Tuesday, January 8, 2019


OCBC PROSPERITY SAVING ACCOUNTDear readers, yesterday I posted about how the current promotion of OCBC: the OCBC Prosperity Saving Account offers the applicant with an effective return of 2.20% per annum. You could read the post here .

Today, I will share with you how one could achieve an effective return from OCBC Prosperity Saving Account that is more than the 2.20% per annum effective return!

Let me just take a simple scenario of a saver who put in $10,000 in the OCBC Prosperity Saving Account. With the deposit of the $10,000, OCBC would give the saver $110 NTUC Fairprice vouchers provided the funds are retained in the prosperity saving account for at least six months. The above translates into an effective return of 2.20% per annum.

So you must be asking if the case is as above, how does one achieve the already provided-for 2.20% per annum from OCBC Prosperity Saving Account?

It is simple; let me explain using a scenario again. Let say you have this $110 NTUC vouchers arising from the OCBC Prosperity Saving Account which you would want to spend on some groceries valued at a total of $110. Let us say, you decide to buy the groceries when the groceries are having a discount of 10%. Then that means to say, with the $110 NTUC vouchers, you could be in fact buying groceries valued at $122.20. That means to say, you effectively realize $122.20 of value from saving the $10,000 in OCBC Prosperity Savings Account and that means a 2.44% per annum effective rate of return from OCBC Prosperity Savings Accounts!

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