Sunday, March 11, 2018


Dear readers, I have been stretched physically and mentally at work with lots of projects, assignments and meetings every working day; and not to mention meeting timelines, all which are deemed important (by the requestors nevertheless). As a result of the hectic schedule, to add to sitting in front of my work computer daily, I could actually feel that as a result of the stressed work regime, I don’t think my posture is aligned correctly. And not to forget, very fast and unhealthy food has been consumed for speed; thus it is no wonder that I feel that my energy flow is not very good at all. Coupled the above with stress related to work and not mentioning personal committments, I could feel that my energy level is really not as high before.

Thus with the above background painted, is it no wonder that I would wish to sleep a little bit more when it comes to weekends like today? Well, of course, I do wish to but I always am reminded through the books which I have read and reading that our time on planet earth is limited and hence we must make use of our limited time on earth to pursue something that is outside of work which we would want to do. I know that many of us are working very long hours everyday and after a hectic day of work, we come back to our houses, almost completely and physically and mentally exhausted to do what we would want to do and also I guess it is true that our moods are not as good when we are tired. But I always feel that at this exhaustion point or near-breaking point when we are the most tired and when we would want to give up, that is a defining moment which will separate the ultimate group of people from the rest: the group who work at living who would reap the more rewards from our endeavours in living.

Thus let us stretch ourselves physically and mentally everyday. To share, after an exhausting day of work, I make it a point to do a 20 minutes to 30 minutes jog one to two times a week. And for today, a Sunday, the moment I woke up, I went to work on an intense household chore which let me sweating thoroughly (definitely a good workout of course).

Time and tide waits for no men. For me, I do not want to work and work until the day that when I retire, I discover most of my time of my life has been gone. And then we are too physically and mentally exhausted to do (with the limited time that is left of us) the things that we want to do truly with our one and only life.

I understand work takes up most of my time (as well as for most of you), hence I make it a point to reach financial freedom through investments and wealth creation so that we could have time as we wish (and not be ordered around by our bosses and have our net worth and potential determined by our bosses). But in the interim, join me to stretch ourselves physically and mentally after work towards your own personal goals. As the Chinese saying goes: A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step; hence I believe it really suffice that we do small things everyday which would accrue to Bigger things over time (and I guess it has to be so since most of us work long hours a day). Be it reading just one page of a good book; Be it jogging for just ten minutes, let us stretch ourselves everyday! Join the emailing list to receive regular Financial and Singapore stocks newsletters too! Like" me on Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook page to receive all posts on your Facebook as well as read more articles. Follow me on Twitter too.

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