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Dear readers, in today’s post, I will be revealing the name of the fourth stock which could be worth looking at by investors. For the names of the three other stocks which I have shared so far, please refer to this post here  . Are you ready? Good, without further ado, let us dive into the post now!
As much as I have shared that for big gainers for Year 2018, selected small caps stocks should fit the bill, for the more adventurous investors, another possible angle to look at for big wins for Year 2018 would be to think (or speculate) which are the stocks that will possibly be privatized. The aforementioned possible winning strategy is based on the fact that typically, if an investor were to invest in a stock early (before it becomes privatized), the privatization offer would be much more than the cost of the investor.

It is hence with the above motivation that one can possibly approach this “privatization game”. It is more for the adventurous investors. So back to where we were; if you are to ask me which of the stocks could be a possible privatization target this year, I would reply with a resounding answer that it is Sembcorp Marine.

Much has been shared in this post about my thinking about Sembcorp Marine being privatized. The chief catalysts of this privatization have to do with the fact of the strategic review of Sembcorp Industries which is still not conclusive. I believe one outcome of this strategic review will be the divestment of Sembcorp Marine. The bigger picture to this possible privatization of Sembcorp Marine is due to the oft-cited synergy of consolidation of the offshore and marine industry here in Singapore. We already had our transport stocks: SMRT, TigerAir and NOL privatized; in my most humble opinion, this year, investors should see the consolidation of offshore and marine industries here in Singapore.

Hence, a possible stock for investors’ radar is Sembcorp Marine stock. And even if this stock is ultimately not privatized, I believe Sembcorp Marine stock should benefit from the recovery of the offshore and marine sector.

Thus, adding Sembcorp Marine to SSI’s recommended stocks for Year 2018 as below. There will be more stocks to add to the list, hence please stay tuned to Singapore Stocks Investing! And if you like my blog, please share it or mention it to your friends and I will be very appreciative and in turn for your proactive action, I will seek to deliver even more Great contents here on Singapore Stocks Investing so as to ensure you’re your time spent reading what I have everyday for you here on Singapore Stocks Investing is a most well-spent one!

1) STI ETF (index)

2) Global Yellow Pages (small-cap stock)

3) LionGold (penny stock)

4) Sembcorp Marine (possible privatization stock)

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