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Stocks Investing blog (http://singapore-stocks-investing.blogspot.com/ ) author, Tom K (https://www.fb.com/SgStocksInvesting  ) shares a systematic way to profit from stocks markets.

There are many retail investors in the world today, who turn to investing and trading, all to make some monies from the stocks markets for many reasons. Some are to make monies from the equities markets to supplement their incomes while others are using the stocks markets as a means to achieving a neat sum for retirement or to achieve their ultimate purpose of financial independence or financial freedom.

Stocks markets have existed for many decades and while there is a gamut of financial information now available in the internet e.g. online trading platforms, online stock brokerages, financial and stocks investing newsletters, financial and stocks communities, it is still not easy for retail investors to earn a consistent profits from the financial or stocks markets. Most of the retail investors, unlike institutional investors or ultra-rich investors do not have deep pockets; hence Warren Buffet’s rule of investing which is not to lose one’s capital is especially important for retail investors.

Coupled with the many different players in the financial and stocks markets, there are also the factors of two factors shaping investor’s investing sentiments and which is none other than greed and fear in stocks. Investors can be speculators at times if they are not disciplined enough.

While there are many textbooks on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, it is often not easy to make monies from the stocks markets by following just one investing approach. In Tom K’s perspectives, consistent profitable investing is about having a system to guide the investor along in his financial and investing journey. Without an investing or trading system or model, a retail investor may not follow a set of rules to profit consistently from the stocks markets, he may then think not in a logical manner, in a manner that is not conducive for investing or trade and as a result, he will not profit from stocks investment.

Many stocks markets textbooks have touched on the discipline of an investor, on how investing success is all about knowing oneself as an investor. Tom K acknowledges this fact and has incorporated in his system of profiting from the stocks markets on a consistent basis.

Tom K believes consistent profitable investing from the stocks markets needs an inter-disciplinary approach, it is more than the investor, more than fundamental and technical analyses about stocks, it is about understanding the world, understanding supply and demands and more.

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