Thursday, August 9, 2018


Dear readers, A HAPPY NATIONAL DAY 2018!

as shared in Part 1 of the post with the same title, I will be sharing with All of you the name of the stock which could just be about to get privatized. And who knows at a privatization price which could be quite decent above the current trading price of this little sleepy stock.
Never mind that this stock is currently undervalued at Price-to-Book ratio of 0.675; since there are so many stocks on SGX which are similarly undervalued but their share prices have not performed in a compelling manner.

But the most compelling reason to me is how the controlling shareholders have been increasing their stake in this stock such that as at Nov 2017 their stake in the company was 29.1% but as at Jun 2018, their stake in the company has grown to 29.995%, just a little shy of the 30% mark which would trigger a mandatory general offer.

So what is the name of this stock?

Well, the name of this stock is none other than …….


I append an article here on the major stakeholder’s stake in the company a at Nov 2017

And here is the link  to an SGX filing which shows that the stake has now grown to 29.995%.

A possible privatization on the horizon?

Especially when this stock is undervalued?

And if a privatization comes, a good exit offer?

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