Monday, August 31, 2015

Replying to a reader on Singapore stocks

A reader has informed me and asked me for advice on whether she should still hold on to three penny stocks she has bought as their stock prices have went south by half. The three stocks are MDR, Rowsley and Ntegrator. I am not too sure of the nature of MDR though I know that Rowsley is a stock which gets it hype from Peter Lim as a substantial shareholder and Ntegrator has a hype in its Myanmar business with Myanmar being touted as one of the new markets in the region. My thinking is that if one can hold on to these penny stocks which are below the price they have bought them, one should still hold on to them though one should not be surprised if these penny stocks are to still decline in their stock prices further. Alternatively, one can sell part of these penny stocks to realize some liquidity to channel into better attractively-priced stocks and avoid further “southing” of these penny stocks.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

What stocks can investors consider investing in now?

On 24 Aug 2015, Singapore stocks STI went south by more than 4%, this was followed by a strong upswing in STI for the rest of the previous weeks, in line with the global stocks markets. Last Friday (28 Aug 2015), the major US stocks indices were largely left unchanged, and hence I think that some investors here in Singapore stocks markets will unlock some of their profits following the US stocks performances. For investors, buying into stocks which have risen by quite a fair bit in the previous week, like energy and oil-related stocks may hence not be the best strategy. For buying confirmation into these stocks, one must be convinced that the oil prices are on a solid upwards track, similarly for buyers into commodity stocks.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

This stock has advanced 36.6% since 27 Aug 2015, will it still head north?

With the rally in oil prices, some oil-related and energy related stocks have performed well and for few, they have performed very well. Since 27 Aug 2015, one energy-related stock has advanced a spectacular 36.6% and with such a price rally, many investors would have thought this stock is a speculative penny stock. Well, this stock is not and in fact this stock has the backing of Temasek Holdings as a substantial shareholder. So what is this stock? Well, this stock is none other than Dyna-Mac stock.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

SINGAPORE ELECTIONS 2015: bring back Yam Ah Mee as Returning Officer?

The upcoming Singapore Elections 2015 seems to have a festive mood as I experience it myself. I am not sure whether this has to do with the fact that the Elections is held after the National Day parade and with most of the SG50 celebrations already taken place. There is also a slew of good news from the Election Rally for some Singaporeans here. The festive mood is also enhanced by the fact that the National Day Parade TV screening zoomed in on a particular China girl; Kit Chan singing at the National Day Rally giving the rally a festive feel and finally another girl standing out from the crowd during Kit Chan’s performance at the Rally (I wonder whether she was imitating the China girl spotted at the National Day Parade TV screening) though it was reported that she stood out from the crowd on an “auto-pilot” basis.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Dear readers, I will like to inform you that with the announcement that Singapore’s Parliament has been dissolved and that Singapore’s Polling day will be 11 Sep 2015, Singapore Stocks Investing will be alternating investing and financial posts with my thinking of the political affairs of the days in the lead-up to in Singapore’s General Elections.


Today, it was reported that Shirwin Eu turn up at the Election Department Building to collect a set of nomination forms for himself. Shirwin Eu has indicated that he would like to contest in Bukit Panjang SMC and that his strength is in “policies”. Could Shirwin who was reported to be likely contesting as an independent a “surewin” in Bukit Panjang SMC? It might be an uphill task for Shirwin as he would be facing Mr Teo Ho Pin, who is the coordinating Chairman of town councils here in Singapore and who is known for clinching good election results for the PAP. But Shirwin might still have a chance at all. The reason? The Uber effect.


Just earlier tonight, I chanced upon a post about Chan See Ting on the internet (you can read the post here: ) . The post is about Ms Chan See Ting’s seeking people with the same hair condition as her to form a support group on her hair condition which is called “alopecia”. You can read about Ms Chan See Ting’s Facebook post here .

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


It was announced that Singapore Polling Day will be 11 Sep 2015, Nomination Day will be 1 Sep 2015 after Singapore Parliament was dissolved. Contrary to popular thinking, Polling day is 11 Sep 2015 (Friday) and not 12 Sep 2015 (Saturday). With 11 Sep 2015 Friday being chosen as the Polling day, I thought this is really good as Polling day is a public holidays and Singaporeans will have a long weekends once again.

Monday, August 24, 2015

What to do now for Singapore Stocks Investors?

Singapore stocks STI index went further south in today’s trade with the STI 4.30% lower. At this moment of writing, the US stock indices were still heading south, though they were slightly better as at one time earlier, the NASDAQ was down by more than 8%! While the Singapore stocks markets were busy selling the shares and many investors asked themselves what to do next, it is at this moment that I believe is the Best buying opportunity in Singapore stocks!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The BEST value-for-monies Singapore Breakfast

I have been eating out for my breakfast since Friday 21 Aug 2015 and today, I had the same breakfast which I had since 21 Aug 2015 which to me is really the Best value-for-monies Singapore Breakfast. I have had for these breakfasts two slices of toasted bread with creamy kaya and margarine as the yummy spread, two boiled eggs and last but not least, as you have expected, a cup of great coffee! This combination is really one of Singapore’s “trademark” breakfast sets and a set of this breakfast costs $4.80 at Yakun Toast which I had in the beginning of August 2015. But do you know that I have had all the breakfasts for myself from 21 Aug 2015 to today at a total price of a mere $4.20, which is still cheaper than the corresponding set from Yakun Toast?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Will SUN XUELING be an advocate for retail investors?

The US stock markets went south by over 3% (Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P 500). It has really been some time since I see US stocks markets headed south by such a magnitude on a trading day. The causes for the performance are China, expectations of interest rate hikes, oil and commodities and perhaps some of the Greek drama. It is like times like these that we note in the Singapore stocks markets now that Warren Buffet’s saying may be remembered by some investors: to be greedy at market opportunities like these.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Singapore Stocks Markets: First-world market?

I have been glued to the TV show “Singapore Tonight” for the past week. While it is interesting to watch the various political parties unveiling their candidates (mainly from the ruling party), it is even more exciting to look at the stocks markets action for Singapore and for the world. Though in this internet era, we can just turn to the internet news for stocks markets news, watching the TV news with all the graphics and sound is far more interesting.

Finally, one Singapore stock to head north?

As I looked at the performance of the Singapore stocks markets, I was reminded of my army days. Well, why was this so? In my army days, I constantly had to go “down” as I responded to the “down” orders shouted by my sergeant as I did that extra push-up as one of the many “punishments” meted out (together with the rest of my platoon as well). In the same way, the Singapore stocks markets have also been responding to the “down” sentiments as Singapore stocks markets again headed south.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My thoughts on the Singapore stocks markets

There is a confluence of factors shaping stocks sentiments: China’s stocks performance, oil and commodity prices, the Federal Reserves’ decision on interest rate increases and even the incident in Thailand. Together, these factors shape the broader market sentiments on the Singapore stocks markets so much so that many stock headed south today. If your portfolio is not doing well, do not fret for this is what investors should know before entering into the stocks markets.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


As more and more candidates are revealed by the political parties for the upcoming Singapore General Elections, Singaporeans note that the candidates for the upcoming election hail from respective fields, from bankers, professionals to lawyers. Would there be one candidate among these candidates who could perhaps advocate for retail investors? Its seems that currently it is not apparent whether any candidate would take up this role, though if Louis Ng is to contest in the elections, we would have one advocate representing the animal welfare.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Singapore Stocks: my commentary

Singapore Stocks went south today, with the STI closing 1.51% lower. Noble Group stock still was the top traded stock today, closing south at 7.143%. I do not like Noble Group stock though many retail investors think of it as a good trading play. I have given my thought on Noble Group price in last Saturday’s post, for readers who would like to read it, you may read the post.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Noble Group has retreated to a price level below fifty cents per share with its stock price closing at $0.49 yesterday. Up to today, I think it is pretty much hard to value Noble Group stock as this is really the centre of argument of all the reports against Noble Group. Hence, I believe retail investors who buy into Noble Group do it with thinking that the price they enter is low enough for them to sell at a profit later. But such a thinking is not really strategic as we have noted how Noble Group stock went down from seventy-cents odd to sixty-cents odd to now below fifty cents per share. So how do we value Noble Group current price?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Interesting Reads from a Financial Facebook Page

I have been really busy with work; I love to be busy at work though being really busy with work does not necessarily translate into better career prospects. However, I would think of myself giving more value to work by being busier and learning more things (which is true and this includes learning how I can cope with more workload). Nevertheless though I am busy, I still take a look at the Singapore stocks markets regularly. Currently, the stocks markets are not very good and hence I will not enter the Singapore Stocks Market with new positions.

Anyway, I found something quite interesting from a Financial Facebook page. Does everyone know Roger Tan? Well, he was the Head of SIAS Research before he became his own boss at Voyage Research. And has anyone read the book by Google’s Jolly Good Fellow (which nobody can deny) cum Singapore’s most famous Google employee: Tan Chade Meng? So how is Roger Tan linked to Tan Chade Meng? Well they are brothers! I learnt of this from this Voyage Research Facebook post .

Thursday, August 13, 2015

What should Singapore stocks investors do now?

Today, the Singapore Stocks STI rebounded, closing the trading session today at 0.99% higher, after yesterday’s “southing” of 2.90%. We must note that the STI is only a weighed-average indicator of the top 30 market capitalization of the Singapore stocks. Unless, an investor is to buy into an STI ETF, the performance of the stocks in one’s portfolio may not be aligned to the performance of the STI.

Tom K’s commentary on Singapore stocks

Yesterday (12 Aug 2015), Singapore stocks went quite south with the STI heading down by around 2.90%. I have not seen southing of this magnitude for quite some time. The cause for the performance of the Singapore stocks really has to do with the devaluation of the Chinese yuan which sent bourses across the bourse south as well. Noble Group stock went 11.4% south in line with the slide of the commodity prices too.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lui Tuck Yew not contesting in Singapore General Election: effect on transport stocks

It was reported today that Mr Lui Tuck Yew would not contest in the upcoming Singapore General Elections. When I read the news, I was not surprised, for the weeks leading up to today’s announcement, there has been the circulation of a Facebook post by Mr Lui which leaves readers to wonder what Mr Lui’s next political move would be.

Monday, August 10, 2015

TT International stock: a potential Multi-Bagger stock

Dear readers, how have your Golden Jubilee holidays been? I believe it must be a rewarding holidays for all of us! In the Golden Jubilee holidays, I visited many places with my family, went to the Marina Bay areas and watched the spectacular fireworks as well as indulging in good buffet food. I believe all Singaporeans must also be happy celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee weekends. Many households must also have received funpacks containing all goodies and discount vouchers!

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Dear readers,

Singapore celebrates its SG50 Golden Jubilee this year.

Singaporeans will celebrate SG50 National Day on 9 Aug 2015, fifty years after independence.

As we celebrate our National Day, it is timely to reflect on all aspects of Singapore stocks investing year-to-date.

Singapore Stocks Markets

Singapore stocks markets have not seen a strong slew of IPO listings year-to-date as compared to year 2014. I have also read that even brand new IT start-ups, based right here in Singapore have chosen to take their IPO listing to Australia. It really does not mean that new IPOs are good for retail investors, but the number of new IPOs listing does give some indications to how attractive a stocks markets is to investors.


SGX welcomes a new CEO in Mr Loh Boon Chye. Investors will be closely looking at how he will make the Singapore Stocks Markets appealing to retail investors once again. On a “flip side”, there was yet another glitch in the SGX’s technical systems, now in the derivatives front.

As SGX makes continous improvements, I would also really welcome the investigation reports into the year 2013 “stocks rout” involving Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold so that whole Singapore investing community could finally know what happened, this community includes retail investors who might have bought some of the trio stocks at more than $2 a share.


After Olam International, this year, investors have seen how Noble Group stock price keeps heading south from short-selling. As of this time in writing, I have read how Ezion could be another potential short-seller target.

Sector Performance

Commodities and crude palm oil continue to be a drag. The Greece debt saga, China’s “stocks rout” and US’ interest rate decision also have shaped the performance of most stocks here.

Overall Singapore stocks markets sentiments

From the forums which I have read, many retail investors have not had a good “outing” in the Singapore stocks markets year-to-date. I read how some retail investors have even called Singapore stocks markets as a “shortist” markets in which investors can earn more short-selling shares rather than buying shares.

The Good thing of Singapore Stocks Investing

I am so sorry if I have painted a rather bleak picture of the overall Singapore’s stocks market landscape but the reality of the Singapore Stocks Markets is not far from the true. But, not to be disheartened especially if your investing has not be as “fruitful” this year, …….. for we are SINGAPOREANS. We are known to be innovative, for turning urine into NEWater, for organizing the world’s First F1 night, hence all of us, Singapore retail investors have the capability to be Innovative in our approach towards making the Best of what the Singapore Stocks Markets can offer and turn that into profits and profits for our portfolio!

Tom K wishes you and your family a Happy Golden Jubilee SG50 Holidays!

Majulah Singapura!

Warmest Regards,

Tom K


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Friday, August 7, 2015


The NATIONAL DAY AWARDS 2015 will be a highlight of Singapore’s SG 50 National Day Golden Jubilee celebrations. The National Day Awards are given every year to Singaporeans who have contributed their time and effort towards the well-being and betterment of the society. Recipients of National Day Awards will usually include businessmen, academics, community leaders and personnel in the service industry. After the conferment of the awards, a Public Service Medal recipient will be given the title of “PBM” while Public Service Star Medal recipient will be given the title of “BBM”. There are many awards beside these two awards such as one of the highest awards: Star of Temasek.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tom K of SSI to contest in the next Singapore General Elections?

Will Tom K contest in the next General Elections? With all talks on Singapore’s next General Elections and news of yet another high-flyer in Civil Service resigning from Civil Service, attention are on who will be the next to be fielded as potential candidates. Already, in the slate of potential candidates from the ruling Party are LG Ng Chee Meng; Permanent Secretary Chee Hong Tat; Temasek Investment Director, Sun Xue Ling; Hai Leck’s Deputy CEO; OUE HT’s CEO; a HOD from a Secondary School; Lee Hong Chuan, HP IT Manager; Daryl David, an artiste, Louis Ng of ACRES; Desmond Choo; Cheryl Chan and many more.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Noble Group: what is its value?

Today, Noble Group stock went north by 3.3 % to close the trading day at $0.47.In my previous post on Noble Group stock, there was an exchange of views between a reader and myself. You can read the post here. The discussion also centred on value, what the value of Noble Group stock is. I guess when it comes to Noble Group stock, as we could infer from the reports published against Noble Group, it may be hard to ascertain an intrinsic value to Noble Group stock as the accounting uses a set of calculations which was the centre of the reports against Noble Group stock.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Singapore Golden Jubilee National Day Parade Preview

My family and I were treated to a spectacular preview of Singapore's Golden Jubilee National Day Preview along with several thousands at the Floating Platform, Marina Bay yesterday. Though the preview was not the main parade at the Padang, nevertheless, the mood at the Floating Platform was no less exciting. Along with the other participants, we were treated to a live-telecast of the main parade at the Padang, live event activities at the platform and the joining in of participants from the Padang.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

My analysis on this diversified stock

Global Yellow Pages stock closed at $0.25, some 43% discount off its stock price year-to-date. Global Yellow Pages had announced that it expected to announce a set of non-stellar results due to the writing-off of some millions of dollars; the stock markets reacted to the announcement and sent Global Yellow Pages stock to a price-level the markets are seeing now.

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