Sunday, July 31, 2016


I was at the Invest Fair 2016 yesterday. I have not been to the annual Invest Fairs for quite some years already; hence I was surprised when I saw that onsite registration was needed to enter the event exhibition (since I could just walk in to the event hall for a Invest Fair which I previously attended). I thought the registration was a brilliant way for the organizers to obtain the particulars of investors, potential investors for possible marketing after the event, albeit the registration process was a little bit slow.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Simple Profitable Investing strategies revealed

Many investors seek to find that magic formula to profitable investing. To me, profitable investing is simple if investors think not of profits first but rather how best not to lose monies. If we think of investments first by thinking how to prevent giving tuition fees to the stocks markets, then I believe we can be better investors and more importantly we will have better results with our investments.

Friday, July 29, 2016

What are the stocks some consider now?

Some Singapore investors like stocks with Temasek Holdings as a major shareholder. Having the stake of Temasek seems to signal that the stock is attractive in terms of yields and returns. We have seen how some of Temasek-linked stocks were delisted:Olam, Tiger Airways, NOL, SMRT were delisted. Investors may ask whether buying Temasek-linked stocks might be the best investment strategy since we have instances that a buyout, should it occur, might not give investors the price above his purchase price. Consider the offer price of SMRT at $1.68; some investors might have bought at around $2.04.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

What should investors do now after Swiber?

Swiber announced that it would wind up and seek liquidation. While this announcement might seem normal in overseas markets when it is not uncommon to see oil-related firms wound up in this downtrodden energy and oil markets; for Singapore, this could be a first.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What All Investors should do now?

I read a very insightful article by “Godfather of Asian stock market”, Taiwanese investment guru Hu Li Yang in LianHe Zao Bao newspapers last week. If investors ask whether or not they should invest in the current stocks markets which to me seem to be without any clear leads or clues, then they should have read the above article.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016



(If you are not able to see the captions, please click here).

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Today’s focus of Singapore stocks

I believe Katrina stock will be the focus of today’s Singapore stocks as it starts trading on the Singapore stocks exchange. There will be interest in this stock since the café restaurant business is a defensive one and investors might be thinking whether Katrina stock will be the next Jumbo stock whose stock price keeps notching higher gains since IPO. Food businesses traditionally in Singapore are well-received as compared with retail businesses: just look at the crowds in restaurants versus the crowds doing “real” shopping in retail outlets.

Monday, July 25, 2016

This could have made this stock a multi-bagger even faster

The Michelin Singapore awards have been given out and I am glad that I have not been wrong on the Hong Kong Chicken rice in Chinatown whose stall was awarded a one-star Michelin. I meant I have tried it before and was so fascinated at the taste that I have been recommending others to try it. Hence the award by Michelin to this humble Chicken rice stall is all the more deserving! I have just one gripe though: the other time when I was queuing at the Chicken rice stall, the queue was already long; with the Michelin Award, I believe the waiting time now would be much longer.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Would you buy into this stock now?

SMRT stock has resumed trading after the announcement that Temasek Holdings will be taking SMRT stock private. The offer price is $1.68 and SMRT stock rallied after the trading halt to trade close to the offer price. Investors who went in definitely wanted to get SMRT stock for as close a price to SMRT’s last traded price before the trading halt but I would not be surprised if some investors choose to buy at a price very close to the offer price, say at $1.66. Why is that so?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Secrets of profitable investing revealed

It is not easy to profit from the stocks markets, let us be frank, especially for a retail investor. If we could use an analogy, “David and Goliath” could be used to describe the odds of a retail investor profiting consistently in the stocks markets. But it needs not be so, if David could triumph over Goliath, there is every chance that a retail investor could win the stocks markets game.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


WONG FONG INDUSTRIES has launched its IPO on Singapore’s Catalist Board. Let us look at details of this IPO.

Business: Land transport engineering solutions and systems, with businesses in Singapore, Malaysia and China. Customers cited are government agencies, SMEs, MNCs in industries like waste management and defence, logistics and infrastructure development.

Is there still time to Buy these rallying stocks?

While there have been questions after the Brexit on the state of the global economy and some investors are staying away from the Singapore stocks markets to assess the financial situation of the stocks markets and the world, without a doubt, Singapore stocks are still moving up though it might not be apparent from the STI. The point is that it depends on which Singapore stocks we are taking about.

Will these Singapore stocks rally today?

From what I have noticed, whenever there is a buyout of a Temasek-linked company by Temasek Holdings, there will be interest in the stocks of other Temasek-linked companies as some investors speculate whether they will be buyout targets by Temasek next. Their speculation might send the stock price of these stocks surging.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

SMRT stock to be privatised, what stocks could be next?

Today, SMRT and Temasek announced that Temasek Holdings will be taking SMRT private, buying the remaining of the shares that it does not currently own at an offer price of $1.68 per share. The price “One Six Eight” will naturally be linked, in mandarin to “Yi Lu Fa” (meaning prosperity all the way) and not only that, “Lu” is “Road” in mandarin, hence I thought that is all the more, the “right” price for SMRT stock.

Will this stock continue to go higher? And another stock to discuss

I posted a blog post on 16 Jul 2016 on Alliance Mineral (you can read the post here) and asked whether Alliance Mineral could be the next multi-bagger stock since the stock had more than doubled its stock price in year 2016 then. Will there be further upsides to this stock? Then, Alliance Mineral stock traded at $0.102 and I shared with readers how I have exited with double digits percentage points and the onus of investors is to continue to do more research into a company before deciding whether a stock could be worth investing in.

What investors need to know about these two stocks?

This week, there are two stocks in focus and these are stocks which are pretty on my mind for a very long time now and the reason behind my musing is due to the very operating nature of the companies behind these stocks. And finally, there is some decision on changes to the operating nature of these companies.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Is it a good time to Buy this zero-debt stock now?

There are many Singapore companies which take on debt to fuel their growth. Often, their growth plans may differ according to plan but what is constant is that the company has to address the debt which it has taken. Investors would have noted that there are many listed companies in the world which are not able to address their debt issues and eventually have to fold. Hence, in choosing a stock, one of the key factors some investors consider is that the stock should have a low or even zero debt-to-equity ratio.

Monday, July 18, 2016

This stock has advanced over 40% year-to-date, will this rally continue?

While much has been said about Best World International stock which has more than advanced 400% year-to-date over potential of its China’s businesses, there also exists a pocket of Singapore stocks which continue to quietly chalk up good gains amidst a more modest local stocks market conditions.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


The Katrina Group, a F&B group has launched an IPO and trading of Katrina’s shares is expected on the Catalist on 26 July 2016. Katrina IPO is via placement-only and there is no tranche for the public, however, retail investors could definitely buy Katrina stock when it is listed on the IPO. The placement IPO price is at $0.21 per share.

According to what I have read of Katrina IPO stock:

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Is this stock the next multi-bagger stock?

We have seen how Best World International stock has become a multi-bagger with its stock price bagging an impressive increase. There is one stock currently making a similar upside move and has been appearing in the top volume stocks. What is this stock? Well, it is none other than Alliance Mineral stock.

Friday, July 15, 2016

The greatest advantage of retail investing over professionals

A large majority of the investors in Singapore are retail investors and we have heard just so many stories of how some retail investors’ monies have been “lost” in the stocks exchanges due to bad investments. A case in point is the penny stock saga of year 2013 when to date, the authorities are still establishing the cause of the saga. Hence it seems that when it comes to investing, retail investors might not hold the advantage of professional traders or institutional investors who spend their time (while most retail investors work full-time in other occupations) honing their skills, trading and making lots of monies as we read somewhere on the internet or in the media.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

SGX technical glitch

Today, SGX had a technical glitch which lasted for hours today. As a result of the glitch, trading on the SGX was suspended. As far as I could recall, this was not the first technical glitch of SGX, but this time round, the glitch lasted for a longer time. Singapore has world-class infrastructure and hence I would not have expected technical glitch of such a nature to occur to SGX which in my opinion is a key financial infrastructure of our economy. I would less expected that this glitch would have re-occured given that technical glitch had occurred on SGX before and the SGX authorities could have beefed up their existing structure.

Investors should be entrepreneurs too

I have shared that Singapore investors must be enterprising in the context of trading when it comes to investing in one of my earlier posts. However, I must always share with readers that enterprising is also that mentality to think like a business owner. This is the most fitting since as an investor, we are the owner of the listed companies in a way, regardless how small your shareholding in the company could be.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What should Singapore investors do now (Part 2)?

In my previous post, I have highlighted the need to trade for Singapore investors if there are reasons to do so. This is because stocks markets these days are getting more dynamic and a long-term investment in a stock might be better if one is able to get into the investment at a lower price. That say, it is just one of the many things Singapore investors can do in a more lacklustre Singapore stocks markets environment.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What should Singapore investors do now?

I always feel that as an investor, we should have an enterprising mindset as this will be the mindset to help us make monies, accumulate more wealth toward achieving our financial goals. Though I have shared in this blog that sometime, it is good to do some trading, ultimately, trading is just part of the larger picture called investing. Think of it this way: success trading also hinges on what stock one trades. Investing is about what stock to choose while trading is more of a matter of when to buy and sell the trade, leveraging on the market dynamics of the stocks markets to profits more: riding on the waves in the stocks markets.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Will you subscribe to Noble Group rights?

The embattled Noble Group stock is currently trading at $0.169 (as of the closing price on 8 Jul 2016) while its rights offer are priced at $0.11 per right per share. If you are an investor who could subscribe to these rights, will you do so?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Are these the four most DESIRED billion-caps Singapore stocks?

What makes a good stock? There are many possible answers but the answers will be related to the fundamentals of the company. Fundamentals are many which range from price-to-book ratio, price-to-earnings ratio but the most important fundamental in my opinion is the debt-to-equity ratio.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Will you Buy these five billion-caps Singapore stocks now at 50% discount?

There are undervalued stocks; defined as those having their price-to-book ratio below one and there are highly undervalued stocks; defined as having a lower price-to-book ratio. For the latter, I would like to ascribe a price-to-book ratio of 0.5 so that theoretically, should an investor buy these stocks; they are paying just a half of the book value. In a way, this idea is attractive since it is just like a 50% discount off these highly undervalued stocks.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Is it time to invest into these stocks now (Part 3)?

For OUE Limited stock, the 100-Days Moving Average seems strong as a resistance; I am not sure how convincingly the stock could break beyond this resistance for some possible upside.

For Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings) Limited stock, its stock price is flirting with the 100-Days Moving Average too. On the fundamentals side, I do not like shipbuilding stocks, at least for now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Is it time to invest into these stocks now (Part 2)?

This post is a continuation of the previous post as to whether investors could consider investing into these selected billion-dollar cap Singapore stocks. First of all, we have Ascott Reit; for this stock, price support and resistance to look at is $1.09 and $1.14 respectively; personally I do not like the stock chart of Ascott Reits since the large stocks candles imply large dynamics in the trading, especially the “large black stock candlesticks”.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Is it time to invest into these stocks now?

So, we had Brexit; we had stocks markets reacting to Brexit and the effect, as what many had thought was not as worst as what it could have been. And now many in the stocks markets thought that after this “knee-jerk” reaction, markets have rebounced since the whole process of Brexit as well as possible similar “exits” from other European countries would also have a long “gestation” period.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Reason of my insomnia revealed

Yesterday, I shared with readers how I could not sleep yesterday night. I blamed it on the extremely hot weather and did you know what time did I sleep yesterday? Well, it was around 230am. Hence today, I was tired at work. After giving it much thought and musing, I finally think that it might not be the weather after all that caused my insomnia last night. It might have to be the coffee which I drank yesterday noon.

Secrets of profitable investing revealed

While there are many who have made fortunes from investing, there are even many untold stories of people who have lost their monies in their investments. There are many of my friends who have shared with me how they have lost monies in the leagues of tens of thousands of dollars. Do you know after listening to them, I could discern one common narrative among all their “tales” which is that most of them fall prey into speculation, buying stocks with no good fundamentals and it is only quite natural that one day, the fundamentals of these stocks catch up with the elevated stock prices causing these stocks to head south.


Dear reader, tonight, I could not sleep again despite having the air-conditioning on. I slept only around 1 am yesterday night. I did not know why that despite being tired, I could not sleep. But I could tell you that it is simply too Hot despite having the air-conditioning on. I don’t know whether it is the extreme hot weather that keeps me up till this hour of the night once again as usually I would be in sleep by this hour of the day.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

My stocks portfolio finally revealed

Today, I am going to share with readers some of the stocks in my investment portfolio which I am going to hold for a long time.

First of all, Golden Agriculture stock. This stock has borne the brunt of falling crude palm oil prices and hence my stock holdings in this has underperformed. However, I am pleased with the performance of this company and the management of this company is good if we consider how other commodities companies had faced with less than rosy reports of perception.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

An extremely hot day

Today is an extremely hot day and I have been perspiring all day. I drank lots and lots of water and to my surprise, despite these, I did not use the toilet as often as I thought I should. It must have been that the water in my body have gone through my sweat glands.

Will this stock continue to be Super?

I am sure to have a cup of instant coffee in my office at the start of a work day. I vary and try among the different instant coffee brands and I must say the latest Essenso from Super Group is great. This instant mix combines both roasted and micro-ground Arabica coffee beans, which results in a very aromatic blend.

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