Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Singapore Stocks 2019
Dear readers, a Happy New Year 2019 to You! Yes, it is the first day of a brand New Year. A brand New Year awaits you to take the fullest opportunities of and live your life to your fullest potential! A brand New Year to take charge of your investments and create the investment success which you want for this brand new year!

Since we have entered into a brand New year, let us not review what had happened to the equity markets for year 2018, at least for this post here. Enough has been said of the equity markets for year 2018 and I believe year 2018 is an investment year where many investors would prefer to forget. In light of the above, let us look ahead to the opportunities that present to us in this coming New Year!

First, as a start, I must still assert my position that based on what I am looking at the equity markets now; I hold a rather modest view of the Singapore stocks markets for Year 2019. With the STI around 3,000; I hold a view of 2500 or below as the STI level for Singapore stocks this year. My view may change for the better in tandem with the macro developments for the global markets this year but let us come to that later.

So, let me help to kickstart a brand New Year on a note of optimism, through a series of blog posts here on where the opportunities for Singapore stocks may reside for Year 2019. As a caveat here, please take note all the posts are based on my personal thinking and please don’t rely on what I say here on Singapore Stocks Investing to guide your investing decisions! Many Thanks and here we go!

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