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Singapore Stocks 2019
As a recap to Part 1 of this blog series, I believe that there are pockets of opportunities for Singapore stocks. The onus is for investors to suss out potential themes and if there is a reason to buy and the investor is prepared to hold the investment for long periods of time and to add even more positions when the stock is trading at attractive valuations, then I thought that it could well be a possible investment proposition. Without further ado, let us start the series running by highlighting the stocks which investors could look out for in year 2019!
1) Sembcorp Marine stock

As a proponent of a possible privatization of Sembcorp Marine stock, Year 2018 has gone without what I have expected for Sembcorp Marine stock: a privatization. In my earlier posts, I have highlighted the rationale for a privatization of Sembcorp Marine stock. The reasons I cited most is the efficiency to consolidate the offshore and energy sector here in Singapore (just like how our local airlines had undergone and similarly for possible similar future moves for the telecoms). And I have thought that the consolidation of the above sector now could be attractive in view of the low oil prices. Somemore, in recent years, Sembcorp Industries, the parent company of Sembcorp Marine has seemed to focus more on its utilities business. Thus, I had thought that it could be possible that the offshore and energy business of Sembcorp Industries be offloaded from Sembcorp Industries as well.

Thus it would be interesting to see whether my thinking and the privatization of Sembcorp Marine stock would materialize in Year 2019.

And for the second stock on the list of Singapore stocks to look out for …..

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