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Dear readers, so far, I have shared two of my investing ideas for Year 2018. First, if one is bullish about the Singapore stocks markets in general for Year 2018, the STI ETF may be a good buy, especially when the ETF goes south (you can refer to more details in this post ).
Thereafter, I shared with readers that as typical for most of the years, small-caps stocks should outperform its bigger-caps peers. For this, a recommended stock is one which is slowly turning around its business. Global Yellow Pages is the name of this stock and you can read more about this stock here .

While it is not necessary to follow the train of thought in terms of the market cap of stocks; for today, I thought I would just share with readers a possible penny stock which could be multi-bagger this year. Drawing from my recent post on three possible small-cap stocks to look out for this year (you can read this post here ) ; this penny stock which I thought could be on investors’ radar is (consistent with what I have earlier shared last year) LionGold stock.

My reasons for a closer look at LionGold stock is that the worst for this stock might have been over. Adding to that is the fact that LionGold has a gold-related business operation, if we forget for the time being that its financial results might not be an inspiring one. I am also factoring in possible catalysts, chief of which is the outcome of the penny stocks saga. If the outcome of the penny stocks saga is known by this year and it is one which benefits LionGold’s investment outlook, then I believe LionGold’s price will ensue in a multi-bagger manner right after that (since the price now is at such a low level). And Gold may be favored if the stocks markets this year become volatile which may see investors returning to pick up all things gold then.

I would say that having LionGold stock as a recommended bet is a big bold play. More than Global Yellow Pages and definitely more risk-based than the STI ETF. As a summary, so far this year, I have the following as recommendations for possible catalysts in share price:


2) Global Yellow Pages

3) LionGold

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