shared with readers my perspectives on this stock in a previous post (you can read the post here).

Monday, June 8, 2015

SGX-listed corporate chiefs who may be Members of Parliament

I read the report “State of the Slates” of Part D of the Straits Times of 6 June 2015 with much interest. Of the likely New PAP faces, there are two who are the current management figures of SGX-listed companies. They are Chong Kee Hiong, Chief Executive of OUE Hospitality Trust and Cheng Li Hui, Deputy Chief Executive of Hai Leck Holdings, an engineering, procurement and construction services company. The report is quite an interesting read so much so that even potential ministerial candidates were mentioned, for this I trawled the internet for more details and am glad that there is a comprehensive one at this link.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Noble Group stock: Tom K’s very own perspectives

Noble Group stock advanced 2.2% to close the trading session of 5 Jun 2015 at $0.71. This advancement came after Noble Group stock has retreated continuously in stock price since early May 2015. The stock reached a low closing price of $0.695 on 4 Jun 2015 and reports I read mentioned that ever since Noble Group stock broke below its $0.825 level, the stock price has attracted “shortists” to “short” the stock to levels which the markets are seeing.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

SEA games stocks: will you buy them?

With the lighting up of the SEA games torch by Singapore’s very own soccer legend, Fandi Ahmad and his son, the SEA games officially kicked off in Singapore on 5 Jun 2015. On 4 Jun 2015, Feng Tian Wei, whom I would describe as Singapore’s “blue chip stock” when it comes to sports was eliminated from the SEA Games women’s singles when she lost to her Thailand counterpart, dashing hopes of Singapore’s “clean sweep” of the Table Tennis medals. Well, we could not blame her for even the very best Singapore’s blue chip stocks on the SGX could go down at times, right. Enough of my talking of non-related things to this post, let us examine Singapore’s stocks related to SEA games which may be of interest to retail investors.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Will you still buy undervalued stocks?

Today, I was charged extra by the stall attendant of a mixed vegetable rice stall. If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I eat mixed vegetable rice for meals simply because they are generally cheap and could feed my hunger pangs. I should not elaborate further on why I was charged more as most of these reasons have been previously shared with readers.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Five-Letter word which retail investors must know before they invest

The Singapore stocks markets, as measured by the benchmark STI has headed south by quite a fair bit. While reports that I read suggest that the big funds are pulling out from the Singapore markets into China’s markets, I suggest a key element of the “southing” of the Singapore markets is due to the Greece’s debt saga. With talks of the debt repayment packages and “conditions” finalizing, this is the Eurozone’s factor. On the other hand, I read over at the US side, some analysts are saying that the economic conditions are not sufficient to justify an interest rate hike yet. There we have, in a nutshell, the three factos from the three’s biggest and most influencing economies: US, China and the Eurozone.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Though I have been trading stocks for many years, every time now, before I click on that “Buy” button to place my purchase order of a particular stock, I will still do a rigorous analysis of whether I have done all the necessary preparation work to buy the stock. For I know, even with the best preparation and research work I have taken, the stock price may still head south upon the acceptance of my buy order.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SINGPOST STOCK: to buy, hold or to sell?

SingPost stock headed up 2.7% to $1.885 on 29 May 2015 after SingPost’s management announced that it will increase the dividends for this stock. I took a look at the chart of SingPost and have noted that currently the stock is trading below the “neck line” of a “Heads and Shoulders” formation. SingPost’s stock price went below this “neck line” on 28 April 2015 and thereafter SingPost’s stock price has declined to $1.83 on 27 May 2015 thereafter which it advanced with a high volume on 29 May 2015, on the date of the dividends announcement. Should SingPost’s stock price continues to advance, I think a resistance for SingPost is at $1.95, which signals a 6.5% capital appreciation from the $1.885 closing price on 29 May 2015.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Profitable trading is simple but not easy

Looking at some feedback which I have received for my blog, I think some readers have visited my blog to find an easy solution to profit from the Singapore stocks markets. And when they look at my posts talking about the whole concept of money management, they walk away from my blog to others, determined to read from a blog which can give them winning stock picks. I know such blogs exist, with beautiful charts and with amazing stock profit records. But for what I know, most of these bloggers may have very “deep pockets” unlike the many retail investors who are the target audience for my blog; so much so that with just say a 1% stock price appreciation, these blogger-investors can pocket few thousands of dollars in their pockets. These traders have the “bandwidth” to “cut losses” too. Do many retail investors have few hundred thousands to trade in one position? And can many retail investors afford to lose their hard-earned monies?

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