Friday, January 12, 2018


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Dear readers, how have you been? These few days, it is raining and it is definitely nice to sleep. For myself, these few days, I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock but refused to get up from bed. However, when it comes to investing in the stocks markets, profits goes to those who are alert and agile! For this post, as promised, I will share with you the fifth recommended by yours truly, Tom K of Singapore Stocks Investing, Singapore’s most since stocks magazine for investors! Okay, enough of all these small talk, let us now get back to business now!
Okay, for those who are new to this post, you may immediately wanted to know what the names of the four other stocks which I have earlier shared are? Fret not, if you wish, Tom K would know; hence this is the link is for you.

First, just as an update, one of my earlier recommended stocks, LionGold stock has seem to attract quite a fair bit of investing interest already, based on the fact that it was the most actively traded stock yesterday. I hold a long term view of LionGold stock and I humbly believe that one day, the LION will ROAR and those investors who are into this stock early will strike GOLD (pun to LIONGOLD for the above sentence is 100% multibaggeringly intended)! To be frank, I have been accumulating LionGold stock at $0.002 and when opportunity opened for me sometime ago, I continued accumulation at $0.001.

Enough of the above, now for the fifth recommended stock, it is none other than a stock which I have mentioned quite a number of times before in year 2017. This stock is none other than Accrelist stock, which I have shared with you folks that its Executive Chairman, Mr Terence Tea has been accumulating on a very regular basis. Such a strong vote of the top executive in its stock is truly encouraging and I believe that Accrelist will be ACCREtive to one’s LIST of winning stocks to have (as usual, not surprising, pun is well intended).

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