Friday, June 8, 2018


DISA stockDear readers, if you have been following the Singapore stocks markets, you would have noticed one top volume and top gainer stock recently: DISA stock (previously named Equation Summit).

DISA’s stock gain has come with a legitimate reason: the business model of DISA in anti-theft technology (called POSA) has investors interested and excited. For myself, I am interested and excited in DISA’s POSA model as not only is POSA technology first in the world but the model is really scalable. What’s more with DISA announcing that it would be most likely exiting from its other business and focusing on its technology segment in its anti-theft technology, this single focus on its POSA business would make DISA a platform stock.

But the above is not all, there are many platform stocks out there which do not end up like the next Amazon or something close to that. What sets DISA closer to multiplying its revenue multi-folds is its success in having Walmart deciding to adopt DISA’s POS technology in all its stores in the United States! And having Walmart as a customer for its proprietary product is really an excellent start. DISA is now gearing up to woo more retailers towards adopting its POS technology both in US and in Europe. Retailers have an incentive to adopt DISA’s POS technology since consumer fraud and theft have cost US retailers lots in revenue from what I have read.

To know more about POSA which will undoubtedly be the key to DISA’s next growth strategies, you could read the following links below.

1) Link 1

2) Link 2

3) DISA Annual Report’s Letter to Shareholders in Link 3

I have embedded the video below to simplify the explanation of how POSA works, hope it is useful for you to understand more how POSA works.

DISA’s POS is really an innovative solution leveraging on technology to tackle theft for retailers. What’s more this solution is a low-cost, scalable solution with the potential to be adopted by many other more retailers world-wide as retailers step up to combat theft and consumer fraud and consumers are now embracing more open door concept to shopping. Thus there is an excellent potential in DISA from what I could see. As a caveat, this post is not a recommendation to invest in DISA but more of my own personal sharing and thoughts of this stock. Always do your own due diligence.
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