Monday, January 1, 2018


Singapore Stocks 2018
Dear Everyone, A Happy New Year 2018 to All of You! To start the Year, I have a piece of Good News to share with All of You. And I believe most of you readers will share this good piece of news as I would like to congratulate to most of You including myself for being richer on the first day of the New Year!
Being richer right on the first day of New Year? You may think that this is a New Year “pep talk” from Tom K? Well, it is not as it is absolutely true that most of us have become richer on this very first day of Year 2018.

To confirm that what I am saying is the truth, simply take out your bank book and go to any bank book updating machine and there you are: you will see some monies being credited as part of the bank’s interests.

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