Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Singapore Stocks 2019
Which of the Singapore stocks may be privatized in Year 2019? Continuing from Part 2 of this blog series, where we had discussed a potential privatization candidate, the second stock which investors could look out for in Year 2019 is none other than the stock.

2) Sing Investment and Finance

It is alright if investors are not that familiar with the aforementioned stock counter since this stock is thinly-traded and not on the radar of many investment analysts.

Sing Investment and Finance stock is also not a liquid stock but what I have noted of this stock is that the controlling shareholder has held a very large percentage of the company’s shares. So much so that I thought it could be rather easy for the controlling shareholder to buy the company’s shares further beyond the limit to trigger a mandatory takeover of the company.

And of course, investors riding on potential privatization themes always aim for an offer price to be above the stock’ last-traded price and well above the investors’ buying price so as to earn a decent profit.

With relatively good fundamentals and decent dividends, Sing Investment and Finance stock could be targeted by investors who are aiming for the next privatization targets in Singapore stocks markets and who do not mind awaiting for the privatization they expect and not to mention, collect dividends during holding the stock.

Now, for the third stock on my list. (look out for Part 4 of the post to continue reading)

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