Thursday, February 15, 2018


Singapore stocks
Dear readers, I have been busy doing Chinese New Year Spring cleaning. What about yourself? Have you too been busy doing spring cleaning for your house? Spring cleaning gets more and more difficult each year since I am getting older but what is achieved after each Spring cleaning is satisfaction and a cleaner and healthy house. As a person who firmly carries out Spring cleaning every year, I must attest that beyond just tradition, Spring cleaning teaches the “Spring cleaner” invaluable lessons like hard work and perseverance and in view of all the above benefits, it is really a Great way to usher in the Chinese New Year!
I still keep track of the Singapore stocks markets amidst a busy Spring cleaning schedule. And I must say though certain Singapore stocks look attractive now, one must understand that the Finance Minister will be announcing Singapore Budget next Monday and many anticipated that one of the announcements will be in relation to the impending GST hike. If so, how will the Singapore stocks markets receive the announcement of the GST hike? Will the GST hike deter more Singaporeans to consume more and affect the earnings of companies like retailers?
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