Friday, July 31, 2015

Noble Group stock: a former advocate speaks

Noble Group went to a low price level of $0.455 today, after shedding 12.5%. Again, it is believe that the short-sellers had shorted Noble Group stock to this low level. There have been many reports, comments against Noble Group stock: from Iceberg Research, Muddy Waters Research to Michael Dee. Noble Group was the first stock which I bought in my investing journey and hence there is a sentiment to this stock. Yup, I am the former advocate of Noble Group stock, the “former advocate” in the title of this blog.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Commentary on the Singapore stocks today

Like what I have thought, Noble Group stock price went even south to below $0.55; this was really a price level beyond the price which I thought will act as support for Noble Group stock price. Despite Noble Group’s Chairman purchase off the markets millions of Noble Group shares, Noble Group stock price still went south. This prompted a query from SGX today in response to the downward path that Noble Group stock price has taken.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An update on Tom K’s trading strategies

The current stocks markets have made some of my stocks in my portfolio head south in price. It has nevertheless presented to me some good bargains. After looking at my portfolio today, I decided to “cut loss” in one stock and put my monies into one good stock. This stock has been making the headlines and is one of the stocks I have blogged in my blog before. I will be hoping that my judgment is correct. Anyway, I will be holding the stock that I will be buying for long to receive the good dividends in this stock. So, I hope my judgement is correct.

Invested according to my investment plan

Yesterday’s (27 July 2015), there was a sell-off in the broader equities markets including Singapore’s. This was prompted by the performance of China’s stocks. Indeed, if investors think that after the settlement of the Greece debt discussions, there was no element to shape global stocks markets sentiments, there we have the usual factors in China as well as the interest rate hike decision.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

What investors need to know about this high-dividends business trust?

There is one business trust which has high-dividends payouts based on its low trading price as of now and this business trust is also under-valued. Sounds like a good buy? Well, this business trust is none other than Accordia Golf Trust and my own opinions of this trust are as follows:

Saturday, July 25, 2015

I bought one stock, what is it?

I noted that there is some form of speculation in the Singapore stocks markets currently. While speculation is driven by emotions of greed and herd-following, I would like to categorize the speculation so that it is easier for all to analyze.

First of all, there is the speculation in S-chip penny stocks; this has resulted in Qingmei stock to register a 325% increase in its stock price on 21 July 2015. This speculation spills over to penny stocks in general which helped boost the price of even penny stocks which are not China-centric; this is the second category of the speculation.

The third category of speculation is still within the fraternity of penny stocks but this speculation has some fundamentals. I would think two penny stocks belong to this third category and they are none other than Yuuzoo and QT Vascular stocks which somehow has, each, a “growth story” to interest not only punters but also longer-term investors. Finally, we have the final category of speculation and there is only one stock which fits the bill. Do you know what is this stock? Well, it is none other than NOL stock.

Singapore’s election boundaries report on Singapore stocks

Hello readers, how have you been? At this time of writing, many of you would have probably been asleep, but here I am blogging this post, am I not tired? Usually, I would have been rather tired even after drinking one cup of coffee and one cup of tea but not today, though I commuted to and fro different places today and at work, completed a larger-than-usual workload of reports.

So why am I so energetic today? Well it has to do with the fact that I drank a cup of coffee this morning from a cafe. This cup of coffee cost more than that of Starbuck and at least three times more than the usual cup of coffee from a coffeeshop. I have no denial that the cup of coffee that I had today is the most powerful coffee in terms of keeping me awake that I have drank and hence now I understand why I have to pay a premium for this cup of coffee. I now recall that the service staff actually took out the coffee beans, grinded them and brewed that coffee for me upon my ordering. It is really so “caffeinely-powderful”!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

One timely advice for Singapore investors

I shared in yesterday’s post that penny stocks were in vogue. The report I read today described how some remisiers were elated at the surge of buying interest in Singapore stocks, albeit it was the penny stocks which ruled the roost. It is good for remisers, I agree as the Singapore stocks markets have headed south during the Greek debt talks with a corresponding reduction in buying of stocks.

Why I prefer investing in Singapore Stocks?

The Sunday Times dated 19 July 2015 carried an article containing advice for investors on what to invest in if they have $10,000, $20,000 and $100,000. I am rather surprised that the choice of investing one’s monies in units trust is recommended rather prominently under each of the investment amount category. I mean though I did not have good time with units trusts (in fact the $4,200 over liquidated non-profits from my first ever investment and in unit trusts prompted me into investing in stocks, if you can still recall from my story), it is not with a biased view that I perceive this article.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What Tom K thinks of the Singapore stocks markets now?

After investors heaved a sign of relief at the Greek debt saga, the Singapore stocks markets look interesting again. Penny stocks are in vogue, to be precise. QingMei stock closed 325% higher today, followed by 157% rise from Dapai International, 111% from Edition, 109% from Zhongxin Fruit, 100% rise each from China Flexpack and Infinio. In fact, even the top twentieth stock with the most % in gain rose by a good 35% today.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Tom K on Singapore stocks today

Today, NOL stock closed 7.429% higher at $0.94; this was as expected as investors bought in this stock in view of a report that Temasek Holdings is planning to sell of the loss-making shipping company. Temasek Holdings said today no decision has been made and that there is no assurance that there will be a sale taking place. I would think that investors who have earlier not been vested in NOL to refrain from speculating in this counter upon news of the sale as the dynamics of buyers, sellers and speculators could be quite complex.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A selection of Singapore stocks to talk about

There is one stock which has been making the top twenty volume stocks and this stock is none other than New Silkroutes stock. When I saw the name of this stock, I thought that this is a new IPO stock but then I found out that the former name of this stock was Digiland stock. New Silkroutes stock closed at $0.1 cents on 16 July 2015 and the company has appointed a new CEO in Mr Goh Jin Hian to turn around the IT business of the company and embark a new journey in oil and gas industry so as to turn the company into a new Oil and Gas play. Mr Goh Jin Hian is none other than the son of our ESM Mr Goh Chong Tong. Mr Goh Jin Hian was a medical doctor who ventured into oil and gas sector, according to the internet literature. For those retail investors who are attracted in penny stocks and the change in strategic direction, I would think that this is probably not the time to get excited about New Silkroutes stock for according to what I have read in the internet, Mr Goh Jin Hian has thought about share consolidation for New Silkroutes stock price to meet the stipulated minimum trading price of twenty cents on the SGX mainboard, it may be better for retail investors to see how the stock price fare after the consolidation.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Blue-chip stocks: buy and hold and profit?

It was reported that NOL may be up for sale by Temasek Holdings. If the report is accurate, then it would be yet another Temasek-linked company which would be privatized after Olam International. NOL stock has not been doing well against the headwinds in the shipping industry. I have read that NOL’s CEO, LG(NS) Ng Yat Chung has also made some measures to improve the bottomlines of NOL. Ng Yat Chung was a former Chief of Defence of Singapore and a former Senior Managing Director of Temasek Holdings before he took the helms at NOL. Succeeding Ng Yat Chung as the Chief of Defence was Desmond Kuek who himself was the chief of another transport-related company which also saw its fair share of work: SMRT. Both Ng Yat Chung and Desmond Kuek were former recipients of top PSC and MINDEF scholarships.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Easy to profit from penny stocks trading? Read on

Some investors are drawn to penny stocks, especially when they see that some penny stocks make the top volumes stock in SGX on a regular basis. And when penny stocks gain in price, the upside capital is really alluring, some could be as high as 50% or more. This is inevident as penny stocks are lowly-priced and even though SGX has the measure of minimum trading price (“MTP”) ruling of twenty cents, this does not apply to Catalist stocks. Reading blogs of top traders on how they make monies from penny stocks on a consistent basis probably will also lead some retail investors to think that trading in penny stocks is easy.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to become a Successful Trader?

I look at the computer screen in my office for close to eight hours every day. Combined with equally-long periods of sitting in the office, my body and eyes tire. At night, after work and after spending time with my family, I will again look at the computer screen of SGX websites and the stock charts. Of course, these tire my eyes even more but no complaints, as this is a “daily ritual” in stocks investments and wealth creation.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This stock looks interesting to Tom K

One stock which closed 1.6% lower today at $0.12 is looking “interesting” to me. Why punt on penny stocks, you may ask Tom K who have been advocating investors to specialize in high-dividends stocks trading at good valuations? I am not punting on penny stocks, but just looking at this stock to form my buying decision. Though definitely, I am an advocate of high dividends stocks, I still believe that investors should set aside a little of their portfolio for some “fun” by playing a little of “penny stocks”. So what is this stock?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Tom K on two Singapore stocks

In this post, I will discuss two stocks which were asked by two readers. I am sorry for replying readers in a non-timely manner. First of all, a Ezra shareholder ask what to do with Ezra shares and Ezra rights. Well, although I do not know the background of Ezra and Ezra rights, I will just relate my own experience. When a stock which I had issued rights, the first thing I know was to sell these rights as soon as they are launched on the stocks markets for a profits. The reason is that I have made up my mind before the rights issue was launched on the markets: I know that I am not “long” on this stock and hence sold the rights away on the markets. To even an experienced investor like myself, rights issue are pretty much complex as investors must consider whether the shares will head south in price or not after the rights issue. As a simple rule of thumb, if you don’t like the shares, sell your rights else subscribe to the rights, especially if you would want to “dollar cost average” and hope to “cut loss” (though the stock may still head south).

My motivations to excel in Investing revisited

As much as I am passionate about blogging, investing and sharing my financial experience with all of you, I am still a full-time employee. My full-time employment income is still my main source of income hence I still do need to focus on my day-time job. As shared with readers, despite my capabilities and hard work, my career is not smooth. I am also an employee who do not know how to play corporate politics and hence at best, I could only try to create some opportunities at work through breaking through all the politics and convincing my boss and my boss’ boss that I am an “undervalued stock” which should be “fully valued”.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Are you ready to become your Best Investor now?

The current Greek debt talks have shaped global stocks markets including Singapore’s. And to add to this, China stocks markets have always been on the investors’ radar. Hence, investors are selling their shares, sitting on the fence or are looking at alternative forms of wealth creation. How do I make out of all this?

A follow-up on a stock which I have profited

While investors are generally glued to the Greece debt saga now, there are also news on the Singapore corporate front which may be of interest to investors. Lian Beng, whose stock I have confidently given a “Buy” call in my blog in May 2015 and for which I have exited (at one of the higher closing prices and pocketed a decent profits) had some corporate announcements which may be of interest to investors. Lian Beng has announced the resignation over two independent directors over what I read as “differences in views”.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

This stock rallied on the day I bought

While the world is looking at what the Greece PM would do next in the Greece debt talks saga and investors generally staying out of the stocks markets, I looked at the stocks charts yesterday morning and decided to place entry on one stock. What has piqued my interest in this stock is really due to its stock charts and the news of this company. After basing my thoughts upon several criteria and some trading techniques, I placed my order for the stock yesterday, confident that its price will head north. True enough, the stock closed higher yesterday!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

This stock which I mentioned yesterday, rebounded today!

Yesterday, I blogged about a stock, a very diversified stock and chose this stock out of the so many stocks out there on the Singapore stocks markets for sharing with readers. Today, this stock rebounded by a solid 5.5% while many other stocks were sold down. This stock is none other than Global Yellow Pages stock and you can read yesterday’s post here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Is this a time to buy into this very diversified stock?

One of the stocks which I have been looking at went further south today, at 5.2%. While this may not be too much of a surprise to investors since most of Singapore stocks went south today, in view of the Greece’s debt saga, this stock is not really associated with the performance of the global stocks markets. From $0.32 to $0.275 today, this stock has retreated by almost 14.5%. So what is this stock? Well, this stock is none other than a stock which is often mentioned in my blog and the stock is Global Yellow Pages stock.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Practical Investing Approach

In a previous post , I shared one consistent profitable investing technique which has elicited some comments from readers. This technique is none other than the technique to “cut losses”. Thank You All readers for your comments, I have read all of your comments and decided to craft this blog post in a reply to all of your comments.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Greeks say “No” in Referendum vote, what it means for Singapore stocks?

I woke up this morning and learnt the news that Greece has rejected the austerity demands with about 62% of the referendum votes supporting Alexi Tsipras. Watching the Greece debt talk discussions is akin to watching a “soap opera” and this “soap opera” seems to reach one of the “more exciting” “episodes” now.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

SINGAPORE BOTANIC GARDENS UNESCO: what it means for Singapore stocks?

Yesterday, it was announced that Singapore Botanic Gardens was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. While as a Singaporean, I am pleased to read the news, I am not too surprised about Singapore’s winning, as it seems that all along, we are confident of a win. Let us now see how the new UNESCO status of Singapore Botanic Gardens means for Singapore stocks.

Friday, July 3, 2015

One technique towards consistent profitable investing

Today, I employed one technique in consistent profitable trading. This technique is practiced by even the top traders but is not practiced by many retail investors. This technique is really part of the DNA of successful investors but many investors do not like this technique. What is this technique? Well this technique is none other than the technique to “cut loss”.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

This Singapore stock is still on my radar screen

Dear readers, how have you been, are you still looking into Singapore stocks? I ask this question as many investors are now looking at the result of the referendum vote of Greece (if there is one to begin with) before considering their investment decisions. I too have weighed the Greece debt talks in my investing considerations. Nevertheless, I still look at the charts of some stocks and though I find some stocks to be attractive at current levels, I still try to resist from buying the stock at least before investors get a clearer picture of how the Greece debt talks pan out.

Unless, one is like Ronald K of Stocks Markets Best-Kept Secrets whom I consider to be one of Singapore’s top traders (if not the best), it is better to stay away on the sidelines, not to be greedy for some stocks may get more attractive. On 18 June 2015, I have blogged about Baker Technology Stock and while many Singapore stocks have gone south in the latter half of June 2015 in view of the Greece debt talks, Baker Technology stock has remained steady at its current price. With its good fundamentals, this stock will be on my radar should there be better opportunities.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tom K on the Singapore Stocks Markets now

Singapore stocks have generally headed down in view of the possible “Grexit”, against the current stock market environment. Unless you are a very professional trader, it is generally hard to trade now. I noticed that even “shortists” would have been surprised by the rebound of the STI yesterday if they merely speculate. Some traders I know still profit from the stocks markets, be it going down, going up or consolidating. They have a set of skills that some retail investors may pay to learn (from their courses). Generally they have deep pockets and some of them would have been financially-free already. The current stocks markets are not ready for retail investors who mainly rely on fundamental or technical analysis. In this current stocks markets, where buying and selling is weighed down by any lead from the Greece debt saga, bargain-hunting, speculation, it is better for retail investors to stay away from the stocks markets for the time being.

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