Sunday, January 31, 2016


Dear readers, this is an ANGBAO GUIDE for Singapore for Chinese New Year 2016. We will be soon welcoming the Fire Monkey Year 2016. For those eligible to give Angbaos, I am sure some of you will be wondering how much to tuck in each Angbao this year? With the economy not as great or fantastic as before, I am not surprised that some of you may even think of scaling back the amount in each Angbao. There are even published reports in the local media which gives readers a guide to the Angbao amounts. The market rate seems to be in the range of $6 to $10 per Angbao.

A millionaire says a simple way to get rich is a decision most people do not make

A timeless adage of getting rich. What is this adage? Read the link now to find out.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Star Ferry, Hong Kong

Some of our sight-seeing itinerary of our Hong Kong tour straddled across Hong Kong Island from Mongkok where our hotel was. We had been on train from Central to Hong Kong Island before, hence we decided to take the famous Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central instead for our second Hong Kong tour in order to experience the full spectrum of Hong Kong’s diverse transportation options as well as to experience Star Ferry.

Two stocks which could ride on the Singapore stocks market rebound

If I am correct, the global stocks markets and Singapore stocks markets should be restaging a rebound (though I am not sure how strong and sustainable the rebound will be) which began yesterday 29 Jan 2016 after the weeks of selling since Dec 2015. Investors should focus on blue-chip stocks, especially those which are oversold. As for offshore and marine stocks, interested investors should consider buying them in tranches as I think it is not easy to tell when oil prices should head up. For recent IPO stocks like Jumbo stock, it may be likely that this stock will no longer be appealing compared to stocks which have previously tested historical highs and are now at bottoms. As for penny stocks, my advice is not to touch them at all as successful trading (or should I say speculating) resides in the domain of the expert players.

The world’s richest: what do you need to know?

If you add up the wealth of about the world’s poorer half of the population, which translates to 3.5 billion people, you will get USD 1.76 trillion dollars.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Today, Noble stock rallied up by 14.8% to close the trading session at $0.31. The rally could likely be due to the “bargain of the decade” report by Religare Capital Markets’ analyst Nirgunan Tiruchelvam who gave a target of 37 Singapore cents for the stock. And as shared by myself in my previous posts, the rally could also be due to the successful gathering of approval from shareholders for Noble Group to dispose of its shares in Noble Agri for liquidity moves. Prior to Religare Capital’s report, I have shared with readers in a post on 17 Jan 2016 how I have been accumulating Noble Group stock while the stock was trading at low prices (you could read the post here).

What Singapore stocks to buy and buy at what prices?

Singapore stocks markets have entered into a “bear” territory. Buying good stocks now may seem to be a good thing to do, given the lower stock prices. But will stock prices head even lower?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Top Twenty undervalued stocks

The top twenty undervalued stocks can be found here. I believe some of these are worth buying and holding at the current stock prices.

How to get rich the lazy way?

This is quite an interesting article which I read of, becoming rich the lazy way.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Six important stock news which investors must know today

Dear readers, here are six stocks which you must know, amidst the current lacklustre Singapore stocks markets according to the release of today’s news

First of all, Noble Group stock. Noble Group stock closed at $0.275 today, still a very low price. Noble Group is having a meeting tomorrow to seek shareholders for approval to dispose of its shares in Noble Agri Limited as part of its liquidity moves. I believe if the above resolution is approved, it will be positive for Noble Group stock. However, Noble Group stock investing is always such an adrenalin rush for investors as at this moment, Iceberg said it will release a fourth report on Noble Group. My humble view is that compared to the first three reports, there may be more interest in Iceberg Research this time round since even credit rating firms have given Noble Group stock a downgrade. I believe Noble Group’s stock price may head even south as the management of Noble engages in reassuring its shareholders once more. Will it be likely that Iceberg Research’s target price of ten cents for Noble Group stock may be reached?

How to become a Millionaire through these nine habits?

I believe most people can have more Success to become a millionaire and I identify the nine habits for millionaire wannabes in this link.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why this analyst think that there is a relief in the current global stocks markets?

Dear readers, there is some positiveness in the current global stocks markets. An analyst gives his views on this. See the video below.

A career from blogging?

I blog more to share my experience and passion in investing, trading, wealth creation, financial management with fellow readers. But there is one lady (who is not Xia Xue) who could earn up to $3000 to $6000 a month from blogging. Read this link to find out more.

Are these the stock sectors to invest in for Fire Monkey Year 2016?

The global stocks markets are not doing well, perhaps that is the reason why I did not read as many stock recommendations for Year 2016 as compared with Year 2015. The whatever few recommendations of stocks for the year which I read belong to the more defensive sectors, sectors like transport sectors, in defensive stocks like SMRT and Comfortdelgro. Instead of stock recommendations, I have read more of analysts giving their take on whether the commodities will stage a rebound or not.

Monday, January 25, 2016

What you need to know about Apple & Google?

Apple contributes 13.5% to Google’s revenue since 70% to 80% of Google’s mobile revenues come from iOS devices.

What investors would need to understand about the current stocks markets?

We see the China stocks markets factor right on the first day of the year: China stocks index went south by seven percentage points. This episode just so reinforced the fact that the world can no longer ignore China’s stocks markets in this interdependent world. To understand about the current stocks markets is to understand about China’s stock markets too. I have compiled some statistics from my personal reading to share with readers about this increasing important stocks markets.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ten Best Stock Pickers of the world

Everyone wants to be a profitable, consistent and successful investor. Beside Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, there are ten other more good investors in the world. Read this link to find out more.

Could this stock be the world’s most valuable company?

If I ask you what is the world’s most valuable company and possibly the world’s most valuable stock? I believe the answer to each of the above question is the same and it will be none other than “Apple”. This is not surprising since Apple continues to dazzle the world since decades ago to now with its wide array of innovative products that are always ahead of times.

A millionaire says a simple way to get rich is a decision most people do not make

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Saturday, January 23, 2016


Dear readers, want to learn how much your salary compares with the rest of the world? A link for you to do just that. Join the emailing list to receive regular Financial and Singapore stocks newsletters too! Like" me on Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook page to receive all posts on your Facebook as well as read more articles. Follow me on Twitter too.

Getting to Central MTR station from Hong Kong MTR station

I have made it a “must” that for the second Hong Kong tour with my wife, we had to experience taking a unique transport vehicle in Hong Kong and that is none other than the unique tram on Hong Kong Island! Towards this goal, once we reach Central via Star Ferry (another equally unique experience which I would share later too), we went on to look for “Peddar Street” which, according to the map is situated behind Central Exchange.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Are we heading into Global Financial meltdown?

Looking at the stocks markets these days, some people say it is the beginning of a global financial meltdown as normally stocks markets will trend lower for some time before the global stocks markets “crash”. Others say that this is just a “correction” and is a good buying opportunity. Hence, there exist three camps of investors currently: first camp is to do nothing since they believe in a stocks markets crash and will prefer to bargain hunt at the bottom; the second is to sell everything since this group has invested quite a substantial monies into the stocks markets; the third camp is to buy as the markets continue to trend down, believing this to be “dollar cost averaging” though they may “catch a falling knife”.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Are we entering into a stock markets crash like year 2008?

With many stocks markets down, will the world be looking at a stocks markets crash like year 2008? Watch the video below now:

Are you one of the Singaporeans who spend US $1,065 a year on this?

Singapore resident adult spends about US $1,150 in year 2010 on this and the figure is about the same at US $1,065 in year 2014. What is it?

How to become a Successful Investor?

In my blog posts, I have highlighted the point that to be a Successful investor, it boils down to who you are first rather than what you do. It is really a mindset thing. You have to become the person, the investor whom you inspire to, then do the things of the people you are modeling to become successful.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What should investors do now?

Singapore stocks headed south by 2.98% in today’s trading session. Many stocks which has done well yesterday were defeated. What should investors do now?

This stock may continue to rally

As investors seeking profits and returns in this more and more dynamic stocks markets, we must ask ourselves what the stock themes are before investing our very dollars. Against the current markets backdrop where good dividends stocks have been oversold, it makes sense to go in by tranches to buy these stocks, though some sectors remain more “challenging” and chief of these sectors is oil: for looking at the current environment, oil may just get cheaper and cheaper.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tom K’s commentary on Two Singapore stocks

Noble Group stock rallied 9.1% today to close today’s trading session at $0.30. In my post dated 17 Jan 2016, I have shared with readers that I was accumulating Noble Group stock and yes, I have accumulated quite a fair bit prior to today's trading session. In the same post, I have also shared my reasons why, I believe in Noble Group stock, but note on a long-term basis. While others are skeptical of Noble Group stock, I have been buying and trading Noble Group stock really all these while, during my investing journey and each time, Noble Group stock has been giving me profits. In fact, Noble Group was the first stock in my investing journey which has given me real fantastic profits returns when I first commenced on my investing and trading journey.

Are you guilty of making this same excuse for not achieving Financial Success?

According to Robert Kiyosaki, here are the six excuses people use for not achieving financial success:

1. Little or no money saved up for investing

2. Living paycheck to paycheck

3. Little or no financial knowledge

Top Twenty Singapore stocks which Investors should know

Dear readers, as part of my sharing, I using the SGX’s screener on its website regularly to screen for stocks based on different criteria. The criteria depend on what I would like to find out. For now, I would like to list the top twenty Singapore stocks based on one criterion for the knowledge of investors. Here is the list of top twenty stocks:

Monday, January 18, 2016

The second stock Tom K is looking at for year 2016

For year 2016, I am training my focus on only a few selected Singapore counters amidst the current stocks markets climate, both overseas and in Singapore. One of these is Noble Group stock, whose price has headed south by so much that it has become very attractive to me. The attractiveness will be for a long-term holding basis since the current fundamentals of Noble Group are such that I believe the already low prices of the stock will be in a rather tight trading range. But I believe in the stock on a long-term basis and I believe Noble Group’s business should not fail.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Dear readers, against the current stocks markets backdrop, many people look at downsides. This is inevitable for we are in a “bear market” for Singapore stocks, aren’t we? While it is natural to look at the downsides, it is also advantageous to look at the upsides or possible upsides. It is not easy definitely to look at upsides now since every time we are online, we are “bombarded” with media telling us that the markets are not good. But it is at these times when markets are not easy that some investors make the most monies from their investments. This is why the adage goes: “Be Greedy when others are Fearful, Be Fearful when others are Greedy”.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stanley Market

Stanley Market were the last sight-seeing stop of our Hong Kong tour. My wife and I had all along listed Stanley Market as an “optional item” in our tour because we read photos of “Pasar Malams” on websites of the attraction which resembled just as much as Singapore’s “Pasar Malams”. Nevertheless, feeling that we did not have any other better option on the third day of our free and easy tour in Hong Kong, we decided to visit Stanley Market. To get to Stanley Market, we took bus 260 from Central Exchange Public Bus terminus.

How I became a millionaire by age 30

Perhaps, the most famous Singaporean who became a millionaire before age 30 is Adam Khoo but this article shares how an average folk can similarly become a millionaire by age 30 too. Read this article now.  

Friday, January 15, 2016

Wise teachings from Jack Ma

A very insightful article by Jack Ma, read the article and be inspired in your life and wealth creation!

Are these two stocks worth a “Buy”?

Amidst the current stocks markets performance, some investors may want to focus on fundamentals. So let us see what we can obtain by performing a stock scan on SGX StocksFacts webpage. I set the following parameters:

a) P/E ratio from “0” to “11.687”: this is to mirror the current P/E of Singapore stocks markets, not exactly the P/E but P/E of the current stocks markets sentiments

b) Dividend Yield from 3.56% to 6%: which I believe are reasonable dividend yields deserved from stocks amidst the current stocks markets and inflation environment

c) Price to book ratio of 0.506 to 0.974: in the current stocks markets “sell-off”, some stocks become bargain as their stock prices head below their net book values

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What I have done against the current stocks markets?

Amidst the stocks markets sell down, I was disciplined enough to know that it is not wise to buy stocks which seem cheap as stocks may just get cheaper. And I am glad that I have listened to my very own advice gleaned from years of investing. Experience that will tell me that the stocks markets these days are dynamic and the only constant in the stocks markets are really the stocks markets dynamics.

A sharing of my Investing approach for year 2016

There are mixed sentiments for the global stock markets including Singapore’s for year 2016. Investors have watched how the global stocks markets have fared from the beginning of January 2016 and some have made their conclusions for global stocks for year 2016 from this episode.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Top Singapore stock picks by Singapore banks

In case you have missed The Sunday Times article of 10 January 2016 on top stock picks by Singapore’ local banks, this is the summary for readers.

1) CapitaLand (DBS T.P $3.73, OCBC T.P $4.07)

2) City Development (DBS T.P $10.26)

3) Ezion (DBS T.P $1)

4) Japfa (DBS T.P $0.90)

5) Sheng Siong (DBS T.P $1.01, (OCBC T.P $0.95)

6) ST Engineering (DBS T.P $3.60)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

An EROtic strategy to Investing

With global stocks languishing including Singapore’s, it is inevitable that some investors whose stocks have been “shaped” by the global stock markets are feeling not happy. Even those investors who have in the past invested in stocks regarded as “blue chips” and “safe” may also not have the most positive “vibes”. To take for example, Keppel corp stock which once traded at around $12+ per share is now being “hammered” down to $5+ per share. I am not surprised that for some investors to whom liquidity is important, they may be “forced” to sell their shares, incurring non-profits as a result.

Wise teaching from Hong Kong’s richest man

Li Ka-Shing is widely known as Hong Kong’s richest man with wealth in the league of billions of US dollars. I have always known Li Ka-Shing as that, a very wealthy man who also does philanthropy work. Hence when I chanced upon an article by Mr Li Ka-Shing sharing his lessons on wealth, I decided to read it thoroughly to see what Mr Li Ka-Shing has to share with everyone on wealth creation. I was truly satisfied after reading the article and it is really an insightful article.


The government has rolled out SkillsFuture, an initiative whereby the government will give Singaporeans some credits regularly, starting from $500 to attend courses. The aim of SkillsFuture is to develop the skills of Singaporeans for the future whereby the industries in the future will require new skills, some of which will be totally different from the skills workers are equipped with today.

Monday, January 11, 2016

What you need to know about this stock?

Japan Food holdings may not be familiar to many, but I believe many will know about Ajisen Ramen. You can learn more about how much a bowl of Ajisen Ramen really costs from this link.


One of the world’s favorite stocks is in the hands of many of you. This stock is none other than the beloved Apple smart phones. With Apple stock now at a low, is it time to buy this stock? Or will there be a better opportunity to invest in the stock in the near future?


A group of fellow bloggers have banded together to write an e-book on their recommended strategies on investing their first $20,000. The book was sparked by an article in the local newspapers on the same subject which the bloggers felt have been slanted toward funds touted by fund managers. I have read the ebook by the bloggers and could identify one common theme running through the book and that is for the preference of investing in Exchange-traded funds like the STI ETF. The reasons cited are reasonable to me: with ETFs, an investor could achieve diversification of their investments and achieve decent dividends relatively risk-free. So after reading one camp advocating investing in funds and of the other camp’s preference in ETFs, I became excited too by the same topic, in the sense that I would like to share with you what I would do with that first $20,000 investment if I were a new investor once again gleaning from my so many years of investing and trading.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Three insights gleaned from Singapore stocks markets for 4 Jan 2016 to 8 Jan 2016

The first trading week for global bourses were shaped by the frenzied China’s stocks markets. As a result, the STI which closed at 2,882.73 on 31 Dec 2015 closed at 2,751.23 on 8 Jan 2016. This was a 5.81% south for the STI for the first trading week of year 2016. Going forward, I believe there will be a slight improvement in Singapore stocks as the Singapore stocks were already so much oversold for the first week of year 2016.

Why oil prices could rally in year 2016?

Watch the video below to know why oil prices could rally in year 2016?

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Interview with CEO of Yuuzoo

I would like to share with readers an interview article with James Sundram, CEO of Yuuzoo. Read the article to find out more about the man, on why Yuuzoo is entering into Africa, the sharing James gave to his military pals during his military days and his thinking about media during his days at SPH, PropertyGuru as well as one thing he has regretted not doing for which he would do it for a million dollars.

Citygate shopping

We arrived at Citygate shopping mall, after an afternoon at Lantau Island. Citygate shopping mall is famous for its branded goods at discounted prices. I would liken Citygate to Singapore’s Changi City Point. Both are shopping centres situated at one MRT/MTR station from the airports, selling branded goods at discounted prices. The parallels between Singapore’s and Hong Kong’s city design does not stop there. In most of the places we have been in Hong Kong, there is something similar we could identify with Singapore’s city infrastructural design.

How to go about picking the right stocks? By Goldman Sachs

These are the top stock picks by David Kostin, Chief US equity strategist at Goldman Sachs, you can refer to the link here.  

According to him  , “Flat is the new up” for the investing theme for year 2016. I could not agree with him more. His three points for investing picks are to focus on financially strong stocks, pinpoint stocks with high US sales and go for growth could not be more agreeable with me. And these points are applicable for Singapore stocks as well.

Friday, January 8, 2016

A Good website for Investors

I chanced upon this website ( in the local newspapers and have read some of the articles in the website.


I strongly disagree with the proposal by business leaders calling for CPF monies to be invested in Singapore shares to help, I quote “moribund market”; unquote.

CPF monies are hard-earned monies by Singaporeans to pay for housing, retirement and healthcare and hence we should ensure that our hard-earned monies are not subject to the risks posed by the volatilities in the global and local stocks markets, as what we are seeing now.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

What should investors do now?

I have not been sharing my thoughts on the stocks markets as frequently these days. The reason is simple: there are much more exciting financial-related stuff to read from the internet. Stock markets have been trending down much lower due to the China stocks markets and if these are not exciting enough, there is a lot of literature on the internet suggesting that stocks markets still have a way down south for the year ahead: first we have Robert Kiyosaki and today, I read that George Soros think that the current stocks markets are akin to the stocks markets in year 2008 before the global financial meltdown.

Two Singapore stocks recommended by a top analyst

Compared to year 2015, I find that there are far fewer analysts this year giving their recommendation calls for Singapore stocks. However, there is one analyst giving her recommendation call on local TV channel. Let us hear what she has to say.

Could you beat the stocks markets with these three stocks?

As the business community recommends more measures to boost Singapore’s lacklustre stocks markets and as the global stocks markets swing once again, it will be useful to look for opportunities outside of Singapore markets as well.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The search for higher returns on your monies

I was queuing at the ATM to withdraw some monies when I noticed long queues at the ATMs. Why were there long queues at ATMs as compared to the usual queues? I asked myself. Later it dawned on me that many of the people queuing at the ATMs might be wanting to update their bank books to find out how much interest they have earned from their bank accounts, by parking their monies dutifully with the banks.

Seven stocks to Buy for year 2016

I would like to share with readers this article on seven stocks to buy for year 2016. The article is here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Are these Singapore stocks the Best stocks for Year 2016?

As we enter into year 2016, I believe Singapore investors are still making sense of the Singapore stocks markets of year 2015. So what are the stocks that investors could possibly invest in? Will stocks which have been bottoming out make for a rebound, or will they be “beaten down” further by the “commodity rout” and increasing US interest rates? Are there new stock themes to explore?
I am more interested in new themes to explore and with the help of the SGX StockFacts “stock screener” function, I set out my exploring of new stock themes with the following criteria:

1) P/E ratio: from 5.089 to 11.086 (do not ask me why I am so exact in decimal places, it is due to the “dragging” of the screener bar such that the numbers appear. Singapore’s stocks PE now, as a whole is around 13, so stocks with a P/E lower than Singapore’s stocks in general, should be attractive)

2) Dividend Yield: from 3.03% to 7.41% (the minimum approximate 3% is to beat inflation rate while I am not increasing the maximum to 8% or more as I am not interested in higher-yielding equities like Reits in a increasing interest rate environment)

Is Privatisation of this stock possible?

Following an article which I have read online, I would think that my previous sharing with readers on the possibility of more privatization of Singapore companies, especially those whose share prices have been lacklustre is still valid. Looking at how TigerAir (IPO price: $1.50) has an exit offer of $0.45, NOL (IPO price: $4) with an exit offer of $1.30; it is still possible for a Temasek-linked company in Sembcorp Marine to be privatized, even though its stock price has languished. For the record, Sembcorp Marine stock traded at $1.72 yesterday (4 Jan 2016), back in year 2011, the stock was trading at a high of $5.88.

Monday, January 4, 2016

What we need to know about before investing your next dollars in Singapore stocks?

In year 2015, we have seen how the global stocks markets react to speculation over the US FOMC meetings as the focus or interest of the investing community was to see when the US Federal Reserves would increase interest rates. Global stocks have gyrated during each FOMC meeting. US Federal Reserves finally increased US interest rates in the December meeting. From what I understand, the next interest rate hike would be in the April 2016 meeting.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Best job in the world for men?

I happened to watch this Youtube video on the Best Job in the world. Apparently the video below questions whether the job featured is the Best for men?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tai O, Hong Kong: here we come

The first Hong Kong tour my wife and I went was really a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong’s many places of interest. For our second Hong Kong tour, we decided to discover all the great food in Hong Kong, and to complete our experience of the diverse interesting transport choices (like The Star Ferry, the Tram) as well as to explore some of the outlying islands of Hong Kong.

Lantau Islands, where we visited before, still stood out as a place to visit for our second tour, to pay our respects to the Big Buddha. Beside Lantau, I have listed some choices like Lamma islands. Lamma islands seem to us like a sleepy fishing village akin to Pulau Ubin which we have not even visited before on our own shores. After sometime, we decided on Tai O as the place to visit, since it seems similar to Lamma and is on Lantau Island where we would visit Ngong Ping in the same tour.

From Ngong Ping, we took bus 11; it was another hour ride or so, a bumpy ride, nevertheless, a scenic one, over the contours of Lantau. The bus stopped a the terminus at Tai O.



Friday, January 1, 2016

How should investors invest in Singapore Stocks for Year 2016?

Dear readers, today is New Year’s Day and I wish All of You a Happy New Year 2016! Being the first day of a brand new year, I thought it will be good to start the New Year with a post about investing for the year ahead!

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