Monday, April 23, 2018


Dear readers, Thank You for your support for Singapore Stocks Investing (SSI)!SSI could not be what it is now today without your unwavering support. I would just want to update all of you readers with the Story of SSI and here it goes.

Tom K, Founder and Author of Singapore Stocks Investing (SSI) blog is passionate about bringing the most comprehensive suite of investing information about Singapore stocks to investors. At the same time, he is equally passionate about sharing with investors his experience and knowledge gleaned from his many years of investing in Singapore stocks. Tom K also believes that many of us could do our little part to help our community, no matter how small the effort could be. Tom K hopes that by bringing awareness on the many opportunities there are to contribute to our community on SSI blog, more of the community needing assistance could be helped. Hence, Singapore Stocks Investing is all about Learning all about Singapore Stocks Investing and Contributing to the Community.
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