Thursday, October 11, 2018


Dear readers, if you have been following Singapore Stocks Investing, you would have known that one of the things I like to talk about on this blog is how one could contribute to help the needy and to good community causes.
Thus, I have been regularly sharing Facebook links of non-governmental organizations and charities seeking for help be it in donations, items or efforts on Singapore Stocks Investing's Facebook so that you could be aware of what the good causes you could contribute to are. And please remember no efforts is too small where it comes to charity. Every effort will collectively amount to something great for good causes. And not to mention, that sense of satisfaction knowing how a simple act of yours could mean so much to others!

Here in this post, just want to share with you this link from Fairprice here where you could choose which charities you would like to donate to and most importantly what the things your selected charity needs are and then by simple actions online, you would have delivered what the charity needs with just a simple gesture and a little donations!

I hope through this small humble post of mine, some of you would respond to charity and donate some of the items via the link above needed for charity! And even if you may decide to contribute to charity in other ways, why not simply just share this post on Facebook with your friends? By sharing, you are always contributing to charity by increasing awareness of the above channel to doing good for the community! I Thank You for your support!
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