Friday, January 4, 2019


Singapore Stocks 2019
Dear readers, Thank You for staying tuned to this blog post series which aim to uncover some of the Singapore stocks which investors could look out for in this brand new Year 2019.

We have talked about two possible privatization targets in the last few posts of this blog post series. Today, let us focus on one stock which may or may not benefit from a possible development for Year 2019.

Do you still remember the penny stocks saga in year 2013? Arising from the penny stocks saga, three stocks: Blumont, Asiasons (formerly called Attilian) and LionGold each shed billions of their market cap. Today, all the three stocks have been reduced to becoming ultra-penny stocks (with Blumont and Asiasons suspended) while LionGold has the uncoveted title of being SGX’s cheapest stock at $0.001 per share.

That brings me to the third stock to look out for in this blog post series:

3) LionGold stock

Will the outcome of the investigation into the penny stocks saga be finally settled and made known to investors in Year 2019? And if so, how will the aforementioned outcome affect the trio penny stocks? Especially LionGold stock which is currently the only non-suspended stocks of the trio stocks? We have to note that the trio stocks are all trading at ultra-penny levels such that if there is any positive sentiment for these stocks, a pip up will translate into a multi-bagger effect for these three stocks. As for the fourth stock on my list. (look out for Part 5 of the post to continue reading)

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