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An Engineer by training, Tom K made his first foray into the stocks markets (Singapore stocks markets to be precise) in year 2010 after an analysis of one Singapore stock using very simple moving averages chart done on Excel spreadsheet. Having made his first double-digit profit margin from this first stock, Tom K has since reviewed countless of investing books and literature in a bid to further improve his investing skills, with a focus on Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis of equity investing.

Tom K applied what he learnt from the books and after having more “misses” than “hits” earlier on in his investing journey; Tom K asked “If the investing techniques are as good as the books claim, why were investing profits elusive?” And in a more general sense, if profitable investing techniques are already out there in the libraries and in the internet and as shared by many investing gurus, why are people still finding the “holy grail” to consistently profit from the stocks market?

With these questions in mind, Tom K donned to his Engineering cap and embarked on an analysis and a search to consistently profit from the tocks markets. Finally, after years of research, Tom K finally found the key to unlocking the secret to Successful investments!

Join Tom K on Singapore Stocks Investing as he shares with you how to consistently profited from the Singapore stocks markets, backed by his many years of experience and research to help you reach your financial goals earlier!

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